Number One Mom

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Candy was getting ready to go out to have a candle light dinner with her husband when her son stormed into the living room.

"Urgh... Hi mom." Robert walked quickly, trying to avoid his mother.

"Eh…? Robert!" called Candy as she's wearing her scarf. Robert hesitantly stopped. "Mary's mom called. She asked what you think of Mary."

"Nice," replied Robert curtly.

"Last night you two looked great at dinner -"

"Mom…!" Robert groaned. "I don't want to talk about it and I don't want to have anymore matchmaking!"

Candy's eyes which were widening with excitement dimmed right away. "Oh okay… I won't," she said.

"Thank you," Robert snorted.

"But she's pretty, don't you think?" Candy wore her gloves. "At your age, your dad was already -"

Robert frowned. "Mom, you said you'll stay out of it. You're not doing it!"

"Okay… okay. I'm sorry."

Robert sighed and sank to the sofa. "Yeah, yeah. Marry is pretty. But there's another girl…, Elizabeth." Robert paused. "She is awesome but she's... Whatever, it's just hopeless."

Candy sat next to her son and patted his thigh lightly. "If you like Elizabeth, work on it. Convince her!" She winced. "I know it's your life. But I'll be happier if you're happy."

"Will it work?"

"Of course!" Candy smiled.

"How do you know? Er… do you have dates other than dad in the past, mom?" Robert asked hesitantly.

"Quite some, actually." Candy grinned.

"How did you decide whom to marry?" asked Robert, puzzled.

"I'm not the-world-number-one-mom but could I say something? Follow your heart, don't think. Your heart will tell you who's truly in love with you and who's merely having a lovesick."

Robert looked his mother, confused.

"The two biggest crush I had, one because I thought he was dazzling. He's an actor, you see," Candy grinned. "And the other one was fairy-tale handsome. Girls like those sorts of things, you know."

Robert listened without even blinking, trying to fish useful essence from his mother's words.

"But gradually I learned that those stuffs were just some burst of emotions, it died out after a while. While with your dad, it started really slowly. Every day he tried to attract my attention, with some adjustment in the process, to have me convinced. Little by little I started to appreciate his effort. He taught me the meaning of true love. After that, it's clear who's the most handsome of all!"

Robert was silent, thinking. "Then… perhaps…. I should try to attract Elizabeth, too," he said quietly.

"You should, dear! You are your father's son. No one can resist your charm." Candy smiled.

"Although she is not paying attention to me?"

"It can't be worse than how I and your dad started." Candy grinned.


Candy got up immediately. "Your dad is home." She collected her handbag and hat. "You may want to talk to him later and get a trick or two." She winked.

Candy ran to the window and yelled, "Darling, I'm coming!"

Neal waved from his car and blew a kiss to his wife.

Robert got up and hugged his mother. It's undeniable how strong his parents' love was to each other. Everyone who saw his father and mother looked at one another would have agreed that there was love in their eyes. He wanted to look like that to his wife in the future and her to look like that to him.

"You and dad are amazing. Thanks mom. You are the number-one-mom, the best mom in the world," said Robert.


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