After I doubled checked that outside was safe, I slowly edged out and made a quick bolt to the shimmering water. If that beast came from the woods, there's no way that I would dare to explore where he came from! I looked behind at the tall and daunting woods which caused a shiver to run down my spine. I continue to trail down the beach as my toes dig into the hot sand. I now start to realize that I am only wearing short shorts and a tank top. I try and think of something that I could make. I would kill for a nice pair of running shoes, but that wouldn't happen. I try and think logically, what could I make with the items around here. Finally, an idea pops into my head.

Noticing some grass growing in the distance, I ran over and gather some materials. Now I needed to find some hide, but that involves one problem. I would have to go hunting. But for what?!

I take a deep breath, smelling the salt air of the ocean, in order to try and calm myself down. Freaking out would get me nowhere. A matter of fact, it would get me killed. Flashbacks of what just happened reply to my mind. I feel the wind tangle itself in my hair and the sounds of birds ring in my ears. Suddenly, an idea rises.

Looking around, I spot a small blue figure in the distance. Grasping my spear, I quickly advance towards the creature. As I appear closer, I notice that the bird-like animal was completely oblivious to its surroundings. It cooed, flapping its tail feathers as it went on its way. With every step, it wobbled, landing unsteadily each time. I stood watching the animal, it was sad that this bird would soon be my prey. It was cute and ugly at the same time as it casually ate some berries on a nearby bush. I noticed some other creatures in the distance. One looked to be the same species, but the one behind it didn't. It had a frill around its neck, and what looks like to be sharp claws on its toes and fingers. I definitely didn't want him to notice me, or for me to go near it.

Swinging my spear, I quickly killed the animal. Then I made a fire by the beach and some rocks that created a natural shelter. I skinned the animal, cleaned it, and cooked it. I left the hideout to dry.

The sky started to turn a stunning violet color. I gazed at the sky as the sun dropped down from the sky and the mysterious moon made its appearance in the sky. The moon sparkled brightly, casting shadows across the beach that left me in an anxious mood. Every shape, every movement, sent me into a line of panic.

After my dinner was consumed, I crafted the hide I had and the material I collected into some hide boots. I immediately slipped them on, giving my sore feet a break from the scorching hot sand.

Snapping my head towards the trees, I abruptly heard a strange noise; one that didn't sound too friendly either. Immediately scampering to my feet, I decided it was better to be on higher ground.

Putting one foot above the other, I climbed to the top of the rocks that housed the cave. My feet dangled over the edge above the fire that I forgot to put out. I should probably get some sleep, but a floating tower in the distance sparked my interest.

The strange tower was glowing red. It was split off in the middle by four. A huge glowing diamond was plastered on the top. Obelisk. The name seemed to roll off my tongue as if I had spoken about it before. I tried to dig deep into my brain. Trying to remember any detail I could about the obelisk. But all that I was left with was this drawing need to go to that tower.

I shake my head, it was so frustrating that I couldn't remember anything. It was like my mind was a blank slate like someone had come and deleted every file in my brain. I couldn't even remember what I was called!

Letting out a sigh of frustration, I collapsed backward and closed my eyes. If I couldn't fall asleep, at least I could rest my eyes.