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Prologue: Inquiry and Save

It was a new morning in the Seireitei, the capital of the Soul Society and within the Gotei 13's 12th Division Barracks, three men were in a room. It was Kisuke Urahara, the Captain of the 12th Division, Tessai Tsukabishi, the Commander of the Kido Corps, and Kamito Kazehaya who had long hair that was tied to a ponytail. The three individual had to deal with a terrible ordeal the night before and tried to help eight people who were victimize in a terrible experiment by Sosuke Aizen and his two cohorts. Kisuke suddenly woke up from his desk and he looked and saw the eight people on the floor and things didn't go as he had hoped for. Kisuke looked down and felt ashamed. The use of Hogyoku for the eight victims of Hollowfication didn't work as Kisuke wanted as it didn't undo the effect. Tessai along with Kamito looked on with sadness.

"Tessai, Kamito, I'm sorry," Kisuke said with sadness, "it didn't work."

"Captain…" Kamito said.

"I need to be alone for now," Kisuke said as he started to walk and but stopped, "oh by the way, Kamito, we really appreciate you coming to help but at this moment, it would be best for you to leave head back to the 2nd Division Barracks," Kisuke turned to Kamito with a sad smile, "Wouldn't want Yoruichi to be on your throat if she finds out you left with me."

"Sure, you're right," Kamito said with a sad smile, "I'll take your advice. I'm sorry Captain, I wish there was more I could do."

Kamito looked over to the eight victims.

"You've done enough for us," Kisuke said and then turned forward, "take care."

Kisuke left and Tessai looked over to Kamito.

"I would like to give my thanks as well young Kamito," Tessai said.

"I really didn't do anything," Kamito said, "it was all you and Captain Urahara."

"Regardless I still want to give my thanks," Tessai said.

Kamito couldn't help but feel guilty and cursed himself for not doing more. Meanwhile Kisuke had stepped outside and then he took a deep breath as he looked at the morning sky. Kisuke sighed sadly and planned in his head his next move. Suddenly a group of appeared and they had surrounded Kisuke.

"What's the meaning of this?" Kisuke asked.

Meanwhile Kamito had left the 12th Division Barracks and was rushing to get to the 2nd Division Barracks and he was worried of not only what was going happen to the eight people but what he was going to do if his captain found out that he snuck out of the barrack.

"Captain Shihoin certainly won't be happy with me," Kamito said to himself, "but I did what I felt was right… even though we failed to stop them," Kamito frowned, "they can't get away with this."

Kamito was suddenly surrounded by a group of Shinigami and that forced him to stop as he looked around.

"W-What's going on?" Kamito asked confused.

"Kamito Kazehaya, 4th Seat of the 2nd Division," One of the Shinigami said, "we are here by orders of Central 46 to place you under arrest along with 12th Division Captain Kisuke Urahara and Kido Corp Commander Tessai Tsukabishi. You're to come with us quietly."

"Wait a minute," Kamito said, "being placed under arrest? What for? What's the charge?"

The arresting Shinigami glared at Kamito.

"You have no right to be asking that," Another Shinigami said, "These are the orders from Central 46. Now come with us quietly or suffer the consequences. Your choice Kazehaya."

Kamito was shocked and couldn't believe what was going on. Meanwhile back in the 12th Division Barracks, Kisuke was shocked and couldn't believe what was happened while Tessai was being escorted out of the 12th Division Barracks by more Shinigami sent by Central 46. Later on, Kamito, Kisuke, and Tessai had arrived within the compound of Central 46 where they stood in the center placed in custody by wooden stocks behind their backs holding their wrists. The three men looked around and there was just silence. Kisuke decided to say something.

"Um, can anyone tell us what is going on?" Kisuke asked.

"You have not been given permission to speak," A members of Central 46 responded harshly, "you're here for an inquiry. You will speak only when we ask the questions. Is that clear 12th Division Captain?"

"Inquiry?" Kisuke asked in his head, "Are we being accused of something?" Kisuke spoke to them, "My apologies."

"Now then," Another member of Central 46 started, "can you tell us your whereabouts after midnight last night?"

