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Chapter 23

For Big Boss his existence in Remnant had been one of those strange times that he found calm in his life... or lives, considering that he'd already died once. Of course, Remnant was not exactly a peaceful place, even though there was no war, there was still the threat of terrorism, as well as the threat of the Grimm. Although it could be considered a good experience for a person's life, the truth is Big Boss still felt that something was missing, for most of his life the only thing he knew was war, fighting and surviving. He had nothing against people who wanted peace, but that was definitely not something for him.

At least in Beacon he still had a chance to keep fighting, either against the Grimms or against other students in training matches.

And right now what Big Boss was doing was working on his next weapon, which was an M60 light machine gun. So far Snake has an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and two handguns, and each weapon has its purpose, for example, a sniper rifle is used to kill enemies at long distances. An LMG would usually have the purpose of immobilizing the enemies, but in this case it would be to destroy the Grimm. The weapon was still being built, not yet finished, but most of it was complete, besides that the ammunition was still missing, which would be 7.62 × 51mm, perfect to kill those beasts.

But there was no rush to finish that weapon quickly, much less today.


Basically, today was the day that Yang could spend time with Snake doing whatever she wanted. Snake didn't think so much about it, because the times he was with Ruby, Blake, and Weiss were quite calm, he could say that even normal. But the girls were different from each other, and certainly Yang was no exception, whatever she had in mind for today was a complete mystery to the mercenary.

He was already dressed for the day with Yang, now he just had to wait for the blonde to be ready.

— l — l — l —

While the girls of team RWBY on the other hand were having a fairly quiet noon, Weiss was studying, Ruby was playing, using her scroll and Blake was reading her new book. Meanwhile Yang Xiao Long was finishing dressing, even though she was going out with a boy (who is technically a 79-year-old man) she decided to wear the clothes she wore almost all the time, after all, she felt comfortable from that way.

The girls were quiet, calm, Yang for a moment entered the bathroom to brush her long beautiful hair, but just when she opened the door to find Ruby, Weiss and Blake waiting for her. The three girls glared at Yang, as if at any moment they were going to commit a crime against her.

"Uhh... what's up?" Yang displayed a combination of confusion and slight fear.

"What are you up to, Yang?" Asked Blake, she sounded calm, but her expression was threatening.

"What you mean?" Yang asked.

"What are you planning to do with Snake?" Asked Weiss, her expression was serious and she was raising an eyebrow.

"Do you think I'm gonna do something weird with him?" Yang simply crossed her arms.

"We're just curious, that's all." Of the three girls, Ruby was the one who was the most relaxed, although deep down she felt a little worried.

"Look, I don't know what you think we'll do in the city, but I'm not going to do anything weird. I thought we could maybe go to the arcades, get something to eat, maybe even have a drink later." Yang explained, shrugging, she was telling the truth.

"It sounds pretty simple..." Ruby muttered.

"But just to be sure..." Blake mentioned.

"Yang, against the wall, now." Weiss expressed seriously.

"What!? I'm not doing that!" Yang protested.

"Aha! So you're up to something!" Weiss yelled, her eye twitched a little.

"You are probably hiding condoms." Blake hissed.

"Okay okay stop and listen, I don't know what the hell you are thinking, but I'm not gonna do anything weird with Snake. You have my word." Yang raised both hands.

Although Blake and Ruby both smiled at that point, Weiss just let out a sigh. Yang tilted her head slightly in confusion.

"We know, we are just messing with you." Said Ruby with a smile.

"I trust you partner, and I really hope you have fun today." Blake mentioned with a small but honest smile.

"Just remember to come back before the Bullheads stop flying to Beacon, and try not to cause any problems." Weiss sounded like a strict mother expecting her daughter to behave, but she also hoped Yang would have a good time.

"Who are you? My mom?" Yang said, with a big grin. "We'll be back before you know it."

Without more to say, Yang left the room and as she walked down the corridor of the Academy she began to text Snake for them to meet at the aircraft's landing zone. At the same time Yang was wondering what they should do first, she knew that Big Boss was a person who didn't use to do that kind of things, but she would definitely show him things that she considered cool, or at least fun.

