"So why is it that Shulk brought us here again?" Meloetta asked while having the Monado in her paddle shaped hands.
Dry Bowser had his bony arms folded together, brushing back his red hair. "How should I know? Bloody scientist doesn't tell us everything other than the fact that he likes to feel it."
"Ooh Riki hate it when Shulk doesn't share in details!" Exclaimed the Nipon while waving around his healing stick in disappointment. "Riki will be sure to give him a big whack in the-"
Dry Bowser and Meloetta were quick to silence Riki for they spotted Pyra having a farting fit, noticing Rex failing to make her feel better.
"Aiyea! Why can't I control my flatulence?" Pyra whimpered while tears formed in her eyes of her stinky embarrassment.