"Oh that?" Kamito responded, "We were in the 6th forest ward of Fugai."

Kisuke nodded confirming what Kamito said.

"Hmm, conducting Hollowfication experiments?" Another Central 46 member spoke.

It surprised Kisuke, Tessai, and Kamito and they were shocked.

"Now you hold on just a minute!" Kisuke responded, "Who told you such a thing?"

"Yeah, who told you something deplorable?" Kamito asked upset of what they were accused of.

"As part of your evil research Kisuke Urahara," Another Central 46 member spoke, "you tested Hollowfication on eight officers of captain and lieutenant class in the Fugai district, isn't that so?"

Kisuke, Kamito, and Tessai were stunned thinking about Shinji Hirako, Hiyori Sarugaki, Rojuro "Rose" Otoribashi, Love Aikawa, Lisa Yadomaru, Kensei Muguruma, Mashiro Kuna, and Hachigen Ushoda that fallen victim to the Hollowfication experiments and then they recalled last night when they confronted Sosuke Aizen, the real culprit of the incident. They remember Aizen mentioning about Kisuke's reputation and how it preceded him and it had just dawn on them what Aizen was really getting at and Kisuke clenched their fists behind their back.

"Do you not deny it?" A Central 46 member asked.

"Who told you this?" Kisuke asked a bit angrily.

"You have no right to be asking questions!" A Central 46 member countered.

"It was Lieutenant Aizen, wasn't it?" Kisuke deduced.

"This is your second warning Captain Urahara!" Another Central 46 member warned, "Do it again will only add the list of your crimes!"

"But he's the one behind the whole incident!" Kisuke pointed out, "Listen, we went there to save Shinji and the others!"

"Exactly!" Kamito interjected, "The ones who you should be really looking at are Lieutenant Aizen, 3rd Seat Ichimaru, and 5th Seat Tosen. They're the ones that are guilty. They're the ones responsible for these heinous acts!"

"When you two make up such lies like that, it's almost comical," A Central 46 member said, "and besides, the Lieutenant of the 5th Division never left the Seireitei last night. That goes the same for the two you have just falsely accused as well. The 3rd Seat of the 5th Division had been in the 5th Division Barracks all day yesterday. As for the 5th Seat of the 9th Division, he had returned to the 9th Division Barracks by orders of the Captain of the 9th Division two hours before midnight."

Kamito, Kisuke, and Tessai were surprised at what they were just told.

"What?" Kisuke asked shocked, "Never left?"

"That's not true," Kamito insisted, "We saw them with our own eyes."

"It is a fact. We have 124 division members as witnesses and one captain that can testify to the 5th Division Lieutenant's location and members of both the 5th Division and the 9th Division can testify to the locations of the others so there's no way you can place the blame on any of them," The Central 46 member stated, "or are you going to try to say they're somehow lying as well?"

"Impossible…" Kisuke said.

Kisuke, Tessai, and Kamito couldn't believe what was happening and what he was hearing while Tessai was internally frustrated and cursed himself for not realizing that Aizen had things planned out which was why he wasn't too concern when they confronted him.

"I can't believe we didn't realize this," Tessai said.

"This is insane," Kamito said.

An Inner Court Troop suddenly appeared to give his report.

"I'm here to report," The Inner Court Troop said.

The three accused individuals looked back at the Inner Court Troop.

"We've found evidences in the 12th Division facilities that indicate Hollowfication experiments were being conducted along with additional research materials," The Inner Court Troop reported.

Kisuke couldn't bring up any words that would prove their innocence and they realized that Aizen had really got them.

"I've heard enough," A Central 46 member said and he hit the gavel, "the sentencing has been decided! Commander Tessai Tsukabishi of the Kido Corp, for the crime of using forbidden techniques, you are to be imprisoned in the third level of the Central Great Underground Prison, Shugo. 4th Seat Kamito Kazehaya of the 2nd Division, for your involvement in the two crimes committed, you will also be imprisoned in the third level of the Central Great Underground Prison, Shugo. Captain Kisuke Urahara of the 12th Division, for the heinous crime of conducting Hollowfication experiments and using such to cause injury, you will be forever banished in the Human World with all of your spirit energy sealed away. Furthermore, as for the Captain of the 5th Division and other officers of captain and lieutenant class who were subjugated in your cruel and despicable experiments, we will now have to eliminate them as Hollows!"

