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Arturo Strikes

It was an ordinary day within the Seireitei for the nobles and members of the Seireitei's military. People were going on with their everyday lives and members of the Gotei 13, the Onmitsukido, and the Kido Corps were performing their duties. At the west side of the Seireitei, a Shinigami of the Gotei 13 yawned and stretched out his arms as he was doing guard duty and he found himself to be bored. Suddenly something was opening up and it was surprised the Shinigami.

"Huh… what the…?" The Shinigami said.

The Garganta opened up and hordes of Hollow were appearing and it surprised the Shinigami and tried to fight them off. At the north side of the Seireitei, a Garganta opened and Hollows came out and appearing and it surprised the people there. The same thing was happening at the east and south side. At the south side of the Seireitei, the red flaming cat Hollow passed through the Garganta as other Hollows continued their attack and at the west side, the icy wolf Hollow passed through the Garganta was as well and led the other Hollows to continue to move in. The Hollows that invaded the Seireitei began their attacks as Shinigami who were at the scene were fighting them off. On top of one of the roofs, Leonora was seeing the Hollows invading on each side and was surprised as the alarms all over the Seireitei were sounding off.

"What the hell is going on?" Leonora spoke, "Hollows invading the Seireitei?"

Leonora clenched his teeth and used Shunpo and head off to fight the Hollows. Meanwhile in the barracks of the First Division, Yamamoto was informed of the situation by one of his officers and Sasakibe was with him.

"Hollows have been able to enter the Seireitei," Sasakibe said.

"We have an emergency," Yamamoto said, "inform all divisions to counter against the Hollows immediately."

"Yes sir!" The officer said as he rushed out.

The Seireitei was suddenly invaded by so many Hollows. Four Gargantas were opened on each side within the Seireitei. The invasion was led by the Arrancar named Arturo Plateado who just passed through the Garganta with his hands in his pockets.

"I will have my vengeance," Arturo said thinking about the last time he fought in the Seireitei centuries ago, "this time, I will kill you."

At the north side of the Seireitei where the Garganta opened, the Hollow called Mad Eater appeared and was laughing in glee as the Hollow looked around.

"So this is the Seireitei," Mad Eater said, "so many delicious souls to consume. I'll eat my fill and then make my way to the twins that got away from me all those years ago."

Meanwhile as Arturo was walking from the Garganta that he passed through from the east side, a Hollow appeared behind him and it was a bird-like Hollow. Arturo looked at the bird-like Hollow and nodded at the creature and Hollow spread its wings and went on and flew. Meanwhile Kamito was standing on the roof of one of the buildings and was surprised in what he was seeing and that was Hollows invading and running amok in the Seireitei.

"How did this happen?" Kamito asked himself.

"Kamito," A male voice said.

Kamito looked and it was Saito who run to meet with him.

"Saito," Kamito said.

"Man, we have a serious problem here," Saito said.

"Understatement my friend," Kamito said.

Kamito and Saito unsheathed their Zanpakutos and rushed to counter against the Hollows. Meanwhile Leonora had cut down several Hollows that she had confronted with her Zanpakuto. A four legged Hollow suddenly jumped up and went toward Leonora but Leonora was able to see the attack and held out her hand.

"Hado#63," Leonora said, "Raikoho!"

The lightning Kido struck the charging Hollow and Leonora finished up by slashing the Hollow in half. Afterwards Leonora looked around and moved on to the next area. Meanwhile in the 5th Division Barracks, Ryoga rushed out of his room and headed out to confront the Hollows as well and then he was surprised when he saw them as he exited out of the barracks.

"Damn, they've already gotten this far?" Ryoga spoke surprised and then glared at the Hollows as he drew his Zanpakuto, "So be it. All right you damn Hollows! I, Ryoga Koda of the 5th Division will be your opponent!"

The Hollows charged towards Ryoga and Ryoga readied himself and his Zanpakuto and charged towards the Hollows. Meanwhile, Captains of the Gotei 13 were giving instructions to their division to counter against the Hollows as they also rushed over to confront them as well. Elsewhere bodies of Shinigami were dropping as Arturo was fatally cutting them down with his own Zanpakuto and was draining their spirit energies to add to his own.

