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Chapter 1



Ryoma woke up early and prepared to get early in school for their morning practice, just this ONCE actually..

He went downstairs to eat and left home for school before his sempai fetch him, but it's too late..

"Echizen!" Momo called waving and Ryoma ran after him..

"Let's go Echizen we can't be late" Momo said as Ryoma nodded..

They arrived in the school gates and went to the tennis courts, it was a good timing they made it in time..

(With Tezuka and Oishi)

"Minna! Run 10 laps around the court, then start stretching before you practice!" Tezuka commanded

"Yes captain!" everyone shouted in sync..

The regulars started running. Tezuka and Oishi noticed that something was wrong with Ryoma..

"Tezuka, something is wrong with Echizen today, ne.." Oishi said and Tezuka nodded then answered

"I also noticed it" he said while the two continued to stare at the emerald haired boy...


(With the Regulars)

While running, the regulars noticed Ryoma spacing out. He might trip..

"Ochibi!!!" Eiji shouted and ran to Ryoma and was about to jump and give him a big bear hug..

Ryoma dodged before Eiji could hug him and ran to avoid his killer hug.

"Ochibi, why did you dodge me~?" Eiji whined

"I will suffocate to death if I didn't"

"Come on~ just let me hug you~"






"Saa... don't fight early in the morning" Fuji got in between them

"99.9% Echizen is really huggable" Inui came out of nowhere startling the regulars except Fuji..

"I'm not huggable" Ryoma insisted

"You can't help it. You think you're not but it's actually true. Some of the players from different schools wanted to hug you the first time they saw you. They bared the urge to jump on you.." Fuji teased him smirking..

"I told you I'm not" Ryoma said pouting cutely

"Just admit it~"



"I said no"




After Running

Fuji noticed that Ryoma's face was reddish, he was sweating and panting a lot..

"Ryoma come here for a sec" Fuji called Ryoma..

Ryoma went to him and touched his forehead.

"As I thought, you have a fever.."

The word FEVER made the all the regulars silent and looked at Ryoma.. In 3...2..1...The world shouted..

"OCHIBI'S - GOT - A - FEVER!" Eiji shouted on shock and the all regulars ran to Ryoma

"Echizen!! You have a fever?!" Oishi turned into 'Mother Hen Mode'

"Saa...don't worry little sweetie, Mommy's going to take take of you" Fuji called himself 'Mommy'

"Echizen, you need to rest, don't push yourself too hard. You might faint or pass out" Tezuka became father-like figure..

Eiji smiled like a cat "Nyaa...Ochibi don't worry, Mommy-Fuji and Daddy-Tezuka are here for you"

The other regulars' jaws fell

Ryoma fell in Tezuka's arms and carried him like a child. Fuji was comforting Ryoma and saying things like "Ryo-chan, Mommy and Daddy's here, you'll be fine" like a mother would..

Tezuka brought Ryoma to the infirmary and layed him down on the bed.. The other regulars followed..

"Mommy...Daddy..." Ryoma said in a cute innocent blushing face

"Aww...so adorable..." They were awed to see Ryoma's cute, adorable, and helpless blushing side of him


"Saa...Don't worry little baby sweetie.., Mommy is here by your side" Fuji became Mother-like again

"Little one, Don't push yourself too hard so you can recover fast" Tezuka in his Father-like mode

"Is it just me or the three of them looked like a real family" Momo said as the other regulars watched with their eyes shining


"So...Kawaii...Ochibi with Mommy-Fuji and Daddy-Tezuka"

Cute-fssshhhh...Adorable-fssshhh..." Kaido hissed

"100% they really look like a family" said Inui writting on his notebook

"Minna...I've brought the porraige" Oishi ran while carrying a tray and handed to Fuji planning to feed the little Ryoma by himself

"Here you go little baby, say...Ah..." Fuji lifted the spoon and fed Ryoma like a Baby

"Soo bright!!!" The regulars said in unison

"Whooaaa...Guys...imagine if they were a family and Tezuka-buchou was changing Ochibi's diapers~"

--Silence fallen upon them--

"And imagine if Mommy-Fuji worn an aipron and a baby Ochibi in a crib"

--Silenced even more--

"And also imagine Ochibi eating baby cerial!"

They were all frozen except for Tezuka and Fuji who were still feeding Ryoma like their own baby, with their expressions was rare for the others to see.

Tezuka's worried expression was like a loving father, who truly cares about his child.

As Fuji's fenimine expression showed an image of a mother, showing her love for her child. Ryoma's helpless expression was a face of a little baby having his little fever, getting fed by his mother with a tiny little spoon.

The Oishi and Kaido cried tears of joy

Momo snapped pictures with his extra long camera

Eiji's eyes shined with few clicks of the camera on his phone

Taka-san cried a bucket and a snot running down his nose

Inui writting on his notebook non-stop

They were so glad to have an opportunity to see their teamate's loving side, that can happen sometimes in a lifetime

"A real family nya~" Eiji's bright stares didn't end up dry

"They're shining very bright you know, my camera lens might broke" Momo still taking his pictures

Horio heard the situation

"Uhh...Senpais may i ask?"

All of them turned to Horio except for the captain and the tensai still on a family mode

"What is it Horio?" they said in unison

Horio asked an unexpected question

"Um..example, If they are a family...How will Fuji-sempai and Tezuka-sempai will be able to make a baby Echizen?"

The regulars were strucked and the others turned stone-faced gods

"Horio! why are you asking that?!!"

"Then how about these question..." Horio holding his chin and embaressed to ask his second question "How will Fuji-sempai give birth?"

The question made a huge impact on the regulars except the captain, tensai, and Ryoma

Inui dropped his notebook and started to grow mushrooms

Taka-san fainted

Eiji almost told the answer to the first year but was KO by Kaido

Oishi helped the fainted Taka-san

"Why are youngsters these days learning these kind of things?!" Momo shouted in great panic

As while Tezuka helping Ryoma to sit and Fuji helping Ryoma to eat and fed him, and they didn't mind the situation what was going on

Ryoma noticed the ruckus

"Mom...Dad...What are those guys doing?" he asked, still not in his normal self due to his fever

"Ignore them Sweetheart...eat fast so you can recover" Fuji's smile became wider

"We'll play together when you become healthy again" Tezuka's father mode raised

"Yay! when i recover then Mommy and Daddy will play with me!" Ryoma in his innocent baby mode

They others recharged and had nosebleeds after Ryoma was being too adorable

"Aww...Sooo... cute..."