The sun shining in between her curtains woke up Manami before her alarm even went off. Groaning to herself she turned over, trying to block out the sun in an attempt to go back to sleep. But she knew it was futile. She was the type of person once awake it was nearly impossible to go back to sleep. With a loud yawn, she got up, leaving the warmth of her bed as she stretched her arms above her head. She hadn't gotten nearly as much sleep, as she would have liked last night. She had been up late talking, and it was evident by the way her phone was resting beside her. "Looks like I fell asleep talking again." chuckling to herself she began to get ready for the day. Fixing her bed, she adjusted the blinds to make sure they were completely shut so that she could get changed. Removing the light pink attire she put on her school uniform, fixing her glasses as she buttoned the top.

It didn't take her very long to get dressed and fix her hair. She still wore the same braids and glasses as she did in middle school, but her uniform was different. After all, she was now a first year at Oku Tokyo, and after today's entrance ceremony she would officially be a high school student. The road to this had been long and at points seemed nearly impossible to complete but her last year at junior high is what helped her accomplish this. This had been her school of choice, known as the best in the country when it came to science and technology. She could learn a lot and be able to better her skills to achieve her dream. Looking at her watch she saw she still had plenty of time before the ceremony but there was something else more pressing on her mind. Grabbing her bag, she rushed out of her room, but not before doing a quick check in the mirror of her appearance and looking at her picture board. There were so many memories posted, but there was one very special picture that always made her smile whenever she saw it. The picture had been of her and everyone from E-Class smiling together with their teacher. "Wish me luck, Koro-sensei." It had barely been a month since they lost their beloved teacher and they were still cooping. Some days when she saw the picture of the yellow tentacle creature that had become so dear to her all she wanted to do was cry. But they all knew he would never approve of them just moping around. He gave them the skills to live their lives, and that was exactly what they were going to do.

Running into her kitchen, she grabbed her lunch box, carefully placing the small box inside her bag and all but raced out the door. Her phone had been in her hands, ready to make a call but it nearly fell out and onto the ground when she saw who was waiting for her.

"Karma!" she gasped, jumping back against her doorframe at the sight of the redhead waiting for her.

He grinned, the tips of his red bangs falling over his shining mercury colored eyes. "About time. I was beginning to wonder if you forgot that I said I would be walking you to school." He leaned against the entrance of her home; the small gate that kept him out barely reached his waist. He could have easily jumped over it to wait for her by the door, but he respected her and her parents and kept to boundaries.

She laughed, shaking her head at him. Making sure the front door was locked she all but skipped her way over to him. "How long were you waiting out here?" she opened up the metal gate that wasn't even locked and joined her male companion on the street.

He shrugged his shoulders, readjusting his bag on his shoulder. "About fifteen minutes."

She gasped. "Why didn't you call me? I would have come out sooner," she pouted in his direction, before briefly glancing at her phone. Once she saw the time she saw that she was early. "Hang on, the time we agreed to meet at isn't for another twenty minutes. Why'd you get here so early?"

He felt his grin widen at the question. She had grown bolder, and it pleased him. "How could I not rush over early to see you? Especially after we didn't get to finish our conversation from last night," he leaned down, as he teased her with his height. He had always been taller than her, and from how big his hands and feet were it was evident that he would continue to grow. "I thought you enjoyed talking with me? Was I boring you that much that you feel asleep?"

She rolled her eyes, trying her best to keep the blush from forming. "I swear all you ever do is tease me." She grumbled lightly. She wasn't annoyed with him, teasing others was just who Karma was, she was more embarrassed than anything. This wasn't the first time she had fallen asleep on him during their long night calls, and she always felt bad whenever she did it.

He smiled down at her, his face free of any malice but full of admiration and much more. "Of course," he didn't hesitate to reach out and hold her hand in his, interlocking their fingers together. "It's because Manami is so cute that I can't help but tease you." He leaned forward, kissing her on the cheek.