Yang was checking that she had everything she would need. Wallet, her scroll, that kind of stuff. But when she did that, Yang noticed that she was missing something, something quite important, otherwise she couldn't do what she wanted in the city when she was alone with Snake.

"Dammit..." Yang said under her breath.

— l — l — l —


Yang completely forgot that she wasn't carrying enough money, and she couldn't help but feel like a fool. she thought her date with Big Boss had started on the wrong foot. Yang had to sadly explain to Snake that she didn't have enough money at the moment, so they would have to stop at the bank. On the other hand, Snake didn't have any problem with accompanying Yang to the bank, although at the time he suggested that he would pay for whatever they were going to do, but Yang refused, so he did not insist on it.

So they both made it to the city, and the first thing they did was get to the bank.

"Thanks Neky, I'm sorry I suddenly mentioned this." Yang mentioned, feeling a little better.

"It's no big deal Yang, really." Boss replied calmly, as always.

They were both inside the bank at the time, in a line to use the ATMs, to Yang's surprise and horror there was a long line, but it was advancing rapidly. Yang was not a girl who despaired in such situations... well, only on a few occasions, but she couldn't tolerate wasting time on a bank, instead of having a good time with Snake. In the end, she only let out a sigh, and tried not to be exasperated in such situation.

Even so, it seemed that it would soon be her turn, hopefully nothing bad would happen.


'Now what?' It was all Yang could think of at the moment, she soon turned around to see what was going on. But she was soon shocked to see what was going on. Yang and Snake, as well as the other people in the bank saw that that scream came from a man with a ski mask on his face, along with 3 other guys, also covering their faces. Basically Big Boss and Yang ended up in the middle of a robbery.


Yang turned to see Big Boss, who seemed to have an idea, and the idea was pretty obvious, for now they decided to play along, They wouldn't let those robbers get away with it, they had no weapons at the time, however, they did have their fists. For now Yang and Big Boss, like the rest of the people, raised both hands and slowly began to kneel.

"Nobody try something stupid! This ain't a movie!" One of the robbers shouted to the people.

The robber was absolutely right, doing something risky to stop them was a pretty stupid idea, especially when there were four of them. But this rule could not apply to two Beacon students.

The first one to take action was Yang, taking advantage of the fact that at one point all the robbers looked away from them for a brief moment. Yang did not hesitate twice and punched the closest robber to her in his face, the punch was quite strong, to the point where he ended up going through the window until he fell on the sidewalk of the street. This left the three remaining robbers perplexed for a brief moment, while Yang had a big smug look on her face, that expression was enough to piss off the other three robbers.

The next two robbers tried to attack Yang at the same time, they were armed with knives, and they hoped that would be enough to stop the blonde. And what was Yang's response? She jumped up, and gave them both a roundhouse kick in the head, with that, three out of four had already been left unconscious.

"That's enough!"

Yang turned to look behind her, and she saw the last robber, which was armed with a rifle, he was ready to shoot the blonde girl. However, it was Big Boss this time who decided to take action, he punched the guy on the face, then he took the rifle from the robber and snatched it from him, Snake used the buttstock to hit him on the stomach, to finally hit him on the back of the neck, leaving the robber unconscious. Unlike Yang, whose movements were somewhat rougher, Big Boss's movements were quick and precise.

All the people there were in awe after seeing what Yang and Snake did, some of them quickly assumed they were Beacon students.

"Quick! Someone call the cops!" One of the hostages said.

"Well, that was fun, although I think you were kind of slow." Said Yang, both arms crossed and a smile in her face.

"I didn't expect you to do everything so fast, but at least nothing happened." Snake said calmly.

"Awww you were worried about me?" Yang smiled, teasing Boss a little.

"Yeah, I was." Of course Big Boss only was saying he was worried about his friend and teammate, but that was enough for Yang's cheeks to gain a very slight blush.

