Time seemed like it was going in slow motion recently for Thomas. Every day was blurring together as he went through his routine:

Get up.

Go to Work.


Sure there was eating and a few other mundane activities thrown in there and of course he bickered with Hamilton as usual.

But he was just so very bored.

He'd always had James around to break his day up and make him smile, but, unfortunately James was on Holiday right now visiting his family in England. Thomas would have gone as well but he did not have enough holiday days left over, Madison got more than him because he occasionally worked weekends.

It'd only been just over five days since James had gotten on his flight and at first Thomas had been glad of some 'me-time' (James didn't like it when he listened to his music loudly or when he ate macaroni for every meal) but now, he missed his other half so much he could feel the consistent ache in his chest.

He understood that James was busy with his family and the time difference didn't help but he missed him so much and the few Snapchats or Facebook messages he got each day only made him want more of his Jemmy.

It was Thursday, James was due to come home around lunch time on Saturday. Not much longer to go now, but it felt like an eternity.

Thomas had got no work done today at all. He'd sorted through some post, ended up reading some junk mail out of sheer boredom. He started at the words on his computer screen blankly, willing he information to go in his head but it just want happening.

He pushed his chair back from his desk and swung it gently from side to side as he frowned up at the ceiling. His office felt too stuffy and cramped today,and the picture of him and James on his desk was only making him feel worse- he needed to get out.

He got an hour for lunch. So he figured he might as well use it and take a walk to clear his head. He looked at his phone as was pleased to see a short and sweet text from James.

From: Jemmy-bean3

Received: 11:45

Text: Going out for dinner with mom and dad now, don't forget to have your lunch. Love you. Xx

To: Jemmy-bean3

Sent: 11:46

Text: Just leaving now! Have fun, don't drink too much wine ;) love you too! xxxxxxx

James texted back a wine glass, blushing face and a heart Emoji.

Thomas felt his heart swell as his lips curled up in a warm smile as he texted back two kissing faces and sparkly hearts.

The loving feeling that had washed over him left almost as quick as it came. He locked his phone with a sigh and put it in his jacket pocket. He powered his computer down and left his office locking the door behind him (in-case Hamilton felt like pranking him today- he was not in the mood).

The weather had been so perfect recently, brilliant sunshine and a calming cool breeze. But Thomas hadn't felt the want to enjoy the season with out his other half.

He desperately wanted to stop feeling sorry for himself. He thought that maybe some caffeine would give him the little kick he needs.

He continued walking down the street and stopped outside a little cafe that looked pretty empty, this should do pretty nicely. He thought he'd buy the strongest most extravagant coffee he possibly could order- he needed to treat himself.

The tall lady wearing a pink apron behind the counter smiled at him "Hello, what can I get for you?"

Jefferson looked quickly at the menu behind her "Can I get a cheese and tomato panini and a latte- but can you put three espresso shots in the latte please? Oh, and some chocolate sprinkles on top if you can?" he flashed his usual charming smile.

"Sure thing." She shrugged rung through the order "Take a seat, I'll bring it over."

"Thank you." he nodded and then looked for a table. The cafe was basically empty, apart from a group of four sat at the back. The group looked oddly familiar but he couldn't place it, then it stuck him as one member of the group stood up and called out to him. He'd recognize that voice anywhere.

He just could not escape Alexander goddamn Hamilton.

"I leave the office for once and you still find a way to annoy me" Jefferson replied as he took a seat at the furthest possible table away from them

He could see out of the corner of his eye Alexander try to go over to him only to be pulled back in to his seat by two of his other friends (he'd met them before, Hercules and John he thinks their names are?). Jefferson was left to himself for a little while, his latte and pennini had been brought over a while back. He aimlessly scrolled through social media, he'd watched James Instagram story about fifty times it felt like.

"You seem so very lonely mon ami."

Thomas looked up in surprise, "Lafayette? What are you doing here?" Thomas was glad to see a friendly face- his cousin.

"As much as you dislike him, the petit lion over there is a good friend of mine." He chuckled, pulling a seat up to sit with Thomas "I work at the same university as your James, it's not far away- I thought you knew this?"

The fact had completely slipped Thomas's mind "Of course!" he sipped at his latte, the heat from his drink feeling very comforting "how are you holding up these days?"

"Very well merci- but I feel we should be talking about yourself Thomas. James is away I take it? I've missed seeing him each morning on reception."

"Yeah, he's away visiting his parents in England." Thomas looked down at his drink sadly "I- uh, I miss him a lot too." he muttered.

Lafayette cocked his head to the side as he looked at his cousin with concern "You are lonely." He reached out and places a tender hand on Thomas's knee giving it a reassuring squeeze "Sitting around by yourself will not fix this. Come." He gestured to his table of friends at the back "Being around some friendly faces will make you feel better."

Thomas shook his head and put a hand up in polite denial "Thanks but-"

"No buts!" Lafayette winked as he stood up "If you still feel down after ten minutes with us, then you may return to your lonely table."

Thomas rolled his eyes and gave in- perhaps he could make a few jokes at Alexanders expense, that would make him happier. "Okay, but let me grab another drink first."

"I'll save you a spot." Lafayette grinned.

Thomas went back up to the counter, where the original waitress stood now with a much younger and smaller waitress who wore a yellow apron (they looked very similar). The taller lady smiled "Back for more already? Are you gonna become a part of their little group?"

"We'll see2 Thomas shrugged "I'm giving them a ten minute trial run."

The smaller waitress piped up "Your gonna love em'! they are sooo funny."

"Little Peggy here spends more time talking to them than working sometimes." the taller girl (Jefferson caught her name tag to read 'Angelica') nudged Peggy lightly on the shoulder. "Do you want the same drink again or do you not want do die of a caffeine overdose?"

"I'll just get a smoothie this time if that's alright?"

"Sure thing!" Peggy chimed as she quickly set to work "I'll bring it over to you guys!"

Thomas turned and began his walk toward the group at the back of the room, he felt a little bit nervous for some reason, he hadn't had proper social interaction for about a week.

Lafayette waved him over and down in to his seat a bit too enthusiastically, Thomas smiled politely.

Somehow, Thomas didn't find Alexander as infuriating as usual.

Somehow, he ran over his lunch break because he'd been having such a good time chatting.

Somehow, Thomas went home that day feeling re-energized.

From: Jemmy-bean3

Received: 18:00

Text: Dinner was really nice, you would have loved it- I will have to take you there some day. I'm just going to bed now (it's 11pm here!) Did you have a good day? Not long now till I'm heading home to you. Miss you and love you. Xx

To: Jemmy-bean3

Sent: 18:05

Text: I'll look forward to it ;) I hung out with Hamilton and his squad would you believe- and I had fun! I must be going crazy Jemmy… Can't wait to see you again. Its 6 here, I'm gonna order a pizza and watch a trashy rom-com. Sweet dreams, I love you so much xxxxxxxx

After a day of being surrounded by the most excitable group of friends Jefferson had ever met, he felt happy in the peace and quiet of his own home again.