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"So wait…is Naru supposed to escort us or are we escorting Naru?" Sasuke asked.

"Ah…think of it as a bit of both." Tsunade said. "Think of it like this. Naru has given a scroll to Kakashi that he hadn't sent to Suna yet, so I'll have you guys do that instead. In which case Naru will escort you. However, since Naru is a VIP, she'll need an escort herself, in which case the job also falls to you."

"Troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"So is Temari." Naru quipped, earning a half-hearted glare from the Nara and chuckles from the others.

Chapter 10: Departures and Surprises

She looked from the bloody Sword in her hand to the number of dead bodies lying on the floor around her. Then her eyes rose to meet the shocked and horrified stares of her friends. One of whom especially gave her a pain in her chest.

"What…what have you done?" the person asked.

Naru shot up into sitting position, sweating slightly and breathing heavily before looking around.

It has been a week since Naru and the Konoha 11 left Konoha to Suna, and not a lot has happened, other than a few small inconveniences…and a revolting revelation…


At one point they were ambushed by a large gang of Bandits who apparently thought that going up against 11 Chunin and Jonin was worth it…especially if there was a smoking Hot VIP amongst them.

Naru didn't even break her pace as she fended of bandits left, right and centre, her sword forming a barrier through which nothing, not even blood, passed.

It took the Bandits about 30 seconds to realize that they picked the wrong group to attack. And by that time, more than half of their numbers had been defeated.

"I thought you stopped taking lives." Sasuke commented.

"What the Mages don't know won't hurt them." Naru said, not looking back. "And I never really stopped in the first place. There were some dark mages in Ishgar that just didn't…deserve a second chance. And there were others…slaves and prisoners who had been tortured and experimented on to the point that they went crazy from the pain or suffering." Naru sighed, clenching her fist. "There were woman and children amongst the last group of experiments…"

Everyone looked at her in shock. Even though shinobi are bred and trained to be killers, only the worst kill children, and only people who stooped as low as Orochimaru would experiment on children…

"What happened to them?" Hinata asked.

"Some fucked up mad scientist tried creating perfect weapons…you know the story." Naru said darkly. "And don't bother vowing his death…I doubt he survived a Bijudama point-blank."

Sasuke rubbed the location where his cursed seal had at one time been, before it shattered during his fight against Naru 7 years ago.

Flashback end

Since then, they were only once attacked by a group of Rogue shinobi.

When one of them began boasting about how he managed to break each and every victim of his by raping hem into submission…well, it didn't end pretty for him. Naru let him live, however, he'd forever be missing something only males have…

And Naru removed IT whilst he was still surrounded by his allies.

The sight of a very angry, very dangerous and very scary redhead holding the remains of his manhood after she tore it off scared the shit out of the other rogue shinobi, some of them literally. None had seen her move.

Everyone in the Konoha 11 looked away. The males because they knew it would hurt them as well if they looked, the females because they didn't want to see something they'd rather not remember for the rest of their lives…and finally Akamaru, who joined the male side.

They were all forced to ignore the screams of pain that followed.

When they continued, they left a group of badly beaten, but alive, shinobi behind. And of those, only one was bleeding.

And during the nights, they were all kept awake by a trio of annoying habits of Naru's that they had forgotten in the 7 years since she left: her loud snoring, her sleepwalking/attacking and her sleep-talking.

On the first night, Sakura was sent flying, screaming into a nearby river roughly 200 meters away by a completely unconscious and unexpected normal Sennin Goroshi.

On the second night, Naru began shouting in her sleep about kicking Bandit Ass, beating up mages and Ramen. When Kiba tried waking her up, he received a punch in the face. They found him the next morning having broken through a dozen trees…at least.

The third night Naru started sleep-walking…Shikamaru used his shadow to walk her back to her bed. This was the first and only night the others could sleep peacefully on their mission to Suna.

The fourth night was…interesting…Naru was talking in her sleep again, though the content was…questionable…
"You said you liked them bigger, Erza.", "Yes, Lick that…", "That's the spot…", coupled with several moans and groans, everyone minus Lee was rivalling Hinata in having red faces. Eventually Shino used his insects to form impromptu ear plugs for everyone…though the damage was done…the next day none of them could look at Naru with a straight face.

The fifth night…well, Naru started using offensive ninjutsu. Only Sasuke and Sakura got out of that one unscathed as they remembered what to do: lie down still and DO NOT MOVE A MUSCLE!
Even Lee was having trouble getting near Naru…without his weight on.
And Hinata was out for the count when a still sleeping Naru appeared before her and planted a kiss squarely on her lips. Hinata went unconscious faster than a mouse being hit by a senbon with horse tranquilizer.