In the end, everything had continued as if nothing had happened, while the bank manager waited for the police to arrive. Yang had managed to withdraw some money, and finally she could hang out doing something fun with Snake. Sure, fighting criminals sounded fun and exciting, but it didn't all have to be fights. Soon Snake and Yang began to leave the bank, by that time the police had arrived, and they took care of the robbers. It seemed that it had already been the end of that.

"Excuse me!"

Boss and Yang turned when they heard someone speak to them, there was no one else on the sidewalk so they quickly assumed they were speaking to them. At that moment they saw a woman with black hair with a slightly blue touch, her hair reached her shoulders, and she dressed casually, she was wearing sunglasses so it was not possible to see her eye color.

"Uh yeah?" Yang asked.

"By any chance you are Beacon students? You are, right?"

"Uh yeah, I mean yes, we are." Yang answered, she didn't knew what this woman wanted.

"Great. My name is Monika Grey, and I actually work for the Red Moon magazine." The woman named Monika introduced herself.

Yang at the moment of hearing her words her eyes widened. "Really!?"

For his part, Snake didn't know what all that was about, but he just kept quiet, keeping the same expression as always.

"That's right, in the bank I could see what you two are capable of, so I wanted to ask you two for help with something." Monika said.

'Help?' It was what Yang and Big Boss wondered, they both exchanged glances for a brief moment, wondering what Monika wanted from them.

— l — l — l —

"By the time you readers of Red Moon magazine read this, you'll surely have already heard about what happened at the main bank in Downtown Vale. Four criminals took hostages in the bank and sought to achieve a successful robbery. What they did not count on is that at that very moment two young students from the Beacon Academy would be present. Long story short, they got their butts kicked and the robbery came to an end. Fortunately, I managed to catch up with them when it was done and asked if I could interview 'em, which they accepted."

Oh yeah, Monika wanted to do an interview with both, it was not something so important, just something to fill in what she had to deliver for the next edition of the magazine, for her it was something very convenient. Snake for his part felt calm, but a little weird, he had never participated in this kind of things, but it was not that he was going to talk about his life though. On the other hand Yang, in addition to being the one who accepted the interview for both of them, was somewhat excited to be able to appear in her favorite magazine, which used to talk about various things about Vale, be it artists, weapons, etc. Sure she was controlling herself but her smile showed that she was quite happy. Everyone was sitting in an office, between the duo and Monika there was a table, where the scroll belonging to the latter was placed, acting as an audio recorder.

"They are Yang and Snake, first-year students from Beacon Academy. I just wanna say to start with that you two managed to repel the bank robbery pretty well, as anyone would expect from any Hunter. What are your thoughts about what happened?"

Yang was the first to reply, a big smile was on her face. "Not much to tell, we just saw those guys wanting to do the robbery, so my teammate and I decided to do something about it."

"You managed to take down three out of four robbers, and it seems you know how to fight hand to hand, can you tell me something about it? Where'd you learn to fight like that?"

"My father, Taiyang, taught me his way of fighting since I was little, I was good at it so I prefer to use my fists almost all the time, my Semblance also helps with it, which basically helps me absorb the damage and use it against the opponent." Yang explained, with a big smile.

"Woah, that's pretty impressive. Now, Snake, I could see that you managed to take down the last robber. Unlike Yang, who punched and kicked left and right, your fighting technique seemed a little more fast and accurate, can you tell me about that?" Monika asked, quite interested in what she saw before.

"There's no much to say to be honest." Snake answered, calmly, trying to not sound rude. "For years I've learned to fight in close combat."

"Sounds interesting, what Semblance do you have?" Monika asked.

"I actually don't have a Semblance, at least not right now, in fact a few months ago it was unlocked."

"Wait, does that mean that until now you have been training to be a Hunstman without having had a Semblance, much less Aura?" Monika asked incredulously.

"That's right, I've never needed it but it was unlocked for me to take part in training matches." Snake said like it was nothing.

"I guess that means you are a pretty strong student. Speaking of which, which of you two is stronger?" Monika asked, showing a small teasing smile.

Hearing that question Yang and Snake exchanged glances for a moment, of course they had already had a chance to have brief fights. At the end of the day only the two of them could base themselves on results.

