The Ring That Binds

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Part Seven: What Now?

Pippin watched as Gandalf and Legolas swiftly went after the startled animals, but his mind was far from the situation at hand. "She didn't take the ring," Pippin repeated as he leaned heavily against Merry for support. "She didn't take the ring, I never should have doubted her for a second," Pippin thought as Shadowfax returned with all but one of the animals. "Where is Strider?" Merry asked as he studied each of the animals carefully. "Frodo must have taken his pony with him," Gandalf said looking very old and tired. "What do we do now?" Faramir asked looking at his mentor for an answer. "I don't know, I'll have to think about it," Gandalf muttered as Pippin's head snapped up, and he glared at the wizard angrily. "We don't have time for you to think. Frodo and Mindy are in danger, we have to go after them," Pippin blurted out as Gandalf looked at him coldly. "Master Took, we have no idea were they are going, it will be foolish to just go running blindly after them. Too much have I done that today, I cannot make another stupid mistake," Gandalf said as Gimli approached Pippin with a kind smile on his face. "Gandalf is right my friend, but you are also. I say we follow the original plan, if Frodo does somehow manage to save Mindy, chances are they will do the same. We can head to Henneth Annû n, and come up with our next course of action there," Gimli pointed out as Pippin agreed reluctantly. "Great, then it is settled, we head toward Henneth Annû n as soon as everyone is ready," Gandalf said as the Fellowship swiftly began to prepare for their journey, and Gandalf thanked Tom for his help. With hope slightly renewed, the group set off into the darkening forest.

Mindy stared at the dull red balls, as she felt the tears begin to roll down her face. "Frodo…your eyes…" Mindy mumbled as the Elf quickly kneeled down next to them, and peered deeply at the injury. "Don't despair, there is still a chance that we can save his eye sight," the Elf said as Mindy shook her head in grief. "Don't despair? All I have been hearing lately is words, I haven't seen anything to prove that there is still a chance! How are we going to destroy the ring now?" Mindy demanded as the Elf shook her brilliant head in sympathy. "There will always be hope, you just have to believe. We will find a way," the Elf pointed out as Frodo grunted. "I'm blind, and I couldn't even fight the power of the ring outside of Mordor, what am I supposed to do, when I no longer can use the Elvish box to keep the power at bay?" Frodo demanded as the Elf looked up thoughtfully. "We'll find another way," the Elf said as Mindy gave her a hopeless look. "There is no other way. The only thing, besides Mount Doom, that has the power to destroy a ring of power, is Dragon fire. The problem with that is there are no longer any Dragons left on Middle Earth. The last one was killed when Bilbo helped the thirteen dwarves," Mindy pointed out as the Elf smiled. "Then we are in luck, with both problems. The blindness and injury look like it was caused from being burned, and the ring can be destroyed by the fire of a Dragon. The solution is simple, we find a Dragon," the Elf said beaming with joy. "A Dragon tear is rumored to heal any sort of burn. Since a Dragon is constantly burning things around them, their tears are specially made to protect their eyes. So if you are willing to try it, we can head North. I know of one place that Dragons still roam. But you are going to have to trust me," the Elf said as Mindy nodded. "If what you say is true, then that would be our best course of action. So if we are going to travel together, I think we should introduce ourselves. I'm Mindy Brandybuck, and this is Frodo Baggins, son of Drogo Baggins, and heir of Bilbo Baggins," Mindy said as she bowed politely. "I'm Nevaverine Greenleaf, daughter of Thranduil, the King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood, and elder sister of your companion, Legolas," Nevaverine said smiling at the amazed look that crossed the Hobbits' faces. "You're a princess of Elves," Mindy asked in disbelief as she bowed even lower in respect. "Raise your head, there is no need for that, we are friends, and it should be me to bow to you two, after what I saw, I can tell that you two have a will stronger then any Elf I have ever seen," Nevaverine said as Mindy looked up blushing. "Now come, it is a long journey, even for an Elvish horse, and the longer we wait, the less chance that we would be able to heal Frodo," Nevaverine said as she picked the two Hobbits up, and leaped onto the back of the great beast. With an Elvish command, the horse leaped forward, and vanished with just the small rustling of tiny bells.

Aragorn moaned slightly as he slowly opened his eyes. "Hold still my love, and rest," a soft musical voice said as a soft hand tenderly touched the man's forehead. "Arwen?" the man mumbled as he leaned into his wife's touch. "Yes my Lord," Arwen whispered softly as she gracefully bent over, till her lips brushed against her husband's. Relaxing, Aragorn allowed the gentle exchange, before he opened his eyes, and stared at the concerned blue depths of his Elvish wife. "What happened?" Aragorn demanded as a shadow crossed his wife's flawless face. "You were injured in battle," Arwen replied as Aragorn closed his eyes as the memory returned. "The ring, what happened to the ring?" Aragorn demanded as worry crossed his royal face. "The ring is with Lord Faramir, and with luck, a ring bearer will be found to destroy that accursed thing," Arwen said as Aragorn carefully began to pull himself out of bed, ignoring his wife's pleading look. "What do you mean?" Arangorn demanded as Arwen sighed in defeat. "The ring is no longer our concern my Lord. Our duty is to hold off the powers of Mordor, and protect the innocent lives in this world," Arwen replied as she gracefully followed her husband out of his private chambers. "How could I have allowed Sauron to rise up again?" Aragorn asked softly as Arwen put a comforting arm around his waist. "There was no way for us to tell until it was too late," Arwen pointed out, "it is time for us to begin preparing for another war, my love, there is nothing more you can do about the ring, except distract Sauron, in the hope that we can stop him from searching for it. That is all we can do, so have faith in Faramir," Arwen said as Aragorn nodded in approval. "Very well, we prepare for war today!" Aragorn announced as he and his wife prepared for the long battle to come.

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