The sixth night was silent, though thanks to the previous night, everyone was on edge. Naru was smiling like a fox and mumbling about pranks to pull when she returned to magnolia…and something about pranking the council in Era.

And through all this, none of them could bring themselves to hate her…although night 5 came close…

Thankfully they reached the desert on the seventh day.

"Righto…from here on out, it'll be difficult to find Sunagakure." Sakura said. "The sand dunes always change and shift, so they cannot be used as a reference."

"Ah. Good to know." Naru said. "I'll follow you guys then."

Everyone looked at her in surprise, then remembered that she had never been to Suna before.

They had maybe taken a hundred steps across the sand when Hinata called for them to stop, her Byakugan active. "There is a patrol of Shinobi approaching. Their headbands carry the Suna symbol."

"Well, that would make things a lot easier." Shikamaru mumbled, yet everyone heard him.

"Hey, look on the bright side. Now you'll get to see Temari a bit earlier than expected." Naru said, making him narrow his eyes at her, before grumbling something about 'Troublesome Redheads who can read minds.'

Sasuke chuckled a bit, before sending a low powered fire ball into the sky to alert the approaching Suna patrol of their whereabouts.

It didn't take long for them to arrive.

"Who goes there?" one of them asked.

"Teams 7, 8, 9 and 10 from Konohagakure." Sasuke reported. "Along with VIP to see Kazekage-sama." He handed over their mission documents.

The Suna nin read the documents, before nodding and handing them back. "All is in order. We'll lead you to Suna."

"Buch appreciated." Sasuke said.

"Hey, when did Sasuke become one who is this formal?" Naru whispered/asked Sakura. "Isn't he usually all grunts and arrogance?"

Kiba, who had heard her, had to fight back the urge to laugh.

"In the 7 years since you left us. That's when." Sakura answered.

They continued the journey, defeating the occasional band of desert marauders and desert creatures (One of which Naru personally turned into mincemeat after it tried to eat her), and eventually arrived at the entrance of Suna, where they were halted by the entrance guards.
Unfortunately Naru continued her sleep-talk/walk/attacks during these next 3 days, oddly enough leaving the Suna-nin out of it. Though on the first night into the desert, Tenten woke up inside a sand sculture of a very Guy-like looking statue. Only Lee found it looked awesome. Neji however found himself wearing a green spandex outfit that matched the ones worn by Guy and Lee…much to his horror.

On the second night, Ino found herself in a bit of a pickle…when she woke up she found herself buried nearly vertically, but with the head positioned in such a way that it appeared that she was lying down…and she could feel the sand against her bare skin. And to add to that, her clothes were before her on the ground, filled with sand modelled to look like she was still wearing them. Once the others realized that…well, there were quite the number of red faces amongst the shinobi. Ino turned to glare at Naru, who was asking what the hell happened.

Thankfully they arrived at Sunagakure the next day.

After checking into a hotel, Naru immediately went into the bathroom and made a few clones…who began to spray the original with water jutsu to get rid of all the sand and dust that had accumulated in her hair.

It didn't take long for the Kazekage to summon them, having expected them ever since he received the message from Tsunade.

In the Kazekage's Office

"Welcome to Suna." Gaara greeted as the 11 friends of his and one vaguely familiar redhead entered his office.

"Happy to be here, Gaara-sama." Sakura said formally.

"Sup, Gaara. Been a while, hasn't it?" the redhead said. Gaara looked at her and blinked…a motion that didn't go unnoticed by his siblings who were both in the room as well…to be honest, it scared and surprised them.

"Shukaku is crying in fear and huddling in a corner…it can't be…" Gaara began.

"Yeah…the Furball wishes to send his regard and wishes to go to town at that 'sand plushie' again." The redhead said.

For a minute or two Gaara just stared at her, before…

"Why, hello there gorgeous."

…Kankuro began flirting with the redhead.

"This shit again?" the redhead sighed. "Hey, Kankuro. You still using make up?"

Kankuro did a 180. "It's Warpaint!" he growled.

"Even after 7 years, it could still fool me." The redhead said, before taking out a brush and began drawing on his face, which shocked Kankuro into paralysis. "A little bit here…some there…done." She turned him to face a mirror.

Kankuro's eyes widened when he saw what she had drawn on his face…he looked like a clown.

"Naru?" Before Kankuro could throw a tantrum, Gaara's question made him look at the redhead in realization…while the Konoha 11 were holding back laughs…at Kankuro being manhandled like that.