"At Beacon our combat performance is graded to us every semester, where in the end 100 is the perfect grade. The last time I had a 97, finishing second, Snake was first with 100. He shared this grade with another student, Pyrrha Nikos." This time she was no longer smiling, her expression and her words were calm, it is as if she was trying to speak well of her teammate.

"Wait, THE Pyrrha Nikos? Are you on the same level as her?" Monika asked, she looked quite intrigued and somewhat excited to hear that.

This time Yang smiled again, just a little. "That's right, actually Snake and Pyrrha had a match once, but it ended in a draw."

"No way!" Said Monika, she was impressed. "Have you ever participated in any tournament?"

"Not really, no." Snake answered. "Even so that doesn't mean that I am stronger than the others. Everyone on our team is strong and skilled in their own way of fighting, despite everything Yang is the strongest of our team."

That made Yang earn a slightly shy smile. Not many people spoke of her like that.

"So you guys are on the same team, would you like to mention something about your teammates?" Monika asked.

"Well, it's me, Snake, a girl named Weiss, my partner Blake and my baby sister and team leader Ruby. And yes, that makes five of us." Yang explained with a smile.

"There weren't three other people I could team up with so they put me on another team as a fifth member, but this prevents me from fighting in team tournaments." Snake explained.

"I couldn't help but notice that that means you have four girls as teammates, it sounds like it's every young man's dream." Monika mentioned, teasing a little. "Are you dating any of those girls? Maybe Yang?"

Those words made Yang gain a slight blush on her cheeks along with a really small smile, which didn't go unnoticed by Monika, but Snake remained calm and serious, he just answered in a simple and normal way.

"it's not really the case, I mean, I'm glad they decided to accept me into the team, but we are all friends and teammates, we help each other from time to time when necessary. It's not like they have any interest in me, we're just friends, nothing more. "

Of course those were Snake's thoughts since mentally he was someone old in a young body, but Yang hearing that just wanted to kick his ass for being someone so dense.

"That sounds pretty professional of you, Snake. And I hope I can see you in action at the Vytal Festival, at least in 1v1 fights." Monika mentioned, and Snake just nodded.

"Maybe." Snake answered.

After saying that, Monika stopped the audio recording. "I think that will be enough, it was a quick interview but everything they told me is quite interesting. Thank you for sharing it with me. The last thing I would like from you is a photo to put in the magazine." Monika mentioned as she prepared the scroll.

"I guess it's okay." Snake answered.

"Fine by me." Yang answered with a smile.

"Perfect!" Monika prepared the scroll camera to take a photo of both of them. "Snake, get a little closer to Yang."

"Uh sure." Boss didn't think about it, and he decided to do it.

Yang, on the other hand, remained calm, or the truth is that she tried, she did not want to think about it but it was weird to be close enough to Big Boss, and not weird in a wrong way, she liked the idea, but she had never dared to get too close, she was afraid that he would react negatively. This got to the point where she felt her hand touch Snake's a little bit, causing her to almost jump.

"That's good, stay like that." Monika began to take several pictures while they stayed like that, but at the end of the day she would only use one. "Nice, that would be all, thank you for sharing your time with me."

"No problem, thank you for having us here, it was uh, a cool experience." Said Yang, with a slight blush.

By the time Boss and Yang left Monika's office it was already starting to get dark. It seemed that at the end of the day she didn't get to have much fun with Snake, which made Yang let out a frustrated sigh.

"It's almost dark now, I guess we should be back soon." Snake mentioned.

"Yeah..." A dejected Yang replied.

"I dunno about you but I'm kinda hungry, how 'bout get some grub?" Snake suggested, with a small smile on his face.

That got Yang's attention, she didn't expect him to suggest going somewhere, although as he said he was just hungry. But even so, that didn't mean the day was over, they could still spend time together, at least a little bit more, just the two of them.

Those words were enough for Yang to regain her smile. "Sure, let's go! I know a place nearby."

