There and Back Again: Run For Your Life If You Can

They reach the cell block that Aeryn had ordered as their meeting place and find it empty.

"Damn!" John cries, looking around. "Where the hell is Aeryn?"

"Where's the boy?" D'Argo asks.

John blinks, and looks around, finding that the young boy is nowhere in sight. "Damn!"


Cooling rods.

He's known what they are since he was three.

It's been a life long dream to steel them. Just for fun.

He's either going to get away or die today, and his mind is made up that if he ever wants to have a shot, it's going to have to be now.

He reaches an arm out very slowly, and snatches the blue and red sticks. After smiling over his triumph, he runs, headed back to cell block.

He stops as he hears Scorpius' cry of rage from the room, and smiles.


"Commandant Mele-On Grayza."

She looks up.

She can't believe what she sees.

"Aeryn Sun," she says.

"Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily?" Aeryn asks, aiming her pulse rifle.

"Oh, yes," Grayza says, rising to her feet. "Yes I did."


He stops when he hears voices from the head office.

Two female voices.

One he's heard in his dreams. One in his nightmares.

He glares as he hears the one from his nightmares.

"Did you really think we'd let you escape?" she asks. "You're going to die here today, Aeryn Sun. And it will be my pleasure to kill you."

He sees Sikozu passed out and spots her pulse pistol, abandoned. She was never any good at using weapons.

He grabs the pistol, trying his best to imitate his father holding it in the air, and sneaks into the office, unnoticed. It's an advantage of being seven cycles, and short.

The Commandant holds up her own pulse rifle, and the two woman are at a stand off.

He holds it like he sees the woman from his dreams holding it. Pointed and ready.

He doesn't mean to shoot. Really. It just happens. He just isn't paying attention and the pistol goes off.

The pulse charge flies through the air and collides with Grayza's hand, which is flung off and hit's the wall.

The Peacekeeper screams.

J.J snorts and snickers a little. "Whoops."

The unharmed woman stares at him with wide eyes. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "I thought you were with John."

The boy shrugs.

"You shouldn't be shooting people," She tells him. "You're only seven."

"You do."

She smiles. "Do as I say, not as I do."

"You will die here today!" Grayza screams. "All of you!"

J.J rolls his eyes. "She says that to everybody."

Aeryn smiles.


She manages to escape Pilot's watchful eyes and roams Moya freely.

"Sarah!" she hears Stark's voice call. "Sarah, you should not be roaming! You must go back and stay with pilot!"

Sarah sighs. "But… I wanna walk. Can't I walk?" she asks. "Please? Please, please, please, please, please, please-"
"Alright!" Stark cries.

She smiles. She loves to make Stark freak out a little. She knows it's mean, but she thinks it's fun to watch. "Will you walk with me?"

Stark nods, and they walk through Moya.

"Where did Uncle D'Argo and Aunt Chiana go?" she asks.

"They went to go retrieve some information," Stark tells her as they enter the galley. "They'll be back soon. Don't worry."

"Don't lie to her, Stark," Rygel's voice snaps. "There's no sense in it. They went to find out where you really came from."

Sarah stares. "I cam from…" she doesn't have an answer. She's never thought to ask before, and now the question has been brought up, it stings her harshly.

"Yes, that's right," Rygel taunts, floating toward them. "No one knows where you came from. For all we know, you were created as a spy for the Peacekeepers."

"You're lying," Sarah says, taking a step back.

"You're not really Crichton and Aeryn's, are you?" Rygel asks, venom in his voice. "You're Scorpius'."

Sarah shakes her head. "I'm not."

"Rygel, why are you doing this?" Stark asks with a shake of his head.

The Hynerian only glares.

"Is it because you know?" Stark asks. "You know she is theirs, and you can't accept it."

Rygel says nothing.

Something snaps within her. All at once, she really doesn't know who she is or where she came from. What if she really is Scorpius'? What then?

She's nothing thinking anymore. She picks up a pan from the shelf of cookwear next to her and hurls it at Rygel.

He just dodges it and stares wide-eyed at the girl. "What in Hezmana do you think you're doing?!"

She doesn't reply. She picks up a pot and throws that, too.

"Sarah, stop," Stark says. "Don't do this, Sarah. You have to stop."

She doesn't. She grabs another pan and chucks it at Rygel.

Stark grabs Sarah around the arms, lifts her, and carries her out of the galley.

She doesn't say a word.



She looks ahead of her to see John, tailed by Chiana and D'Argo.

She smiles at them, and isn't prepared for the quick, fierce embrace she receives from Chiana.

John looks down at J.J. "Where have you been?" he asks, a little annoyed at being run off on.

The boy smiles.

D'Argo shakes his head at the resemblance. It's almost too much.

John crosses his arms. "I know that look. I've only known you for a little over an arn and I know that look. Y'know why? Because I invented that like. Now, what did you do?"

J.J reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out the two cooling rods.

The adults stare at the boy in shock before John chokes up a little.

"I'm so proud," the human says.

"We should get going," Chiana says. "They're gonna kill us."

"They may be too busy tending to Grayza," Aeryn tells them.

"What?" D'Argo asks. "What happened?"

"I shot him!" J.J says excitedly.

John blinks and looks to Aeryn. "Already?"

She shrugs. "I didn't even see him coming in until he shot her."

"She dead?" Chiana asks.

"No," Aeryn replies. "Just wounded. Which way is Lo'Lann?"


Behind them, a troop of Peacekeepers run their way.

"Anyone else getting a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia?" John asks with a smirk.

Chiana sighs. "Let's just run."