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When Callen returned to the bar Marty was just coming out of the shower, having washed the sea salt from his hair, and Callen had to confess, he looked seriously sexy. Therefore without saying anything he moved to give his boyfriend a kiss, pushing his hands into the still damp locks as he did so.

"Well I certainly like that greeting." Deeks said when they finally pulled apart, both breathing slightly heavier than normal at the intensity of the kiss.

"Hmm, I think we should make it a regular thing." Callen agreed with a twinkle in his eyes before closing the distance and taking the other man's lips in another deep heated kiss. He couldn't stop himself, even if he knew they needed to talk, he needed this more. Needed to know that he and Marty were okay, even after all that had happened with Hetty. Needed to know Marty was his, and just needed the man he had opened his heart to.

Deeks responded without thought, gladly following wherever Callen chose to lead. As such when he felt himself being walked backwards towards the bed he certainly didn't put up any fight. Though when they got there rather than falling backwards and taking Callen with him, he climbed onto his knees, while not breaking the kiss once. He then preceded to move backwards, making Callen chase his lips as he did so.

That was how, when they finally came up for air a second time, they were kneeing opposite each other in the middle of the bed.

"Hey." Callen finally said softly, moving to hook Marty's hair behind his ears as he did so.

That was the sign Deeks knew meant that there impromptu make-out session was at an end. It was time for them to talk, even if he really didn't want to. He knew they needed to. Needed to discuss what Hetty said, and they needed to do it before Callen had to head off back to LA. But damn did Deeks not want him to go.

"So what did Hetty have to say?" He asked deciding to take the bull by the horns.

"That see's giving me a week to finish my 'special assignment'." Callen replied smirking when he saw Marty's eyes widen at his words.

"And what special assignment is that, G?" Deeks asked with a raised eye brow, because he was pretty sure G wasn't on one.

"Making sure you're okay." Callen responded simply. He wasn't going to lie to Marty. What would be the point in that?

"Wait, she gave you a week off, to be with me? Just what did you say to her?" Deeks asked in amazed confusion. The idea of having G with him for a whole week was more than he could imagine, it was fantastic. He couldn't believe that Hetty had just agreed to that without some serious convincing.

"That you were the only thing that mattered right now." Callen replied with a shrug.

"Wow." Deeks whispered, falling backwards so he was sitting against the headboard as he took in what G had just said. What those words meant, to both him and what they would have meant to Hetty when he told them to her. He'd never considered G would put him first like that. Okay sure he knew he cared for him, knew they were together, but the idea that G would tell Hetty that he was staying here to help him, that Deeks had not expected.

"It's not that surprising, Marty." Callen replied moving so he was sitting next him and could entwine their fingers as they talked.

"It is to me." Deeks muttered, but quietly enough that Callen felt he wasn't supposed to hear it and as such decided to pretend he didn't. Not to mention there was something else he needed to discuss with the man at his side, and he didn't think he was going to like what he had to say.

"Marty, I've been thinking it might be good if your saw someone." He said cautiously, not sure how else to start the conversation that he needed to have with the younger man.

What do you mean, G?" Deeks asked with a frown.

"I mean a doctor that can help you deal with everything." Callen replied wincing at the words and how they caused Marty to tense up beside him.

"You want me to go to a shrink?" Deeks asked in an even tone. His first thought was to say no. But then he remembered how he'd been the previous night. Remembered how he'd realised that he hadn't actually gotten any further than he had when he left LA. How he needed to find a way to deal with everything that was in his mind. Maybe the idea of seeing someone, a professional, wasn't such a bad idea. Maybe.

"Yes." Callen replied carefully watching the thoughts flitter through Marty's eyes as he did so. He was glad he hadn't said an outright no, but he knew he still wasn't completely on-board with the idea from the wary look he had.

"I'm not talking to Nate, G. No matter what you say." Deeks responded absolutely. He could already see where this was going, and he knew Hetty would be able to recall the guy, but there was no way he was talking to him. No matter what. He didn't want to talk to anyone who knew him, who he called a friend. He didn't want him to know about the nightmares and his fears, just no.

"I wasn't thinking of Nate. I have a friend, she specialises in helping people who've been through traumatic situations. I thinking maybe you could met her, see if you'd be able to let her help you." Callen answered him.

Deeks tilted his head at that, though he wasn't surprised that Callen already had someone lined up. It was who he was after all. Always having a plan. But still he had to ask, "what about the security aspect?"

"Her clearance is higher than yours ever was. It'll be fine. Look I've asked her to come down in a couple of days. I'll be there when you meet,-" Callen started to explain only for Deeks to interrupt him.

"G, I don't know. Some stranger-" Deeks said, already feeling himself start to tense and his breathing start to accelerate at the idea of meeting someone new. Of introducing someone else into his bubble world of the bar. He wasn't sure he could do that. He'd been maybe okay at the general idea, but to know that someone was already on their way…

Callen moved when he noticed the change in the man at his side. Moved so he was kneeling next to him, his hands pushed into his hair so he could stare into his eyes as he spoke. "I trust her Marty. And I need someone I trust near you when I can't be. I don't want you to ever have to go through what you did yesterday alone."

The words were so sincere they eased the tension in Deeks. Eased his breathing as he stared into G's eyes and saw how honest he was being.

"Fine, I'll meet her. But no promises." He finally agreed. There was no other answer he could give when G looked at him like that. When he showed him how much he needed him to be safe.

"That's all I ask. Thank you." Callen replied before closing the distance between them and kissing Marty once more, though this time it was less heated passion and more a show of feelings. An exchange of sentiment and caring that they both felt for each other. A show that they were there for each other, there together, and that they weren't going anywhere.

Jasmine Dale drove into the non-descript town and smiled at the idyllic-ness of it. She got out of her car, but rather going to the hotel and checking in, she instead decided to take a walk around, getting a lay of the land. Because if Martin Deeks accepted her as his therapist this town was going to become her home for the foreseeable future. Might as well see what was there. Not to mention see what office space she could get. After all she was sure there were others here who could use her help, and while she was here primarily for Callen's boyfriend, that didn't stop her helping others as well in her mind.

Walking down to the docks, she watched as the small fishing boats bobbed on the water, watching as those that worked them moved in a seamless dance around each other accompanied by the cries of human voices and birds alike. It was peaceful yet bustling, and she loved it. It had been a long time since she had been in a place like this, having spent so much of her civilian life in cities. It was nice to get away from the hustle of her normal life.

She took her time watching, soaking it all in before she head back towards the hotel, her mind turning to the man she had come to help as she did so. It had taken a tug on more than few strings to gain access to Martin Deeks' medical records, but she had done it. And as such she knew exactly what he had been through, physically at least. His physiological profile was woefully inadequate in her opinion, but then she expected nothing less when the phycologist doing it was also a friend and work colleague. In her experience people rarely opened up to those they knew, especially those whose lives could depend upon them one day. No one wanted their vulnerabilities to be known by the one who could find themselves in a situation where they would question their dependability due to those vulnerable aspects.

She hoped she would do better. Hoped she could get Martin Deeks to talk, and help him through all that was going on in his head. And it wasn't just because she owed Callen, but because Deeks needed her help. Callen may have been the one to point her in his direction, but she would have come without the debt after reading his file. After all she knew exactly how he felt, she'd been there herself, and it was somewhere no one should ever be alone.