Blushing as brightly as his red hair Manami nearly stumbled, but Karma was there to help keep her steady. She swore one of these days he was going to give her a heart attack. They were complete opposites when it came to many matters. He was much more forward while she was timid. He had no problems with expressing himself, and she was still learning how to do so. But one thing that was the same for the both of them was their feelings for one another. "I'll be in your care from now on, Karma." She leaned against him, her head just barely coming to rest against his shoulder. She closed her eyes, taking this moment to breathe in his scent. He smelt of spices and fruits, an odd combination but it seemed to fit him perfectly.

Somewhat thrown off by this Karma allowed a rare genuine smile to appear on his face. Only with her would he feel this calm and elated. "And I'll be in yours." Once more he leaned down to kiss her, his lips getting buried in her soft lavender locks.

They had waited to be together, and now they couldn't be happier with one another. The future was uncertain, but it was one they would face together. Just like how Koro-sensei always intended for it to be.

Hand in hand they walked to her school. They both gotten up an hour earlier than they needed too but this would be the only way he could walk her to school without Karma being late. While he had no problems being tardy Manami wasn't going to let him get in trouble over something like that. Besides, it wasn't like either of them minded. They would use every second they had to be in the other's presence.

"By the way," Karma said after walking along the cherry blossom road in silence. His heart was light and full of emotions he didn't know he had until he met her. Emotions he couldn't imagine living without. "Koro-sensei left us a little parting gift."

Manami's eyes sparkled with interest and delight. There had barely been any time to grieve of the death of their teacher. The graduation album he left behind, and life book to live by were wonderful sentiments, but they all still missed the man. So hearing he left them something was fantastic news. "Really? What is it?"

Effortlessly reaching into his bag with his free hand and pulled out an old notebook. "A wedding gift." He grin was bright and gleaming with love and mischief.

"Karma x Okuda ~ Happy Wedding Day"

Manami stopped to exam the book. Blinking once, twice, and thrice hoping that her glasses had somehow broken, but no matter how hard she tried she was still seeing it. "Ehh!" crying out from shock and embarrassment she wasn't sure, all she knew was that her face as burning. "K-Karma, what is that?" she tried reaching for it, but he held it away from her.

He laughed, obviously amused by this. "I told you. It's Koro-sensei's wedding gift to us." He winked, carefully the book back in his bag and out of her reach. Leaning down so that their noses touched he smirked at her, his eyes shining with everything he felt for her. "You did say that we'll be in each other's care from now on."

She gulped, her face still burning bright enough that anyone passing by could easily see. With a low nod, she agreed with what he had said. Even if she was utterly embarrassed by the matter that didn't necessarily mean she was against it. She just thought it was a little early to be thinking about marriage. Standing on the tips of her toes she placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "I want to always be with Karma." She whispered so that only he could hear her. She was still a novice when it came to expressing how she felt, but she didn't want to keep everything bottled up inside anymore. Especially when it came to her feelings for him. She would communicate how she felt so that she didn't have any regrets in life.

It was a one hit kill and Karma's own face was now burning bright. She was always surprising him like this. Engulfing her in his strong embrace, he buried his face in her dark locks and sighed. "Oh man, I don't think I can wait for our wedding day to do the things Koro-sensei wrote about."

Manami was sure she was going to miss opening ceremonies because she would be at the hospital from a heart attack. "What do you mean? Karma, what did Koro-sensei write?" she tried breaking out of his hold, but he was much stronger than her and easily held her close to him. His devil horns and tail were out but not in a menacing fashion. His tail swung back and forth in a playful manner, showing that he was enjoying himself. All Manami could do was sigh to herself and remind him that they had to get to school. She was still very curious about what their teacher wrote, but she knew one of these days he would show her.

So despite the way her cheeks burned she walked the rest of the way with his arm wrapped around her shoulder and cupping their hands together. His sharp eyes were glaring at anyone that dared to look their way. He was putting his claim out there that she was his and nobody else's. This would have put off most people, but she found that she liked the way he acted. It was just so much like Karma to behave in such a manner. Waving him goodbye the two parted ways but in a few hours they would be reunited and tell each other the stories of their first days. They would wait to be together again and stay together until the end of time.