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Watchpoint Gibraltar~

"So, Lena. You're in?" Winston asks, hopeful that his long time friend would return.

"Of course, Luv! I'm glad you initiated the are getting worse around here and with Overwatch back, things will start getting better!" A bubbly Brit says through the call.

After the whole incident with Talon, Winston initiated the recall. Upon doing so, he got in contact with one of his dearest friends, Lena Oxton who is also known as Tracer. She was an Agent of Overwatch before it got shut down.

"Listen, luv. Can you pick me up later tonight? Modatta's comin and I don't want to miss this." Lena states ecstatically.

Winston chuckles.

"Of course, Lena. See you then." The scientist says before ending the call.

He then turns to Goku. The Saiyan god chose to remain quiet during the conversation between the two friends. He felt it would be quite awkward if he joined in.

"Well Goku, we have some time to kill before we head out to pick Lena up. So...do as you please." The gorilla states as he 'takes care' of the downed Talon soldiers.

He actually dumps them somewhere far away from base.

"Well...I guess it's a good time to train then." Goku tells himself.

~King's Row

It's a loud night in king's row.

There's a mixed crowd of humans and Omnics chanting Tekhartha Mondatta's name, showing their support for him and holding signs.

A woman with brown spikey hair and a glowing blue device on her chest moves through the crowd.

That is, in fact, Tracer or Lena Oxton. The energetic Brit of overwatch.

A little girl notices Tracer and tries to tell her mother as she tries to get a better view of the speech.

Mondatta walks out to the podium with his hands behind his back. The cheering stops to let him speak.

"Human. Machine. We are all one within the Iris." The Omnic starts, making the crowd cheer.

"Before me I see a future. Humans and Omnics standing together. United by compassion, by common hopes and dreams." Mondatta continues.

As he continues his speech, Lena notices one of Mondatta's guards reaching for his earpiece and looking at the rooftops. She then leaves the crowd, suspicious.

~With Goku and Winston

Goku and Winston are in an aircraft headed towards king's row. Much to Goku's surprise, the craft wasn't a lot different from what he has seen in the past.

Bulma has invented and created all sorts of things, so something like the ship they were in wasn't new to the Saiyan.

Goku smiles as he recalls his first meeting with Bulma. That moment changed their lives forever.

He missed those days. He misses Bulma. She taught him a lot during the old days, he was oblivious and foreign to most of the world before meeting her.

He couldn't tell the difference between a male and female for crying out loud!

Goku smiles fondly, remembering those days.

But before he could continue his nostalgic trip, the rumbling of the aircraft landing snapped him out of his thoughts.

"We're here." Winston says. They step out of the craft and look around.

The ship had landed on a rooftop so that civilians won't spot them.

"Wow...this doesn't look like any of the cities I've seen…" Goku was stunned at the sight of King's tow.

But before he could continue to marvel at King's Row, gunshots were heard.

"Athena! What was that?" Winston asks.

"I've detected shots fired coming from the rooftops." Athena says.

"Talon...they must be here for Mondatta." Winston quickly deduces.

Winston takes a moment to think of a solution. He knew he himself can't do much, there's too much risk. Especially because he can't think of an escape plan incase they get spotted by local authority.

He then turns to the Saiyan God.


He's here for a reason. He's capable of impossible feats. Maybe Goku can help out here.

"Goku. You're up." Winston heads into the aircraft to grab something.

Goku grins.

Finally. Some action! The Saiyan has been waiting eagerly for sometime now.

"Alright! I've been itching for a battle!" The Saiyan stretches, his grin growing at the thought of battle.

Winston returns from the aircraft and hands Goku an earpiece.

"We can keep in contact with these." The scientist says.

"Goku...I need you to keep Mondatta out of danger. Keep a close eye on him." He requests, his serious expression making Goku stop his stretching.

Goku, upon reading Winston's expression, knew he couldn't mess up here.

He'll make sure the bad guys won't win.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye out for him. He'll be save." Goku nods with a smile.

"I knew I could count on you. Good luck!" He smiles him.

Goku gives a two fingered salute and heads towards the action.

"He's an interesting character, isn't he?" Athena muses, earning a light chuckle from Winston.

"Yeah, but I have a feeling he's the best hope we got." Winston smiles.

But before Winston could head back into the aircraft, Goku returns chuckling nervously.

"Umm... what does Mondatta look like again?"

~With Tracer

This was bad.

Tracer threw a Pulse bomb at Windowmaker, but she shot it out of the air. The resulting explosion knocked her off the roof.

Modatta, who was entering his vehicle, turns around to see what's going on.

