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Isabella Swan's heart leapt with joy upon seeing a familiar flashy car, parked in front of her house. He's back! she thought excitedly.

But you're not so sure, said the more logical part of her mind. That's Carlisle's car, not Edward's.

She removed her seatbelt and her hands quickly went to unlock the door, but Jacob stopped her. "Bells! No!" he said with urgency.

She turned to her best friend furiously. "Jake, I have a visitor!" she replied promptly.

"You're not sure it's one of the Cullens. This might be a trap!" he replied firmly. "I don't recognize the smell. Will you stay here while I check?"

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. "And what? If it's Edward, you'll send him away? I'm not giving you a chance!" she snapped and quickly got off the car. She ran to the house, ignoring Jacob's protests.

"Bella, if it's a stranger who wanted to kill you, I can't protect you here!" he hissed behind her.

She entered the house and switched on the lights. She almost jumped when she saw Alice Cullen's pale and horrified face.

But she didn't pay much attention to her other best friend's facial expression. She ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Alice!"

"Bella," she replied but she sounded a bit confused.

She let her go and looked around. "Where's Edward?" she asked with enthusiasm and Jacob snorted behind her. "When did you come back?"

"Bella, it's just me and-" She wrinkled her nose. "Do you have a dog?"

"In here," came Jacob's sarcastic voice.

Alice's eyes widened and she scowled upon seeing Jacob. Then, she furiously turned to Bella. "You're with a werewolf?"

"Alice, he's my best friend, Jacob Black," she replied hesitantly. "Jake, this is Alice."

Alice looked at her with disapproval. "There's something I want to ask you but first, can you send the dog out?"

Jacob looked like he was about to protest but Bella gave him a pleading look. He looked defeated and left.

She sat on the couch and Alice followed her. Alice took her hands. "Bella, what happened? I saw you jumped off a cliff, but I never saw you make it."

"Alice, it's a form of entertainment in La Push, cliff diving."

Alice frowned. "But, why didn't I see getting out of the water?"

Bella pressed her lips together. "Well, you see… I nearly drowned and Jacob saved me."

"Bella! That's very stupid!" she replied furiously. "What were you thinking? Did you ever think how dangerous it was? And how about Charlie? Does he know what you've been doing?"

She looked at the floor. "I'm sorry."

Alice sighed and calmed down. "I'm not really keeping tabs on you. But I see flashes in my mind. I used to ignore because we want you to move on, but when I saw you jump off the cliff…" She trailed off.

She sniffed, absorbing every word Alice said. They weren't keeping tabs on her. They wanted her to move on. "Where's Edward?" she finally asked.

Alice looked at her hesitantly. "Travelling. He's been away from us for many months now."

"Did he ever come back to visit you?" she asked.

"Sometimes he would show up and ask for Emmett; they would hunt together. But after that, he would leave again," she replied carefully.

"I see," she said, trying not to sound disappointed. "How long will you stay here?"

"Three days," replied Alice.

She smiled a little. "Good. That's good."

They spent the rest of the night talking, mostly about the rest of the family - Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme. In return, she told her about her friendship with Jacob and the Quileute Tribe. She could tell that Alice disapproved, but didn't say anything.


"Hey! Didn't our father teach you not to play with your food?" he scolded his brother with a smirk.

"Where's the fun in hunting?" asked Emmett with a playful smile on his lips.

Edward, still smirking, shook his head and finished his mountain lion. Emmett disposed of his food and wiped his mouth. "So, are you going home with me, or what?"

He gave him a crooked smile. "I'm traveling north."

Emmett shrugged. "If you say so. Until the next hunt, then."

He nodded and clapped his brother's back. "Until the next hunt."

"Let's race until the next mountain!" Then, he started running.

"Bastard," he called and ran as well. He was almost close to Emmett when they heard distant footsteps. Those footsteps were familiar because only a few vampires walk that way. Then, the scent followed. There was no mistake. They were here, looking for them.

Edward and Emmett stopped running and turned to each other. "Edward, do you hear their thoughts? Who are they?" asked Emmett in his mind.

Edward nodded and pointed to himself.

"But why? What have you done?" he asked, looking extremely worried. "Do you think they know about…"

He shook his head and his facial expression hardened. No. They shouldn't know. But, what could they want? Soon, two hooded figures appeared: one big and tall, and the second was petite. The two newcomers removed the hood of their cloaks.