— l — l — l —

"I gotta admit, fighting her was quite hard, she was too fast, I fired my rifle but she deflected all the bullets with her sword, then I used my grenade launcher, but she also cut it in half and exploded behind her. She is quite good with the sword."

After having eaten something light, Yang decided to ask about the encounter that Snake had with her mother, he did not give her all the details but began by telling Yang about the fight he and Raven had.

"I don't know why, but then she wanted to fight with knives." Snake mentioned.

"Knives?" Yang asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you remember that my suit was damaged in the chest?" Yang just nodded. "That was because she used her knife when we were fighting, for a moment she was beating me."

Yang wouldn't deny that the idea of watching Big Boss and her mom fight sounded awesome for her. Snake on the other hand was not the best storyteller, but still Yang enjoyed hearing that story.

"So we kept fighting, trying to attack us, to hurt each other. If it wasn't with the knives, it was using the fists and the legs. Slowly I was reading her attacks, until I could predict her next attack, counterattack and managed to put her against a tree. I'm sure she could keep fighting, but she decided to give up. I guess she wanted to know if I was strong."

Yang didn't understand why Raven wanted Snake to stay with her in her tribe. Sadly her mother did not give her many details, but the fact that Raven had her eyes on Snake was somewhat disturbing for the blonde, because it was her mother, plus she also felt a bit of jealousy. Jealous because her mother showed interest in Snake, and she was also jealous of Snake, since he got to spend more time with her mother than herself, besides that he met her first.

"What happened after?" Yang asked.

"She told me where her tribe was, so I headed to where she was. I found her, we talked a bit and the next day she helped me get back to Beacon. You know what happened next." Snake answered.

The answer was quite short since although he did not like to hide things from his teammates, Big Boss could not tell Yang that he and Raven talked about Ozpin, besides that he shared a bed with Yang's mother. He didn't know how Yang would take it so if he wanted to stay alive that night it was better not to tell her about that.

"You know... I didn't say it before but, thank you. If it weren't for you, I don't know if I would have met my mother again. Or if she had accepted me. She told me that you insisted that she go see me." Yang showed a small but warm and gentle smile.

"I just thought it was for the best. For her... and for you." Snake showed a small smile.

Yang kept that smile on her face. Although hse soon began to feel that her heart was beating faster. At that moment it was just the two of them and no one else. She thought it was a good time to be honest and express her feelings, even if it included being rejected.

"You know, I..."

"Yeah?" Snake asked.

"I just... I mean, I wanted to say..."


Yang turned to see her scroll, she received a text from someone. She took her scroll and she saw it came from Ruby, asking if she was okay.

"Something wrong?"

"Nah." Yang said. "Just a text, from Rubes."

"Perhaps it is too late. We come back?"

"Yeah, I think it's for the best."

"Sorry but you wanted to say something, right?" Snake asked.

"Oh no, it's nothing, don't worry."

"You sure?"

"Yeah! Don't worry."

Yang said with a friendly and honest smile. She knew that if it wasn't today she would have another time to confess how she felt. There was no rush, they still had all the time in the world. In the end she only said a few words.

"Let's go home... Boss."

End of Chapter 22

Omake ●

The meaning of a dream. (lV)

Yang seems to be having a good day along with Ruby, Weiss and Blake. There were no problems, nothing to worry about at the moment. At that time, Yang and the others were walking down the hallway of the dorm rooms, while they went to their own. As they walked, Yang was telling the other members of her team about something that happened a few hours ago.

"So this guy was all like 'damn girl, you have a nice butt', but then I grabbed him by the hand and kicked his ass, literally speaking, poor idiot flew out through the window. 'You got Yanged' I said."

"That's how it's done, partner." Blake gave the first answer, showing a smile.

"You're so funny Yang." Weiss mentioned, with a small giggle.

"That's my big sis, strong as always!" Ruby said cheerfully.

Yang heard the words of her friends and younger sister, that put a smile on her face, but she already knew that she was a Yangtastic, bad pun intended. Soon she opened the door using her scroll, and they entered the dorm room, there they saw Snake wearing his usual clothes, he was standing, looking through the window. Soon the mercenary turned to see the girls, his face was the same as always, calm and without any apparent expression.