The three men were stunned again hearing about going to happen with Shinji and the others.

"No…" Tessai said shaking his head.

"It can't be…" Kisuke said, "Wait a minute!"

"Please don't do this!" Kamito pleaded.

The door was suddenly forced opened and everyone in the chamber was shocked and they looked and saw someone just staring at them.

"Who's that?" One member asked.

"Who gave you permission to enter here during an interrogation? Leave immediately now!" Another member said angrily.

The masked person used Shunpo and reappeared next to the two men in custody and the Inner Court Troop tried to subdue the unwanted intruder but easily countered and defeated by the masked person and then the person broke the wooden stocks that were binding the arms of Kisuke, Tessai, and Kamito and took the accused men out of the chamber. The members of Central 46 were livid of what had just transpired and called for anyone to catch them but no one was available as they were taken out cold and the fact that they masked person as well as the three accused men were gone as well. Later on at the cavern beneath Sokyoku Hill,the masked person took off the cloak and revealed to be Yoruichi Shihoin, Captain of the 2nd Division and Commander of the Onmitsukido.

"What a relief," Kisuke said and then looked over to Yoruichi, "thank you Yoruichi."

"Yeah, um, thank you Captain for what you did," Kamito said nervously.

"I don't need your thanks," Yoruichi said, "I'll even hold off giving you two beatings for not asking for my help last night, "Yoruichi looked at Kamito, "seriously Kamito."

Kamito flinched and looked ashamed.

"Captain, I…" Kamito said.

"I expected this from Kisuke but I didn't expect this from you," Yoruichi said.

"I'm really sorry Captain," Kamito replied.

Yoruichi sighed, "Well what's done is done."

Kamito, Kisuke, and Tessai looked over to see the eight Hollowfied subjects together.

"I brought all eight of them here," Yoruichi said, "and the new Gigai prototypes that you were working on Kisuke."

The three men saw the crates and were amazed.

"I see…" Kisuke said.

"Well, go ahead and start," Yoruichi said, "if I know you, from the first moment Shinji told you about this incident, you imagined the worst-case scenario and I bet you also came up with the best solution to overcome it."

Kisuke looked at Yoruichi and was amazed at how accurate she was about what Kisuke thought about the situation and Tessai and Kamito were impressed as well.

Kisuke smiled, "So you figured me out, so conniving."

"Like you're one to talk," Yoruichi replied.

Kisuke looked over to Tessai, "Tessai, I'm going to need you to put a time stop on Shinji and the others and then I think you better set a triple barrier around this area."

"Understood," Tessai said with a nod.

"Captain Urahara?" Kamito asked, "So you're going to do it?"

"Yes Kamito," Kisuke said, "For the next twenty-four hours, I will construct eleven Reiatsu-concealing Gigais. Three for us and the rest will be for the eight others."

"Hmm, and you Yoruichi?" Tessai asked.

Kamito looked at Yoruichi as well and was concerned.

Yoruichi smiled, "Hmph, don't worry about me. I always stay out of trouble."

"We'll need to lay low for a while and work to solve this," Kisuke said, "but I promise," Kisuke looked over to Shinji, "we will find a way to undo the Hollowfication."

Meanwhile in the 5th Division Barracks, Aizen was in his room and was very pleased with what has happened. He was also very impressed at the fact that Kisuke and the others were able to get away.

"From what I observed earlier," Aizen said, "I'm sure I know who helped them escaped," Aizen nodded, "yes I'm sure that it was you… Yoruichi Shihoin."

There was a sudden knock on the door.

"It's me," Gin's voice said.

"Come in Gin," Aizen said as he stood up.

The door opened and Gin entered the room.

"No problems on our end," Gin said.

"Very good," Aizen said with a nod.