"Evening, Jane, Felix," he greeted politely.

"Hello, Edward," said Jane with her stoic face and dreamy voice. "Aro, Marcus, and Caius would like to see you."

"But why?" growled Emmett.

Jane's eyes shifted to Emmett with boredom. "They said it's a surprise. And you shouldn't know. But I can give a hint. They have someone Edward might want to see."

Edward's eyes narrowed upon listening to Jane's and Felix's thoughts. He heard a very familiar name… the name of the person he's been longing to see again, but he couldn't because their worlds were different.

"I thought she's dead," he replied calmly, though the thoughts of her, being dead, still pained him.

"Well, she isn't. She was there, speaking with Aro, Marcus, and Caius," replied Jane.

"Did you see her with your own eyes?" he asked Jane.

"No, but they won't send us here if it wasn't her, right?"

His eyes darted to Emmett, but someone stopped him.

"You cannot tell anyone RIGHT IN HERE!" yelled Felix in his mind. "Not even Emmett! Just come with us if you want to see her."

His eyes shifted to Jane. He gave her a questioning look. "It isn't safe! A certain werewolf is around in this area. You know who that filthy werewolf is. Are you coming, or not?"

He frowned for a moment and scanned Jane's thoughts. After a moment he found the image of someone so familiar in her mind. Yes, it wasn't safe to speak about her. He turned to Emmett. "I should go."

"But…" he tried to protest.

He placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Go home. I will be fine."

Without waiting for Emmett's response, he went to Jane and Felix, and together, they ran and disappeared from Emmett's eyes.


"And so, we had driving lessons but I am not still good at it," Bella was saying and when she looked up to Alice, the vampire was frozen and not blinking. Is she having another vision?

"Alice? Alice!" She shook her lightly.

Then, she blinked and turned to her. "Edward. He's on his way to the Volturi," she said and Bella swore, she saw the fear in her eyes.

"What? Why?" she asked urgently.

Alice shook her head and was now panicking. "I don't know. My vision is not clear. But I saw him with Jane and Felix." She reached for her purse and got her mobile phone and put it on speaker mode. "Hello, Rose. I'm with Bella and she's alive. Did you hear from Edward?"

"No," replied Rosalie coolly. "Hang on, Emmett is here. He went hunting with Edward."

"Alice! Did you find Bella?" came Emmett's voice. He sounded worried.

"Yes. She's here with me. And why is Edward with Jane and Felix?"

"Holy shit!" cursed Emmett. "This can't be happening. Didn't you see why?"

"I can't! My vision is not that clear, but Edward looks happy. He's so willing to come with them! What did they say? Why do they want him?" asked Alice urgently.

"It's not clear to me, as well. Edward won't tell me. The two puppets were speaking to him silently. But Jane said something like… they have someone Edward might want to see. And then Edward said, 'I thought she's dead'. Then, they spoke to him again silently and Edward joined them," Emmett explained.

Bella's heart was now beating faster. Did the Volturi fool Edward that they caught her?

"Alice… did Edward think that…"

"Shit. Bella, we have to go to Italy and save him! I can do this alone, but it would convince him more if he would see you in one piece," she explained with urgency.

She stood on her feet. "All right. Let's go to Italy."

Alice nodded. "But why did Edward think you're dead?" she asked, more to herself.

"Dr. Cullen called earlier," came Jacob's voice from the kitchen. "He was looking for Charlie, but I said, he's arranging a funeral."

"Why did you say that?" yelled Alice angrily. "Bella's alive! Why did you lie?"

"I wasn't lying!" Jacob yelled back. "Charlie's at the Clearwaters; the head of the family died yesterday."

Alice pressed her lips together and glared at Jacob.

"You should've made it clear, Jacob!" she spat. "Maybe the one who called wasn't really Carlisle, but Edward. Now, Edward has been tricked by the Volturi that they have me!"

"Then let him deal with it, as long as you're safe here," he replied coolly.

"I can't believe you," she replied, narrowing her eyes.

"I can't believe you, too. When he thought that you're dead, why didn't he come immediately? Because he doesn't care if you're dead or alive," snapped Jacob.

"He loves me," she said firmly, her fists clenched, ready to punch Jacob. How dare he question Edward's love for me?

