Summary:Because she successfully completed her job, she was betrayed by those she cared for the most, only to be helped by those she never expected. Now, accompanied only by the Demon who once sought her harm, she decided to leave the Elemental Nations behind. Now, years later, Konoha wants its Jinchuriki back…they never asked themselves…does Uzumaki Naru WANT to return?
Pairings already decided, but not going to be revealed this early. Fem-Naru. Non-evil Sasuke

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Prolog, Exile

She had done as was ordered of her, she had successfully brought Sasuke back to Konoha, nearly at the cost of her own life might be added. She still felt pain from her still healing injuries that she received from a mind controlled Sasuke at the Valley of the end. If it hadn't been for the Fox sealed in her gut, she knew that she'd most likely not be alive right now. On the other hand, all she gave Sasuke was a half powered Rasengan to the stomach, because of which he was still in the hospital. However that attack also allowed her to break her bet friend out of the mind control that the gay pedophile Orochimaru had over him: his cursed mark shattered.

Now though she was standing before the Council disbelief clear on her face because of what was being said.

Rewind time by about 10 minutes

"I AM WHAT?" the young Leaf Genin shouted. Behind her stood her uninjured friends who partook in the mission as well. The two who weren't present were busy recovering from near fatal injuries sustained during the mission to retrieve Sasuke. All of them had the same disbelieving looks on their faces.

The council had just finished voting, and the results, by 1 single Vote, was…

"Due to the results of the mission, during which three of our most powerful Genin as well as the last Uchiha were critically injured, the latter happening at your own hand by your own word, you, Uzumaki Naru, are hereby banished from Konohagakure and exiled from the land of Fire." One of the Village elders, Homura, spoke. "You have until noon tomorrow to pack up your belongings and leave."
Next to him the other to elders, Koharu and Danzo nodded in agreement, the former having invested lots of resources into the Uchiha's training whilst the latter wanted the weapon to seemingly disappear, so he could recruit her into his Root ANBU. He hoped to use her love for her love for her home to keep her under wraps.

Angry and extremely saddened, Naru stormed out of the room and building and ran home, tears streaming of her face. She didn't even stop as she rushed past Ichiraku's.

"Sasuke will not be happy about this…" Shikamaru whispered under his breath so that only his fellow Genin or one Inuzuka Tsume could hear him, the former nodding in agreement. It wasn't known to the adults, but before having returned to Konoha, Sasuke had regained consciousness long enough to apologize to everyone. Tsume merely wondered what he meant by those words.

"We let the demon off too easily." A civilian council member muttered after Naru left the chamber.

Tsunade immediately ordered his arrest for as long as Naru was in Konoha, the laws concerning her by her predecessor was officially still in effect.

It was the only thing that made her feel good that day.

When the council had ended, Danzo immediately, and secretly, ordered one of his Root to shadow the Weapon, only to find that the girl had disappeared, her apartment empty of all her possessions minus her Forehead protector, which hung on the doorknob.

An extensive sweep of the Village and surrounding lands revealed to Danzo and every shinobi and civilian the same thing…

Uzumaki Naru had disappeared.

…Well, with the exception of four people that is.

A few days later

3 shinobi were racing through the canopy, heading towards the only place they knew the now ex-member of their team could have been heading.

In the lead was one Uchiha Sasuke. Upon waking up he had been given the news by an overjoyed civilian council member. Contrary to what the poor man believed, Sasuke nearly broke the mans neck with a single punch.

Immediately he had rushed towards the Hokage tower, only to find Tsunade drunk and crying, holding a picture of both her and Naru.

Falshback, the morning after Naru disappeared

"Tsunade-sama…where has she gone?" he asked. Through teary eyes she looked at him. Before she could answer the door burst open with his sensei and his remaining teammate rushed through.

"She…she is heading to Nami…She was already waiting for me in my office when I came here…bag packed and ready to go." Tsunade sobbed. "I…never got to…give her her…inheritance."

This stopped Sasuke who had turned to rush after his teammate.

"I'll give it to her." He told Tsunade. "Baa-chan." And added Naru's name for Tsunade.

"Please do." Tsunade said, handing over a large scroll which Sasuke attached to his back.

Falshback ended

"It has been a while since we have come this way." Sakura said with a nostalgic tone.

"And hopefully this time there won't be a rogue ninja in the way this time." Kakashi added.

"I don't think now is the time for that…Sensei." Sakura retorted, her mood soured by his words.

"I SEE IT!" Sasuke called over from the front. The two of them hadn't noticed that a gap had formed between them and Sasuke.

They burst out of the treeline in sight of a large stone bridge that really made them nostalgic…

…until they read the plaque standing near the entrance…

This bridge is names after one who risked her life to protect us all.
May her legacy never be forgotten."

