Disclaimer: I wish I owned John. Unfortunately, he ain't mine. Ah well.
Notes: Take place seven cycles after Bad timing. I may or may not finish this all the way, but I'd like to have some feedback on the first part, at least. Thanks :)
There and Back Again

The light.

For a long moment that is all he seas. But it eventually dies down to a dull glow, and when he is able to size up his surroundings, he finds that there are none.

He blinks blue eyes against the brightness. "Aeryn?"

When he receives no reply he sighs.

He looks himself over. He still wears the leather pants and soft black t-shirt he'd been wearing when…

No white robes. No halo. No harp. No wings. Heaven must have had a budget cut.

As he thinks this, he hears a voice call his name, but it is not Aeryn's.

His mind goes numb. "Mom?"

She appears out of nowhere, a smile on her face. She's glad to see him.

He tries to take a step forward, to go to her like he had when he was toddler, taking his first steps in the living room of their home in North Carolina. A warm hand grips his arm gently, stopping him.

He turns and stares at the blue face. Her expression is kind, almost piteous.


"John, what are you doing here?" she asks, he voice soft.

"I died," he tells her.

"You can't be here yet," she says. "It is not your time."

"Why not?" he asks, feeling like a small child, all of the sudden.

"Because you're needed," she replies. "Aeryn needs you. D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel, Stark, Pilot. The baby."

His eyes stray to his feet. "The baby."

Her hand moves from his arm to his cheek. "You'll get your happy ending, yet, John."
His eyes meet hers again, and he fights to hold back the tears. "Please," he begs her. "Please, Zaahn, I-"

"John," she interrupts. "Do you love Aeryn?"

He blinks. The question, to him, seems ridiculous. How could she ask that? All at once, he feels his mind clear up and relax. He nods at his old friend. Of course he does.

"She's waiting for you," Zaahn tells him. "It's rude to keep her waiting." She begins to try and walk away, but he grabs her hand. She stares into his hurting eyes.

"I miss you," he says.

She smiles and takes the two steps to lay a kiss on his forehead. "You won't."

Another bright flash of light hits him, and his world goes black.
The first thing that comes back to him is his sense of smell, and then he feels a hand go through his hair, and warm breath on his face.

He opens his eyes and they focus slowly on her worried face.