"Edward left me for my own good. I love him, and I will save him from the Volturi," she added.

"Oh, don't give me that shit, Bella!" snapped Jacob angrily. "When he left, you were half dead. All you could think about was him. You didn't even think about Charlie. While you were pining after a bloodsucker you've just met and only dated for a few months, you're crushing your father's heart. You're all that he has. Charlie. And yet, his love for you isn't enough. You have to leave him again, a day after his best friend died, for that leech!"

Bella's fist went to Jacob's face, but instead of hurting him, he hurt herself. Holy crow! He's too strong!

Jacob glared and left. Bella didn't have time to absorb everything because Alice practically dragged her to her room and searched for her passport.

Four hours later, they were in Seattle Airport, waiting for the plane that would bring them to Italy. They would have to wait for thirteen hours to get to Florence and it would be around eleven in the morning, Italy time.


Edward thanked whoever god existed for letting him stay in Europe, near his family. Carlisle decided to go back to England and work there again. The trip to Italy wouldn't be that hard. After two hours, they arrived in Volterra, the place where the Volturi were residing. It was eleven in the evening when they arrived at the palace, which was a good thing because, though the grounds were still deserted. Tomorrow would be St. Marcus Day. People would be arriving early in the morning, wearing red robes for the procession.

They entered the palace without any disturbance. Entering the Volturi palace was not that easy and you might never go out, ever again. But he was with Felix and Jane, the most trusted servants of the three brothers. It only meant that they want him.

They went down to the dungeons where the throne room was located. If Edward was still human, he knew that his heart would be beating very fast due to the excitement of seeing her. He really was. He had given up on her already, but now, he was seeing a glimpse of hope, based on Felix's and Jane's thoughts.

They entered the throne room. They were there: Marcus (sitting on the right side), Aro (in the middle), and Caius (on the left side). Each of them tried to recruit him at least twice, to be one of their guards because of his special gift. While Aro could read thoughts, it was only possible when there was physical contact. Edward didn't need any of that to get into other people's minds.

Marcus could sense the strength and nature of relationships without any physical contact. Caius was the only one who didn't have a special gift, but he was their brother, so he was important. What do mortals say? Blood is thicker than water.

"Dear Edward!" greeted Aro when he entered. He was the one who would do the talking in front of guests, while the two would merely observe.

For the first time in his immortal life, Edward felt a different kind of happiness in front of the three brothers. "Aro," he greeted sincerely. "I was told that you have someone I might want to see?"

Aro chuckled, while his brothers remained wearing stoic faces. "Aren't you a bit excited, my friend? I couldn't blame you. She was once a mortal, witty, and compassionate young girl when you fell for her. Now, you must see her. She's quite a catch."

He focused on Aro's thoughts and was stunned to see his most favourite person.

"Before I call her, we have a favour to ask," said Aro. "My brother, Marcus, wants to see if you've truly found your mate in her. Would you let him, later?"

Edward was both excited and afraid. What if she had moved on? From the thoughts of Jane, Felix, and Aro, he couldn't tell if she was looking for her.

But then, his eyes darted to Marcus whose face wasn't stoic anymore. He was smirking. He saw flashes and heard her voice and those were enough for him to smile again. He met Aro's eyes. "Of course."

Aro clapped his hands and turned to Demetri, one of the guards. "Let her in."

Two seconds later, a new vampire entered the room. Edward turned around and saw the beautiful sight of his first love, the girl who captured his mortal heart, the girl who crushed his unbeating heart and caused invisible tears, first, when they had to part ways and second when he learned about her death. Seeing her grave was just too much. He wanted to go to the Volturi and ask himself to be destroyed. But the Volturi would deny her, he was sure. They always declined.

She looked so young but older than his last memory of her. Her hair was still brown and curly, but no longer bushy. It was shiny and beautiful. She looked so pale and fragile, mainly because of her petite figure. He remembered her body; the beautiful body she used to hide behind her school robes. Now, she was wearing casual robes, but her curves were visible.

She gracefully approached him. Their eyes met each other. Butterscotch met honey. She smiled, but she looked emotionally hurt and hesitant. "It's lovely to see you again, Ced."

Edward didn't waste time. He gathered her in his arms and closed his eyes. "Hermione," he whispered against her hair and wore the same pained look Hermione had. "I've missed you so much," he said truthfully.