"Pathetic," Arturo said as he walked and then had a smile on his face, "time for my appointment with Yamamoto."

Meanwhile an alarm was going off within the Shin'o Academy and the students were concern with what was going on.

"Hollows in the Seireitei?" A male student asked shocked.

"But how can that be?" A female student asked.

"Students, we have an emergency but we must remain calm," A faculty member said.

Faculty members and other Shinigami came in led and instructed the students to safety. Fianna looked on and was worried as she looked out at the view of the Seireitei and seeing signs of the conflict. Meanwhile Lily and Muir looked on and they had different ideas.

"This would be a great opportunity," Muir said.

"Hmm, it could be," Lily said.

Meanwhile Kamito was cutting down more Hollows and he panted and looked around.

"These damn Hollows," Kamito said.

Four Hollows jumped up to charged towards Kamito but Kamito quickly held out his hand.

"Hado#33: Sokatsui!" Kamito said.

Kamito generated the blue flame-like Kido and it obliterated the four Hollows. Kamito then witness a Hollow getting tossed then cut down by Ryoga and then another Hollow crashed to the ground and cut down by Leonora.

"Ryoga, Leonora," Kamito said.

"Kamito," Leonora said.

"Oh you're here," Ryoga said.

Kamito met up with Leonora and Ryoga.

"This is insane," Kamito said.

"Yes it is," Leonora said.

They saw another Hollow get cut down and saw that it was Saito.

"Saito," Ryoga said.

Saito saw his friends and went to meet up with them. Meanwhile a Hollow was just cut down by Fujimaru and another Hollow was cut down by Matsuri.

"How is it that these Hollows would come with the idea of invading the Seireitei?" Matsuri asked.

"Well it's not like this is the first time that Hollows have invaded the Seireitei," Fujimaru said.

"But it does give an opportunity," A voice said.

Fujimaru and Matsuri were shocked and they looked and saw the Hollow called Mad Eater and the twins were shocked to see Mad Eater.

"N-No way," Fujimaru said with a glare.

"It's you," Matsuri said.

The twins recalled when they first say Mad Eater and it was years ago back when they were living in one of the districts in Rukongai as children and when Mad Eater was stalking them and trying to eat them and then the time they were saved by their adoptive father Seigen.

"It's been a long time," Mad Eater said in glee, "and you two are quite more delicious with their spirit energy since you're now Shinigami. Oh yes, you're even more tasty and I can't wait to consume the both of you."

"Damn Hollow," Fujimaru said.

"You're welcome to try," Matsuri said, "this isn't going to be like how it was before."

Fujimaru and Matsuri readied their Zanpakutos to confront Mad Eater.

"Flash, Ryujomaru!" Fujimaru said.

Fujimaru's Zanpakuto changed form to a blue gauntlet that had rose up to his elbow and had gold markings.

"Swath, Kotomaru!" Matsuri said.

Matsuri's Zanpakuto changed form to a double edged bladed Guandao that also contained a small axe-like blade on the top just above the hilt. Mad Eater chuckled in glee.

"That's not going to save you from me," Mad Eater declared.

"I guess we'll see," Fujimaru said.

"Let's end this," Matsuri said.

Mad Eater charged toward the twins and the twins charged toward the Hollow that had tormented them in past when they were children. Meanwhile in the First Division Barracks, Yamamoto was getting a report a member of the Onmitsukido.

"Are you certain of this?" Yamamoto asked.

"Yes sir," The Onmitsukido member said, "there is no doubt. It seems that this invasion by the Hollows is led by an Arrancar and the Arrancar has referred to himself as Arturo Plateado."

Sasakibe was with the Captain-Commander and was shocked to hear the name.

"Sir," Sasakibe said.

Yamamoto had a dark expression and recalled when he last faced Arturo many centuries ago.

"I see now," Yamamoto said, "so he's responsible for this. Very well," Yamamoto looked at the Onmitsukido member, "you may leave."

"Yes Captain-Commander," The Onmitsukido member said and used Shunpo.

Yamamoto gripped on his cane.

"Sir," Sasakibe said.