Sasuke growled, his pride having taken a blow at that, but all things considered he let it be…there would be many opportunities in the future for him to regain his lost pride…

One hour later, eastern shore of Nami no Kuni

Naru bid her farewells to all of the locals who were saddened at her departure. Inari alone was threatening to flood the pier with his tears. Tazuna wasn't much better…

One foot was already on the boat when she felt the approaching presences of her former teammates. Unsure as to what to do, she decided to cast off. Thanks to shadow clones, she had quickly learned how to sail.

By the time Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke arrived, her boat was halfway to the horizon. Exchanging short greetings with the locals, Team 7 ran over the water after her, intent on speaking with her one last time…

Chapter 1, New land, new adventure

Timeskip, Magnolia, 2 weeks later, evening

The young redhead sat alone on the beach behind the guildhall, looking out over the ocean, lost in her memories.

She had been a member of Fairy Tail for about a month now and still found it difficult to trust anyone other than the master perhaps. Sure, she had been approached by most of the people in the guild, but she had given them all the cold shoulder.

She sighed for the nth time in the last hour.

Deciding to head back inside, she felt the first drops of rain fall on her head.

Meanwhile 10 miles offshore

Naru was cursing like a sailor as the storm battered her boat left and right. She had been chased by pirates, only to outrun them the exact moment this storm hit her.

The only hope she had was to get to the shore that she spotted whilst fleeing the pirates.

Battling against the elements was a tough job already, but Naru had next to no experience in sailing during weather like this, used her clones to manage the sails and ropes whilst she and another clone steered the ship.

Suddenly a favourable wind picked up and the boat sped towards the coast at high speed.

'Maybe I will indeed make it…' Naru thought.

She had underestimated how fast she was going and where the rocks were…

In the guild hall

Things were like they usually were in the guild hall: lots of merriment, conversation and brawling, all taking place inside its walls. It was also here that we find one Erza Scarlet eating a strawberry cake in one corner…it was one of the few times that the others in the guild ever saw her enjoy herself thus far.

A sudden strong wind caught the attention of some of the guild members, amongst them a salmon haired boy.

"What is that smell?" he asked out aloud.

This made the guild hall quiet. They all knew that Natsu had a nose that could put that of a pack of sniffer dogs to shame. For him to stop fighting because of a scent was reason to be on edge…the last time this happened the guild was attacked by a large monster.

They heard the thunder roaring outside and the hail hitting on the roof and walls. They also heard the sound of crunching wood, followed by a scream that ended exactly when something burst through the wooden walls of their guild hall…directly where Erza's Strawberry cake was situated.

"Ah…" the reaction came from everyone watching. Fear filled the room as the last time anyone messed with Erza's cake she had thrown a tantrum and the master had to interfere in order to prevent her from destroying the entire building.

Even the master's grandson, Laxus, feared her fury…

And Natsu never approached her again when she was eating cake…ever…

Now Erza looked on in shock at where her strawberry cake had been moments earlier, then at the large hole in the wall…then at what came through the hole.

So too did the other guild members.

Lying on the floor they saw a young girl with hair a few shades darker than Erza's, groaning in pain. On each of her cheeks were three whiskers. Her orange and blue clothes were badly worn out, and she had blue sandals on her feet. Sticking out of her stomach was a large piece of wood.

Groaning, the girl looked down.

"For fucks sake…" she swore. "Why does shit always happen to me?", she added, grabbing the piece of wood…

Master Makarov snapped out of his shock too late to stop her from violently pulling the item from her stomach, followed by a rush of blood which she almost immediately stemmed with her other hand. Her face contorted in pain, but she refused to scream. Tears formed on her closed eyelids, but none of them fell.

"Damn…that is one tough girl…" Laxus muttered.

Erza meanwhile didn't know what to do. One part of her wanted to beat the living daylights out of the one who ruined her strawberry cake. The other part took note of the situation and wanted to go and help the girl. Choosing a side, she stood up and approached the injured female.

The others looked fearful as to what was going to happen…if Erza started beating the crap out of the girl, she'd die for sure.

"Get the infirmary ready." Her shout sent them onto auto-pilot, their minds not registering what had happened, but their instincts taking over and moving their body for them. "Send for Porlyusica-san. We need her here now!" a group of drone-like people rushed to the entrance. "Someone help me…"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, WILL YOU!" the girl suddenly roared. Everyone froze and looked at her, noticing she had managed to sit up and was trying to stand up. Blood no longer seemed to be coming from her wound, which surprised the guildmembers. However, judging by her moans and groans, her injury was still hurting her.

"Young one…you should sit down and have a doctor look at you." Makarov said, approaching her.

The girl had finally managed to stand up and was shakily walking towards the opening in the wall, before jumping through. As she passed her, Erza's eyes widened to see blood in her ears.

"Master…there is blood in her ears…" she said, before rushing after the unknown person. Moments later the master followed the girls, followed by everyone else.

2 minutes later Porlyusica arrived, only to find the guild empty.