"Hey team, it's good that you're here. I have an announcement to make."

The girls looked at each other confused, it was rare to see the mercenary having something to announce, they assumed it had to do with something about cardboard boxes.

"The truth is that... I've been thinking about something for a long time, someone to be more exact. About a woman. I've known this woman for a long time, and I can't get her out of my head and my heart. That is why I wanted to give you the announcement today."

The girls were surprised, it was strange to hear Snake so sentimental, but they understood what he wanted to say, but who was he talking about?

"Yang." Snake said her name.

"Huh!?" Yang's eyes widened, her face turned red and and her heartbeat increased.

"The truth is that I..."

Yang couldn't believe what Snake was going to say.


"ME TOO!" Yang suddenly yelled, accepting the mercenary's feelings.

"... your mother."




"Wait, what?" Yang asked confused.

"You mother, Raven, is the one I love." Snake stated.

And as soon as Snake said those words, a portal appeared in the ceiling of the dorm room, and from there emerged a woman with long black hair. Nothing more and nothing less than Raven Branwen herself.

"Mom!?" Yang shouted.

"That's right Yang, I wanted to tell you this as soon as posible, Snake and I love each other. But that's not all."

Raven showed Yang her hand, on his finger was a ring. Seeing that, Yang turned pale as a ghost.

"You... you don't mean..."

"That's right." Soon Raven showed a big smile. "We're getting married!"

"Not! You can't marry my teammate!" Yang yelled.

"Too late, I'm pregnant." Raven just shrugged.

"WHAT!?" Yang couldn't believe what she heard.

However, unlike Yang, Ruby, Blake and Weiss seemed quite happy at the idea. The three of them were glad that their teammate could find happiness with someone.

"Congratulations you two!" Said Ruby with a big smile.

"I'm happy for you, Snake." Said Weiss.

"When's the wedding?" Blake asked.

"Right now!" Raven said with a big smile.

And just like Raven said. Yang soon saw that she was sitting next to other people, along with her team, her uncle Qrow, her father Taiyang, Professor Ocelot, Zwei, DD, and even a cardboard box. A cardboard box had a bow! In the background you could hear that typical wedding music. At the altar was Snake, dressed in a tuxedo... and his bandana. Raven wore a long, beautiful white dress while holding a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile a priest was speaking, but Yang could only hear 'blah blah blah', as she couldn't believe what was happening.

"This... this is a nightmare... please tell me this is a nightmare!" Yelled Yang.

"I'm gonna be an auntie!" Ruby on the other hand seemed happy and excited.

"Wait, Raven is not your mother, but Yang is your sister so... that would make him your sibling? Their child would not be related to you." Weiss explained.

Meanwhile, Taiyang seemed to be crying, as he had a handkerchief in his hand to wipe his tears, but he actually seemed happy. "I hope this time Raven is happy." While saying those words Qrow tried to comfort him.

"Blah blah blah Big Boss, you accept Raven as your wife and love her at all times?" Said the priest.

"I accept."

"And Raven Branwen, do you accept to love Big Boss, be with him, share a cardboard box and fight against any Metal Gear until the last moments of your life?"

"I accept."

"Now since we don't care if Yang opposes this wedding-"


"Now the groom can kiss the bride."

At that moment Snake and Raven approached slowly, with the intention of kissing and swearing eternal love to each other.


— l — l — l —


Yang woke up, sweating a lot. Yang was breathing fast through his mouth. But soon it began to calm down.

"It was just a dream..."

Yang slowly turned to see where Snake was, there he saw him asleep, while near his legs on the bed was DD also sleeping. Yang only let out a sigh, thinking that that dream felt quite real... No, it wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare. But at least it was over. Still, for some reason she was pissed at Snake.

"If you dare to cheat on your future girlfriend I'll kill you, Big Boss."

It was the words that Yang spoke under her own breath, and she soon fell asleep again.

For now everything seemed like it would stay like a dream... right?

The End


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