Chapter 1

"Good evening, darling." A sweet voice greeted his ears. Touma groaned and saw blonde hair curtaining him from the rest of the room. Her glittery green eye gleamed with love even as her lips curled in amusement. Othinus pressed her body to his, grinding her hips against his and making him groan in pleasure. She was wearing her old clothes, which consisted of almost nothing but straps that only covered her modesty.

And he wasn't wearing a shirt either. She must've cleaned the dirt away. He was left with his boxers and her with those straps of clothing. Normally this would've been a wonderful way to wake up, but his wounds protested otherwise.

Well, they should have. He didn't actually feel the pain. His hand found bandages but no discomfort. "The stab wound-"

She pressed her finger to his lips. "Is gone. I used some of my more esoteric abilities to make it go away. But if you want I can kiss your boo-boo and make you feel good."

The way she spoke was so erotic it was arousing him. Her slender arms pressed on his chest. She gyrated her hips. He bit back a moan. He failed to contain it when she bit his lower lip and nibbled.

"Othinus... Those two..."

"Got away." She kissed him. "Mikoto's fine." She kissed him again. Deeper this time. He moaned into the kiss as her tongue probed his mouth.

he pulled her clothes to the side. She pulled his boxers off his manhood. Othinus hissed in pleasure as Touma slowly filled her. She took all the way in, pushing him back into the bed when he tried to rise. He pulsated inside her, groaning as she undulated on him. Her mouth opened and closed as she sinuously bounced on his groin, moving his manhood inside her. His thumbs brushed her thighs, and roamed up her body to her chest. He pulled the straps aside, cupped her small breasts in his hands, and drew a moan.

She closed her eye, focusing on the pleasure he gave her. His hips synced with hers. His manhood swelled as the minutes passed by. She moved even slower, as if to tease him. He groaned underneath her. It felt so good. He played with her nipples, increased the pace of his thrusts, and bit his lip from releasing another sound.

Her eye gleamed, catching his act. He knew what she was thinking. She pinched his nipple, causing him to squeeze hers. They moaned, him in surprise and her in pleasure. She arched her back. His hands remained on her breasts, tightening his hold. The sight of her body glistening with sweat, blonde hair clinging to her skin, face moaning in a pleasure he caused. It was too much. Touma increased his thrusts, pushing himself each time she fell.

"Touma... Touma!" She gripped his chest, digging her nails into his skin. Her walls squeezed his manhood. And then she reached her orgasm. He hardened inside her, trying to hold on for as long as possible. Her lips smashed into his, moaning into the kiss. That was the last straw. He gave in, releasing himself inside her even as she unfurled in her orgasm. Their bodies writhed with each other. He gripped her ass and bit her neck, drawing another scream from the girl, and from the squeeze of her walls a smaller orgasm.

After releasing himself completely, Touma closed his eyes and gasped for breath. Othinus pecked his cheeks, curled at his side and said, "I love you..."

"Love you too," he said, meeting her words with a loving gaze. His hand touched her back and pulled her closer to him. He caressed her legs and felt comfort in the presence of her hot, smooth body. With a final sigh he let sleep take him.