"It seems that I need to be out there and face that Arrancar," Yamamoto said, "he won't be able to escape from me this time."

"Yes sir," Sasakibe agreed.

"Have the First Division prepare themselves to mobilize," Yamamoto said.

"Of course," Sasakibe said with a nod.

"I need to summon the other Captains," Yamamoto said.

Meanwhile on the roof of one of the buildings, there were three individuals that were watching the invasion and it was Elmdore and the twin blonde haired women.

"The invasion has gone just as Lady Ultima has said," Elmdore said.

"My lord, are we really going to intervene and aid Arturo Plateado?" The blonde haired woman in the dark blue attire asked.

"No Celia," Elmdore said.

"So she just wants to leave him be," The blonde haired woman in the dark purple attire inquired.

"Correct Lettie," Elmdore said, "anyway, we need to meet up with our collaborator."

"Ganryu Ryodoji," Celia said.

"Correct," Elmdore said, "we move and not be seen by any of the Shinigami but if we do…"

"We kill them quickly," Lettie said.

"Exactly," Elmdore said, "let's go."

"Yes my lord," The twins said in unison.

The three demons of Lucavi disappeared. Meanwhile Kamito, Leonora, Ryoga, and Saito were fighting off and eliminating Hollows. They soon got back up from members of their respective divisions and they were able to eliminate more Hollows. Suddenly something was coming towards Kamito and Kamito saw and quickly dodged. What Kamito saw was actually a dead body of a Shinigami.

"What the…?" Kamito said.

There was a sudden roar and it surprised Kamito as he felt their Reiatsu but there was something else that he felt and it was something familiar to him. There was a growl and something was coming towards Kamito and it was a large red flaming cat Hollow. Ryoga, Saito, and Leonora saw what was going on and were surprised. Suddenly there was ice shards being shot at them and Ryoga was able to quickly deflect all the ice shards and stood his ground as the icy wolf Hollow made its appearance as well. A gust of wind occurred and it blew some of the Shinigami away and it caught the four friends off guard but Leonora was able to strike back at the wind with her sword. There they saw a bird-like Hollow and saw figured that Hollow was the one that caused the gust of wind.

"Hold on," Leonora said, "these three Hollows seem to be very different from the Hollows we faced so far."

"Yes divine power," Ryoga said.

"These three Hollows," Kamito said, "yes… elemental power coming from them."

"Then they are… or were Elemental Spirits," Leonora said shocked.

Ryoga and Saito were shocked as well.

The three Hollow turned their attention to Kamito and they glared at him.

"Hold on," Kamito said, "these three seem familiar. I think I've seen them before."

"You have?" Ryoga said.

"Yes…" Kamito said as they looked at the three Hollows and felt their elements of fire, ice, and wind and was shocked, "No, it can't be…"

"Kamito, what's wrong?" Leonora asked.

Kamito started to shake as he was in disbelief.

"No, it can't be," Kamito said as he shook his head and then he looked at the bird-like Hollow, "Simorgh…" Kamito then looked at the icy wolf Hollow, "Fenrir," Kamito then looked at the flaming cat Hollow, "Scarlet."

"Wait," Leonora said, "Scarlet, Fenrir, and Simorgh?"

"Wait a minute," Ryoga said as he and Leonora were surprised, "aren't those the name of the Elemental Spirits that were contracted by your friends back in…"

"Wait, you mean…?" Saito said surprised.

"That's right," A familiar said, "well at least you're not completely stupid."

Kamito, Leonora, Ryoga, and Saito were surprised and the Kamito, Leonora, and Saito got angry as they recognized the voice and they looked over and sure enough it was Jio was standing with a grin.

"Jio Inzagi," Leonora said livid, "so you're here as well."

"I take it that you're a part of this," Kamito said.

Jio chuckled, "Actually I'm not. The Lucavi is not involved with this invasion but the one leading the charge is an Arrancar like me although it annoys to admit that he's a lot more powerful than I am. But anyway you got it right Kamito. These three Hollows were the contracted spirits of those girls you called friends," Jio grinned, "the girls that I killed with my own hands."

"Jio!" Kamito said enraged.

Kamito was about to charged Jio but was stopped by Scarlet.