"Yep." Naru said, approaching Gaara and embracing him. In the roof above her she felt a spike of jealousy. Seems as though one of Gaara's ANBU has a crush on him. "It's good to see you again."

Gaara eventually, awkwardly returned the hug.

Naru spent a few days in Suna, catching up with Gaara and Temari, with Kankuro trying to get her back for painting on his face…it always backfired spectacularly, though in the end, she did end up helping him get a girl when she made it appear as though she was painting his face…again, but actually removed all of the paint. It didn't take even an hour for kankuro to walk into a restaurant with a girl.

Too soon she had to leave though, as her allocated time in the Elemental Nations was coming to an end and she'd need to return to Magnolia once more.

On the way back to Nami, she stopped at Konoha for a day to sort out a few things with Jiraya and Tsunade…as well as pulling one last prank on the civilian council…and reminding a certain mummified warmonger of a promise and threat.

And when she set sail once more, she was once again seen of by her friends, though this time, it was ALL her friends, not just her team, who said their farewells.

Magnolia, one week later

A single armoured redhead walked into the guild building, sighing.

"Yo, Erza." She turned to see Natsu approaching with a beautiful white-haired girl who looked a lot like Mira. "Any news from Naru?"

"None yet…she is scheduled to return any day now though." Erza said.

"I wonder how much she changed since I last saw her." The girl said.

"Definitely nothing like her Edolas Counterpart." Gray said, shivering. Natsu joined him in shivering, whilst the girl giggled.

"Well, what do you expect? She was our Guildmaster in Edolas and was the only one who could go toe to toe against Erza Knightwalker." She said.

"Ugh…don't remind me…" Erza said, remembering Naru's counterpart…when fighting, she was loud, carried a huge sword and shouted loud enough that those near her had to wear ear-plugs…but otherwise was meek and so shy she managed to stutter in silence…in other words the complete opposite of her Naru.

Suddenly they heard the sound of Cannon-fire and the entire guild ran out and looked out at the ocean…where they saw an unlucky Pirate ship firing at an approaching ship…which was firing wave after wave of fire-balls and water dragons and, unseen by them, a few razor winds in return.

"Well…that answers when Naru will be back." Gray said, sitting down to enjoy the show.

The other guild members followed his example with Mira bringing out several crates of Ale for them to drink and enjoy the whilst watching the show of their resident redhead Wizard Saint going easy on the pirates.

A short while later

After having chased the pirates around for a bit, Naru decided to sail for the harbour where she moored the ship in its proper location. She barely managed to get off the ship with all of her possession and souvenirs sealed inside her scrolls when an all to familiar redhead crashed into her and gave her a spine cracking hug.

"Hey, Er-chan." Naru said, returning the hug. "Miss me?"

"What the hell is that kind of greeting?" Erza asked. "But yes, I did. Welcome back."

"Good to be back." Naru responded before looking up and seeing the rest of Team Natsu and Fairy Tail standing there. "Uhm…did anything happen whilst I as away?" Naru asked.

"Oh the usual…something happened and we beat the shit out of it." Natsu said, grinning like a lunatic. "I have become pretty strong now…I could probably beat you."

"Oh…is that a challenge?" Naru asked, grinning at the young dragon slayer.

"Damn right it is." Natsu said, firing up his magic (A/N: Pun not intended)

3 seconds later we find the poor kid stuck inside the wall of Fairy Tail's Guild Hall.

"Ah…forgot to hold back there…" Naru muttered. "Meh…he'll survive…probably." Naru looked around. "Oh and Gray."

The Ice mage looked at her but froze when he saw her all to sweet smile. (A/N: Pun also not intended)

"Y-yes?" he asked, not liking where this was going.

"What did I tell you would happen next time you forget not to take of your boxers?" Naru asked.

Gray looked down and began sweating hard. "Oh Shiiii…" He was later found right next to Natsu in the Wall, though he went almost the entire way through.

"Naru-nee really hasn't changed much, has he?" Naru paused hearing the person speak. It was a voice she hadn't heard in 2 years and would never forget…because its owner came close to being called an actual sister by Naru and everyone else in the guild…

"Lisanna?" Naru said. She looked up to see a beautiful girl with short white hair and a close resemblance to Mira, about Natsu's height, if not a bit taller, and a pair of breasts that rival those of Cana. She wore a sky-blue and white outfit that left her left thigh open, revealing her white Fairy Tail tattoo. (1)

Naru just stood there in shock, before…

The ground shook with Naru's footsteps and she cried anime tears of happiness and gave Lisanna a leaping hug. Many in the guild wanted to see who would Hug-block her, as when they tried doing that to Lisanna a few days ago, Elfman sent them all flying with a punch.

