This story contains a character made up by my friend, PunkIRgurl. She allowed me to use her character. Please be sure to either ask me or PunkIRgurl if you can use this character, but I strongly suggest you ask. Thank you.


Knock, Knock. Someone was at the door of Carolyn's home. Trunks was training and the kids were at school. Carolyn opened the door. It was Goten with a bunch of flowers. "These are for you," he said as he gave them to her.

Carolyn put the flowers in a vase. "Thank you," she said. As she turned around Goten grabbed her and took her upstairs. "Goten, what are we doing up here?" Carolyn asked. Goten didn't answer, he just took her into her bedroom and slammed the door.

"Now we wont be disturbed," Goten said. Goten jumped on the bed and motioned Carolyn to come. Carolyn's eyes widened. "Lemme get into something more comfortable," she said and walked into the bathroom. *Oh yeah,* though Goten, *I will never forget today.*

Carolyn opened the door. Goten looked at Carolyn and started to motion her some more. Carolyn was wearing a bikini. She walked over to the bed.

Goten grabbed her by the waist and they started to make-out. While they were making-out, he moved his hands to Carolyn's ass. Carolyn pushed closer to Goten. "You know you're very sexy in a bikini," Goten told Carolyn. At that time, Goten was in one of Trunks' swim trunks. "And you look sexy, too," Carolyn replied.

~*1 hour later*~

Carolyn and Goten were restless. They didn't stop for one second. "Carolyn, you know what we should do?" Goten asked. "No, what?" she asked. "We should run away together. Or at least go to my place."

"I say we should run away," Carolyn replied. Carolyn leaned as close as she could to Goten and started to French him. Now Goten's hands were holding Carolyn's face. Carolyn's hands were near Goten's ass. *You're a hot sexy momma* thought Goten.

Goten's hands moved closer to Carolyn's bikini strap. Carolyn noticed what Goten was doing. Of course, she groaned and pushed closer. Goten slowly unstrapped her bikini top. Carolyn quickly pulled the covers over both of their heads and started to giggle. While Goten was kissing Carolyn's neck, she was stroking her hands through his hair.

~*2 hours later*~

Don't they ever take a break? Well, now they were tired. They lied on their back taking deep breaths. Every half an hour or so, Goten grabbed Carolyn's ass. Then Carolyn turned to face Goten. "I think I love you more than Trunks," Carolyn told him.

Goten looked at her and smiled. But this was no ordinary smile, this smile meant he was restless again. (Oh, God!) Carolyn jumped up and put her bikini back on. Goten sat up and looked at her. *Maybe I should dump Bra so that I have more time with Carolyn,* thought Goten. Goten jumped up and started to chase her. Carolyn ran around the room with Goten following her, (and now my least favorite part begins). Goten got down on his knees and began to bark. "W00f!" he barked.

Carolyn had stopped for a second to fix her hair. Goten then snuck up behind her and stood up. He grabbed her by the waist and kissed her next again. "Honey, I'm home!" called Trunks.


~ End of Part 1 ~