"You need to keep your priorities straight," Jio said as he jumped back and landed on his feet.

"Jio," Kamito said with a growl.

"I'm not involved in this," Jio said, "and even though I would enjoy beating you down again, I have to stand down by orders of my boss and besides, you have more pressing matters to concern with."

Scarlet and Fenrir charged towards Kamito and Kamito dodged their attacks. Jio grinned in delight and Kamito was frustrated and then he looked at the Hollows that were Elemental Spirits of Claire, Rinslet, and Ellis.

"Oh I suppose it would be fair to tell you another important thing," Jio said.

"What?" Kamito asked as he, Leonora, Saito, and Ryoga looked at Jio.

"Those three are not the only Elemental Spirits that became Hollows," Jio said.

"You mean there are more?" Leonora asked.

"Yes and they are here part of the invasion as well," Jio said, "bye-bye."

Jio waved and then took off and disappeared from sight. Kamito clenched his teeth and then looked at the former Elemental Spirits that had become Hollows. Leonora, Ryoga, and Saito gathered and stood next to Kamito and wondered what they were going to do.

"So what now?" Saito asked.

"They seem stronger than the Hollows we've faced so far," Ryoga said.

Kamito reminisced when he first saw the contracted spirits back and how they were contracted with Claire, Rinslet, and Ellis. Kamito had a sad expression and then he pondered on something and decided to take action.

"Maybe…" Kamito said.

"Kamito?" Leonora asked.

Kamito suddenly took off and surprised his friends and then the three Elemental Hollows took off going after Kamito.

"They went after him," Ryoga said.

"Kamito," Leonora said with worry.

Leonora was about to go after Kamito but was suddenly stopped by a huge Hollow that had the appearance of a golem. Leonora and Ryoga were surprised as they sense divine power from the golem-like Hollow as well.

"Was this Hollow an Elemental Spirit as well?" Ryoga asked.

"It seems so," Leonora said.

"Wow, so much that I don't understand," Saito said.

The three of them were concerned for Kamito and the fact that at the moment, he was alone in having to deal with the three Elemental Hollows that chased after him. Elsewhere Kamito appeared at a place and not long afterwards, the Hollow forms of Scarlet, Fenrir, and Simorgh suddenly showed and surrounded Kamito.

"Just as I thought," Kamito said with a sad expression, "I really am your target."

Scarlet and Fenrir growled in response and Simorgh flapped its wings aggressively in response. Kamito clenched his teeth and looked on focused.

"So be it," Kamito said as he held out his Zanpakuto, "Stand, Mashinzo!"

Kamito activated his Zanpakuto and swung it and then pointed it at the three Hollows.

"Let's go," Kamito said.

Meanwhile Yamamoto and Sasakibe were heading out and then they heard loud groans and screams. The Captain and Lieutenant of the First Division were shocked and they rushed and saw that a dozen Shinigami were on the ground dead and the one standing over them was Arturo who had used his own Beam Saber to fatally cut down the dozen Shinigami. Arturo grinned when he saw Yamamoto and Sasakibe.

"I have to say," Arturo said, "plowing through your subordinates gets so boring so easily and so fast."

"Arturo Plateado," Yamamoto said with a venomous tone.

"It's been around 850 years since we last saw each other," Arturo said.

"You should have never come back you Arrancar," Yamamoto said, "but know that this will be the end of you."

"Sir," Sasakibe said as he drew his Zanpakuto, "please allow me to handle him."

"Chojiro, stand down," Yamamoto said, "this is my fight and I will deal with him."

Yamamoto's cane dissipated and he held his sheathed Zanpakuto and then he drew it.

"I've waited a long time for this," Arturo said as he released his Reiatsu, "this time things will be different."

Meanwhile at the Ryodoji Manor, Ganryu was looking on from the third level of his manor of the invasion that was happening in the Seireitei.

"This invasion is a nice distraction," Ganryu said.

"Lord Ganryu," Benin said as she arrived, "they've arrived."

"Yes of course," Ganryu said.

Later on, Ganryu and Benin arrived in room and there awaited them was Elmdore, Celia, Lettie, and Jio.

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: The fight continues and Kamito gets unexpected aid.