"So Lieutenant Aizen," Gin said, "what's the next course of action?"

"We continue on our work," Aizen replied, "the three of us will meet later on. I have more experiments to conduct."

"Yes understood Lieutenant Aizen," Gin said with a smile.

"Gin, with the departure of our dear Captain Hirako," Aizen said, "I will take the position as 5th Division Captain and when that happens, you will be my lieutenant."

"Oh?" Gin replied, "You'll really make me your second-in-command?"

"That's correct Gin," Aizen said with a smile, "You've been quite helpful and you're very skilled. You have something that no one else has and for that, you're the only one that I can ever consider as adjutant."

"I see," Gin responded with his signature smile, "thank you. I'll be looking forward to refer to you as Captain Aizen," Gin paused a bit, "oh yes there is something I want to ask you about."

"Yes, what is it Gin?" Aizen asked.

"I was wondering if you would tell me everything about your Zanpakuto," Gin said, "your Kyokasuigetsu."

Aizen was surprised and looked at Gin with suspicion.

"Gin, why do you want to know that?" Aizen asked.

Gin just looked at Aizen with his smile. Back in the cavern beneath Sokyoku Hill, Kisuke was working on making Reiatsu-concealing Gigais while Tessai had set up time stop Kido and triple barriers. Yoruichi and Kamito were watching as they got to work and Kamito had his thoughts.

"Sixty years," Kamito said in his head, "it's been sixty years since I resided here in the Soul Society and now we have to leave the Soul Society. It's an unfortunate thing," Kamito closed his eyes, "sorry about this... my friends."

Kamito continued to watch as he thought about how he came here and how he trained and worked hard as a Shinigami of the Gotei 13 and felt sad about having to leave and then he felt angry that he was he and the others fell into Aizen's trap. It was a bitter experience for him that he now had to leave and the fact that Kisuke was accused of something that he didn't do.

94 Years Later, Karakura Town, Human World

It was raining heavily and a nine-year-old boy that had orange hair and brown eyes was being hugged by a woman with long wavy brown hair that was tied to a ponytail. It was Masaki Kurosaki and her son Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Mom," Ichigo said as he started to cry, "I'm sorry… you almost died because of me."

Masaki shook her head, "No, it's not your fault Ichigo. I will always do my best to protect you, my precious boy."

Ichigo hugged back, "Mom."

Ichigo looked over and saw someone holding a sword and it a Shinigami who was wearing a cloak with a hat with his Zanpakuto in hand. The person was actually Kamito and he smiled Ichigo. Masaki turned and saw Kamito.

"Thanks," Masaki said.

"I'm just glad I got here in time," Kamito said as he looked relived.

Later on in front of the Kurosaki Clinic, Isshin Kurosaki, the husband of Masaki and the father of Ichigo was standing and waited with worry. Earlier, he felt that something sinister was lurking around and he was worried for the safety of his wife and son. He looked over and much to his relief, he saw both of them coming back and he saw that neither of them was harmed. Masaki called Isshin as she and Ichigo met up with Isshin. Isshin noticed that Ichigo had his head down feeling sad Isshin asked what had happened. Masaki assured her husband that everything was okay and had Ichigo go inside and Masaki explained what happened. Isshin felt relief knowing that they were able to make it through okay and then Isshin had his wife go inside. Afterwards, Isshin walked a bit and looked around.

"Kamito, you are around, aren't you?" Isshin said.

Kamito showed up and faced Isshin.

"Hi Isshin," Kamito said.

"Thanks for what you did," Isshin said, "You saved my wife and son."

"You don't have to thank me," Kamito assured, "I just what was right. But Isshin, I wonder… did something happen to Masaki? A Hollow like that would have been nothing to her."

Isshin folded his arms and frowned as he suspected something.

"Kamito, have noticed something as you were going through town?" Isshin asked.

"Well…" Kamito said as he thought about it.

Kamito and Isshin spoke and were discussing things that have occurred that had to do with Masaki losing her powers.

That's it for the first chapter. Next chapter: The beginning with Kamito suffering a humiliating death and he is sent to the Soul Society.