The crowd gasps at the sight of Tracer in air.

Widowmaker jumps after Tracer, aiming her sniper at the glowing blue device on her chest in midair and takes the shot.

Tracer, fortunately reacts quick enough and recalls, avoiding the bullet.

Widowmaker and Tracer lands on a nearby roof. Tracer checks herself for wounds, and finding none. She looks at Windowmaker, dumbfounded.

"Looks like the party is over." Widowmaker smirks.

Tracer processes what she said.

The bullet wasn't aimed for her!

She quickly runs to the edge of the roof, hoping Modatta is still alive.

To her relief, he was alive and well. He looked like he was at a loss for words as he was entering his vehicle.

Windowmaker was confused. She could've sworn the bullet was aimed for the Omnic.

Did she miss?


"I think this belongs to you." A voice calls out, snapping her out of her confusion.

She and Tracer looked at the source of the voice.

They see Goku standing tall, smirking as he held the bullet in his hand.

Widowmaker glares at him.

"Pest." She aims and shoots at Goku.

But what she wasn't prepared for, was him catching every single bullet. He then opens his hands, letting all the bullets fall to the ground.

Windowmaker was completely caught off guard. Tracer uses this moment and sends a kick to her side, sending her sprawling.

Widowmaker glares at the two.

"Merde" She snarls as an aircraft with a red and black color scheme flies in. She grapples onto it makes her escape.

Goku lets her go, seeing no point in chasing her down.

Modatta is safe and no one is dead. That's a win in his book.

"Woah...you were amazing, luv! How did you do it?" Tracer asks suddenly, surprising Goku.

"Oh..umm I just... caught them?" He says, scratching the back of his head, unsure what to say.

Tracer giggles at his response. She then looks him over.

"Hmm... Orange and blue outfit, spiky black hair and very muscular...You must be that Goku fellow Winston was talking about!" She deduces and walks towards him, holding her hand out.

"That's right, and you must be Lena or Tracer. It's nice to meet you!" Goku shakes her hand with a smile.

"Likewise." She smiles back.

"Wait...Did Winston come with you?" She looks at him, excitement consuming her every move.

"Yup! Grab on to me, I'll take us to him" He says as he puts two fingers to his forehead.

"Umm...okay? What are you doing?" She looks at him weirdly, grabbing his shoulder.

"I'm focusing on Winston's Ki. That way, I can use Instant transmission." He says as he closes his eyes.

"I may have understood just about...half of what you just said?" She says, confused about what Goku said.

"I'mma teleport." He simplifies.

"Ahh. Teleport. Now that, I understand." She says.

And with that, they phase out from their current location and appear in the aircraft next to Winston, who was eating peanut butter.

He was startled and jumped from his current spot.

"Gaaah! Goku! Lena!" He exclaims as he hides a jar of peanut butter.

Lena blinks towards Winston and hugs him

"It's good to see you, Lena. I missed to old days." Winston chuckles, hugging back.

"Me too, Winston. Me too." She says, separating from the hug. She then turns too Goku.

"You did remarkable things today, luv. You even saved Mondatta's life. Thank you, Goku." Tracer says.

Goku gives her a thumbs up.

"I'm always happy to help!" He gives her his signature Son grin.

"Prepare for take off. We are now leaving for watchpoint Gibraltar." Athena chimes in.

"Time to head to base." Winston says as he, Goku and Lena get seated.

As the aircraft took to the skies, the humming of the device on lena's chest caught Goku's attention.

"Hey...umm what's that?" He asks.

"Oh. This is a Chronal accelerator. Winston built it." Tracer says, smiling at person she mentioned.

And like that, Goku was already lost. He isn't great at technical know-how. Usually Bulma is the one who would take care of stuff like that.

The closest things to a complex technological device he used in the past, was the dragon radar and a smart phone provided by Bulma.

He recalled pestering Bulma about letting him know when Whis arrives on Earth so he could ask him for training. Bulma was so fed up, she gave him a smartphone to call him when Whis arrives.

He also found the name to be complicated and confusing. Like the time he and trouble saying 'Hyperbolic time chamber', he kept mispronouncing it.

Even now he finds himself calling it the 'Hypertonic lion tamer'. Though, it may or may not be on purpose.

"Why do you wear it?" He asked, puzzled about the strange named device.

Tracer chuckles.

"It's a long story." She scratches the back of her head.

This only intrigued Goku even more.

"Now I'm interested! He says, grinning like a child ready for a story.

Lena shares Goku's enthusiasm.

"Alright, it all started when I was accepted into Overwatch as a pilot…"


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