Meanwhile, Erza and the other guild members looked on in shock as the injured girl created several clones of herself, all of which joined the original in swearing and cursing the weather as they went about salvaging what they could from a wrecked boat, piling the salvaged items neatly underneath a canvas cover.

"What the hell is going on here?" a new voice screeched. "You go and call me for help, only for no one to be there when I arrive…" the speaker caught sight on the unknown girl and immediately rushed over.

"Hey Boss." Before she reached the nearest redhead, she heard one of them shout. "I thought we left Sakura back in Nami no Kuni."

Through the rain they could barely hear the response. "We did. I hope we haven't done a fucking loop and arrived where I started."

"Oi…How are you up and around with these wounds?" Porlyusica shouted.

"Oh, you are not Sakura…same hair though." The girl answered. "If you are wondering about the wound in my stomach, don't worry. It is healed."

Porlyusica grabbed the girl so violently that to her shock she popped. What happened next stunned both her and most everyone watching. Three other girls who looked exactly like the one who just popped rushed at her at great speed, holding knives at her throat, heart and kidney.

"I am a healer…you shouldn't be able to move with such an injury…" Porlyusica said, feeling just how sharp the knives were.

"Then you shouldn't have grabbed one of my clones." Another girl told her. The three holding knives to her left and Porlyusica saw a fourth approach.

"I am the original. Name's Naru. Uzumaki Naru. And to answer your question…I have a unique healing ability." The girl looked around. "Now my turn…where the hell am I?"

Time skip

It has been a week since Naru crashed through the wall of Fairy Tail and things have quieted down.

"Jiji…I have bee thinking." Naru said, approaching the short master, who chuckled at the nickname.

"About what?" he asked kindly. Naru was wearing a different outfit, an orange Kimono shirt, tight fitting black shorts and black heeled sandals. At her pouch she wore her 'tool pouch' as she called it and she wore a pair of armoured fingerless gloves. Over her shoulder hung a ornate Katana he hadn't seen before. Her waist length hair reached.

In his mind Makarov was whistling. From what Naru had told him, she was the same age as Erza, 12, yet she already had the body of a 14-year-old. He could tell that she was going to be one hell of a looker in the future.

"Well, I have been thinking…and I would like to join your Guild." She told him. She had calmed down considerably over the last week and hardly swore anymore.

"Well then, where would you like it?" Makarov asked.


"Your guild mark…where would you like it and in what colour?" Makarov clarified.

"Ah…that is what you mean…" Naru thought for a moment. "Uhm…on my right forearm with the same colour as my hair, please."

Moments later

Naru walked out of the office and immediately walked over to the bar and asked for to slices of strawberry cake. Not an easy feat if the moment she wanted to ask for said cake the master roared out the news of her joining, causing a huge uproar and a large party. Naru was surprised to find the people happy to have her join and honestly felt a bit uncomfortable about it…

…she just wasn't used to it…

Once she had gotten her order, she made her way through the throng to the only other young redhead in the guild.

Erza had just finished her slice of strawberry cake when she found a pair of slices being put on her plate. Looking up in surprise she saw Naru standing there.

"The others told me that I kind of destroyed your cake a week ago. Sorry about that." Naru said, bowing.

Leaning in she quietly added, "I like your hair by the way. I think it looks pretty." With that Naru left a crimson faced Erza and headed towards the mission board.

The crowd parted in awe at the display. Here was a newbie who managed to get the usual stoic Erza to show an expression other than anger.

Looking at the board, Naru eventually found a mission she found interesting, a pack of wolves had been causing trouble for a nearby village in the mountains.

"Jo Jiji…I am heading out." She held out the mission flyer to him.

"Hmm…I'd say you are a bit young to take this mission alone, Naru-chan." He told her.

"I'll go with her…" Natsu immediately shouted, only to receive a glare from Naru. "Nevermind." He squeaked.

"Aye." His flying blue cat said. Naru had met Happy the day after she arrived in Fiore and thought that he was a summoned animal.

"She clearly isn't interested in teaming up with you, Flame-brain." Gray said with a smirk.

"I wouldn't team up with you either, Mr. no-pants." Naru deadpanned.

"NOT AGAIN!" Gray shouted, seeing he was in his birthday suit…again…

Erza looked at the cake before her, then at the newest member of the guild. For some reason she felt that out of all the people in the guild, Naru could relate to her the most. She also secretly enjoyed the redheads company…maybe because of the similarity in hair colour?

Reaching a decision, she pushed the plate away, stood up and walked towards Naru.

"Would I qualify?" she asked, much to the utter shock of everyone present. Makarov, who had been drinking, let the mug drop from his hands and the ale in his mouth poured out.

Expecting a vocal answer, Erza was shocked when Naru grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the building, giving a "See you later" as they left.

For a moment nobody moved.

"I rate when she is older she will be even scarier than Erza…" Laxus said.

Not a single person disagreed with him.