Domino Effect

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Chapter 1

"Another supposedly uninhabited plane according to sensors. And look where we are: stuck in a cave after being chased by natives. So much for technology," grumbled McCoy.

Spock, Kirk and McCoy have been in a tiny cave for over two hours, ever since the local inhabitants (with six appendages and can apparently run VERY fast) decided to chase them as they looked like food. McCoy couldn't really blame them: at ten feet in height, twice their girth and with six legs, anything on this planet probably looked like food to them. He was instead surprised at how long they took to find them: they had been around the beam out point for about an hour and it was not until their attention turned to investigate what looked like man-made walls that the ground started shaking and the creatures burst out from underground.

Of course, the fact that there's one species on this planet who thinks they look like food suggests that there are probably much more out there with the same mindset which they haven't met.

McCoy shuddered inwardly.

"Bones, you can't expect readings to be accurate every time. There's a reason why we explore every planet we go."

"Fat load of good that has ever done us. Anyway, must it always be us? Have you realised that if we die the ship will not have its Captain, First Officer and CMO, all in a span of a few minutes?"

Jim smiled and pat McCoy on his shoulder (elbowing Spock in the process partly to hurry him up), earning an eye roll from the latter.

"That's why I bring you along. Spock, are they still near us?"

"Negative, Captain," came the reply as said Vulcan tinkered with his tricorder, "It appears we are safe for now. However, it would be necessary to reach our beam out point in two hours, fifteen minutes as I detect an incoming weather anomaly which can cause the ship to lose our signal completely."

Two hours didn't seem like enough time to work out a plan to distract the creatures and beam up successfully.

"Does that mean we'd be trapped here permanently if we miss that time?"

"The natural dampening field on this planet lifts every 23 hours, for 1 hour each time. If we miss this timing, the next time we can beam out would be 25 hours, nineteen minutes. We will also need to recalibrate our coordinates with the ship as magnetic interference on this planet may change how the transporters detect coordinates here."

"Twenty five hours on this planet with hostile creatures chasing us? I don't like the odds."

"Doctor, the odds are—"

McCoy groaned, running his hands down his face, "Cut it Spock, I don't want to know."

"Right, we need a plan,"as usual, Jim came out to wrap things up, "two hours is all we have."

"But Jim, the beam out point is right in front of their base camp. What makes you think that we can reach there AND not be eaten alive?"

Jim picked up a stick and started drawing a vague representation of their beam out point.

"No choice, Bones. We have to get out of here."

-To be continued-

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