To their shock, nothing happened and Naru crashed into Lisanna.

"Welcome back, little sis." Naru said, tears of joy running down her face.

"I should be telling YOU that, Naru-nee." Lisanna quipped playfully, returning the hug. "How was the trip to your birth place?"

"Could have been better had the damn council there not tried to forcefully conscript me." Naru said, releasing the hug.

Before anyone could begin asking more questions a certain short guild master approached them, wearing a jester's outfit.

"Now, now, let's let Naru rest for the moment. I am sure that she has had a long journey behind her and is tired." Makarov said. "However, knowing Erza, rest is one of the last things she'll get."

That last statement made everyone laugh in agreement, whilst a pair of reheads looked away, blushes on their faces.

"Oh…is there anything I missed?" Lisanna asked curiously.

"Yes, well…" Erza began, but Naru beat her to the punch…and whispered something into Lisanna's ear, making the young snowflake turn bright red and wide eyed. Metaphorical steam seemed to come out of her head.

"Now go on. I am sure you will be able to handle it." Naru said cheerfully, patting her shoulder. The others looked at her confused.

"How am I supposed to do it though?" Lisanna asked, flustered.

"Oh…want me to give Mira the same offer?" Naru asked, grinning like a fox…a very, very evil sly fox…

"Anything but that." Lisanna said. Now everyone was confused and silently talking amongst themselves.

"Then off you go." Naru said, pointing in the direction of the guild. Lisanna was gone before most could blink.

"Ah…revenge is sweet." Naru said, rolling her shoulders, audibly popping her joints.

"Naru-san…what did you tell her?" Wendy asked.

"Oh…you'll see in a few days, if not tomorrow." Naru said, grinning as she made to leave the Harbour and head home. Erza, Lucy and unsurprisingly Mira and Elfman followed her, all of them wanting the details ASAP…though the latter two due to their desire to protect their sister.

They were all reminded that day that Naru could be more stubborn than 20 Mules combined.


True to Naru's word, the entire guild discovered what Naru had told Lisanna the following day, when Gray told them what he had overheard the previous day.

"So wait…In return for Lisanna getting the information on Naru's relationship with Erza, she had to convince Natsu to go out on a Date with her." Elfman asked in surprise.

"Yup." Naru confirmed Gray's revelation. "And it is perfect revenge for that one time she somehow managed to tricked me and Loki into going on a blind date."

Everyone laughed remembering the look on Naru's face when she and Loki realized they had been set up, though it was only after Lisanna's 'disappearance' that the two of them learned who it had been that set them up.

The blind date had actually gone surprisingly well, considering that it was technically Naru's first date. They first went to watch a movie, which was Loki's idea, then went to the fighters guild, where a tag-team battle competition was taking place…

Well…Loki ended up beaten black and blue, not by Naru for once though, but he did get a hefty sum of cash when Naru called upon an old rule that any contestant could call for an all-on-one match…meaning it was her against all of the remaining contestants.

What nobody knows was that since Naru didn't technically use magic, and Magic as such wasn't allowed in the tournament, she easily outclassed every fighter with the gratuitous use of Chakra-Augmentation.

And Just so it is known…the next day she bought her house for around 5 million jewels.

Loki spent his half of the winnings…on dating chicks, which included a few grand-daughters of the then council members…

It is rumoured that he went a bit further than 'dating' with one or two of them, but he denied each and every one of the rumours.

(A/N: I am digressing here, aren't I?)

The day following the blind date, Mira and her siblings left for the fateful mission, leaving as a trio, but returning as only a duo.

"Well, I am just glad you got revenge on her by getting her to date someone." Mira said.

"Oh, I think she'll have her work cut out for her." Naru said. "Remember, she has to get Natsu to agree to go on a date with her." Naru made a thinking pose. "Speaking of which…HAPPY!" she shouted.

The blue cat came flying at max speed moments later. "YOU CALLED? PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!" he wailed in fear, not wanting to anger Naru.

"Hey, chill out." Naru said, before giving the blue feline a few instructions, loud enough for the others to hear. "I want you to go and make photos of every cute and embarrassing moment Lisanna and Natsu will have together, and in return, I'll give you 30 fishes." She said, holding out her hand as though to shake hands. Happy drooled at the thought of 30 fishes, before…

"AYE. DEAL!" he said enthusiastically, pulling out a camera from somewhere.

Naru smirked evilly…even Mira shivered at THAT look…

(1): Lisanna's Edolas outfit.


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