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I had always imagined Tessa Changing into each of her friends for Jem to properly say his good byes. I had read somewhere (I don't remember, another fan fiction, or a piece in the book), where Jem's sadness over his friends deaths was somehow silenced because of being a Silent Brother (Silent Brothers aren't supposed to have emotions, really). This story is set a few months after Tessa and Jem moved to Los Angeles. (They are married)

Tessa has been saving up tokens since the first of her close friends died. She never thought she would be able to ever use them, she promised she wouldn't, but now she said she might.


Tessa still couldn't believe that Jem was human again. She had never thought it to ever be true, she'd live forever, and he would too, but as a Silent Brother, and she'd never see him as her Jem ever again. But when he came up to her on Blackfriars Bridge as human, she felt everything she thought to be true about him melt away. She was happy, and she could tell that he was too. They moved to Los Angeles and settled down together, happily married.

Tessa could tell that Jem was happy to be human again, and free of the drug as well, but he never got to mourn the people he loved properly. She often found him crying alone in his room touching his parabatai rune, or holding a picture of the group when Lucie was born. She could see Jem slowly draining out, but holding everything together for her. She hears him play on his violin, which Emma Carstairs had but gave back to him, sad music. And Tessa being able to understand everything that he played, could not stand it.

Tessa promised herself that she would never use these memories from her friends to Change, but she thought that she might break this promise for Jem.

One night she went into their room, and grabbing the box in which she kept all of her items. Before passing away, all of Tessa's closer friends all passed down to her a possession that was very important to them, so that she might change and see them all once more. Tessa rejected and returned the pieces, heartbroken, but the night before Gabriel Lightwood died, the last of her close friends, she found all of these items in a special box.

Tessa opened the box up, finding clothes that each had fitted so that she might change into them for the full effect. Tessa grabbed the first article of clothing and put on the lacy blue dress. She found a small doll and held onto it, and Changed. She walked into the sitting room and found Jem trying to figure out the TV.

"Jem," she called in the high voice of Jessamine Lovelace.


"Hello, Jem." Tessa said.

Jem ran up to her and hugged her. "Jessie I am so sorry that I never- wait how are you here in human form?"

Tessa slowly let go of the Change. Jem cried and then laughed. "Tessa, you know I can see Jessamine anytime." He grinned.

"You never said good bye though." Tessa Changed back into Jessamine. "Let me get Charlotte."

One by one, Tessa changed into each of her friends. It had been great fun recounting her memories with Jem and her friends.

Finally, Tessa puts on Will's clothes, and Changes.

"Jem?" Tessa says in the voice of Will.

"Will!" Jem runs up and hugs Tessa tightly.

"Thank you so much Tessa." Jem says. "This has helped me mourn my friends better than ever. I was never able to say good bye, but now I just did. I love you Tessa."

"I love you too, Jem." Tessa slowly lets go of the Change and puts her arms around Jem.

Hi I hope you liked this story. I'm sorry that it was bad, but I had this idea and then forgot that I had to write this for four months and never got around to finish. I didn't know what to put at the end, so I made up this crap. I hope you understand that my point is that Tessa wanted to let Jem say good bye to each of their friends one last time. Thanks for reading!