Title: Charmed Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Author: Alcandre

Well, here it is; my first attempt at a Charmed fic. But I have added Sailor Moon to it. Now, those of you who know nothing of Sailor Moon, no worries, I will give all the info out later. This is just the introduction to get ya hooked.

I no own Charmed or Sailor Moon.


Piper sighed as she sat up. 'Another day, another dollar, and another innocent to save,' she thought wearily. She stood up from bed and walked out into the hall. Stopping, she listened for the obvious sounds her sisters made when they got up before her. Thankfully, no sounds came and Piper gave a sigh of relief. The kitchen was in one piece.

Smiling to herself, she moseyed into the kitchen. The sun was already up and shining in through the window, lighting up the counters and tabletop. After she made her daily cup if coffee, she sat at the table, just sipping her morning picker-upper and thinking about life in general.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. Phoebe came bounding into the kitchen, unusually chipper for it being 8 in the morning.

"Good morning, dear sister."

Piper raised an eyebrow and smirked into her coffee. "You seem happy, this morning. What do you want?"

Phoebe stopped, put her hands on her hips, and gasped in shock. "What makes you think I want something?"

Piper shrugged and sat her mug down on the table. "Maybe it's because when you DO want something you act just like this."

"Oh, honey." Phoebe sat across from her sister. "Can't I be nice to my older sister?"

"Oh, sure. You are usually nice to me." Phoebe grinned. "But," Piper continued. "Not this early in the morning."

Phoebe blinked then giggled. "I guess you're right." She gave a happy sigh and winked at Piper. "I just had a great dream last night."

"Are you sure it was a dream?"

Phoebe laughed and stood up. "Positive."

At that point, Paige walked in the kitchen, rubbing her eyes like a small child. "You guys are so loud!"

The other two sisters laughed and Piper stood up to hug Paige. "We just knew you needed to be up so, we woke you up."

Paige scowled. "Thanks bunches you guys."

"Not a problem!" Phoebe exclaimed as she sat down with a bowl of cereal. The three ate breakfast in silence for a few minutes, Phoebe munching away on her cereal, Paige eating a piece of toast, and Piper eating some eggs.

"Hey, when's Leo coming back?" Paige asked.

"Either today or tomorrow. He wasn't sure."

As if on cue, Leo orbed into the room, causing the three sisters to look up in shock.

"Speak of the-," Phoebe began.

"Don't you dare finish that," Piper said, cutting her off.

Phoebe just grinned and continued eating as Piper got up to meet her husband.

"Honey, I'm home!" Leo said, opening his arms to Piper. She smiled and hugged him.

"Welcome home."

The two continued their "coming home ritual" of kissing. Paige met Phoebe's eyes from across the table and gagged. Phoebe stifled a giggle and looked away, certain that she wouldn't be able to hold it in if she looked at Paige again.

After a few minutes, husband and wife broke apart and sat at the table.

Leo sighed. "I don't know if you guys really want to hear this," he began.

Phoebe groaned and let her head drop to the table. "After not having anything really bad happen for soooo long!! I should have known better than to hope!"

Piper raised an eyebrow and looked back at her husband. "What's up?"

"The Elders told me of some disturbance in Tokyo, Japan. We are needed there. Something about demons and such."

"Ooo, Tokyo!" Paige jumped up. "When do we leave?"

The others grinned then looked back at Leo. "As soon as we can."

Piper's eyes widened. "Are you serious? Is it that bad?"

Leo shook his head and sighed. "The Elders wouldn't say. They just told me to come get you three and then get to Tokyo."

"Whoa, wait a minute." Piper stood up and started pacing. "We just 'poof' go to Tokyo and do what? We have no idea!" She locked eyes with Leo. "You couldn't get anything out of them?"

Leo gave a small laugh. "We are talking about The Elders, hon."

Phoebe spoke up for the first time. "I say we go anyway. I mean, if it is bad won't we be able to find something out?"

Paige nodded. "She does have a point."

"For once," Piper said, grinning.


Leo smiled and stood up. "Alright! Let's pack and get on out of here!"


Japanese translations:

Hai- yes

Iie- no

-chan- a form of affection used for girls or lovers

-kun- a term of friendship used for men

minna- everyone

ja- bye

I'll add more later!


Meanwhile, in Tokyo..

"Eww, this one is uglier than the last!"

"Come on, Odango and kill this thing!"

"Shut up, Pyro! I'm trying!"

The monster in front of them roared and charged at one of the blondes attacking it. She gave a small scream and stumbled backwards, falling on her butt, her long hair seeming to stay in the pigtails she had in like magic.

"Sailor Moon, get up!" A raven-haired girl screamed.

One of the other girls, another blonde, quickly ran over and pushed the one called Sailor Moon out of the way, leaving the monster confused.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" With the screamed command from the brunette of the group came a shower of leaves falling at the monster. As they hit their intended target, the brunette yelled at Sailor Moon. "Now!"

Sailor Moon nodded and pulled out a wand. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy!" The monster yelled in pain and faded out of existence.

Now, the regular bystander would see five young girls, probably around 20 years old, in short skirts with sailor tops and big bows on their chest. But any normal Tokyo resident would see the Sailor Senshi, protectors of love and justice. Sailor Moon was their leader and the one with the most power. The other girls were Sailor Mars; the one with raven hair and a bad temper, Sailor Venus; the other blonde, Sailor Jupiter; the brunette, and Sailor Mercury; a genius with blue hair.

But what the normal Tokyo resident wouldn't know was that these young women weren't always super heroes with wonderful powers. In fact, like Superman, they had two identities. As we will soon see...

The five senshi ran off, leaving the police top deal with the clean up. After they were safely out of sight, they started to shimmer. And soon, they were just five young women with regular jobs and families.

"That one was stronger than the last," Ami, or Sailor Mercury, concluded.

Rei, Sailor Mars, snorted. "I'll say."

"Any idea where they are coming from?" Makoto, the tallest of the group and Sailor Jupiter, asked.

Rei shook her head. "I've done numerous fire readings but have found nothing."

"Then I guess we just keep trying until we find something." This was said from the leader, Usagi. She sighed and rubbed her back. "And I swear, that fall was terrible. I thought I had gotten over my klutz attacks."

The other blonde, Minako, laughed. "Yeah, well, we can't outgrow everything."

The others laughed while Usagi just scowled. "Listen, I need to get home. Mamo-chan said he'd call tonight."

Minako grinned and winked at her friends. "Then go home, you! We can't have Mamoru-kun waiting."

Usagi smiled and ran off. "Ja!" She yelled over her shoulder.

After she was gone, the others looked back at one another. Ami sighed. "Minna, this is worse than we thought. That last one took thirty minutes to kill. We need help."

Makoto groaned. "But from who, Ami-chan? The Stars are back at their home and the outers have just disappeared! We are the only ones left in Tokyo."

"I don't know. But we can't do this on our own."

To be continued.....

Well, there it is! Hope its okay! Please tell me if you want more. Thanks bunches!