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Isabella Swan never thought she would, one day, actually be comfortable around Hermione Granger, the woman - or witch, she reminded herself - she once hated because she felt like she stole Edward from her.

She also never thought the day she no longer had feelings for Edward Cullen would come. She felt embarrassed and at the same time amused. Embarrassed because she was such a whiny girl, doing risky things just to see the ghost of Edward again, and she even went as far as being intimate with Jacob with the hope that Edward would be jealous and take her back.

Now, she's amused because she could sit beside him in their classes without even glancing at him, or even saying a word to him. She could share a table with him at lunch without pleading for him to come back to her. And she was amused by the fact that she could feel what her mate could feel.

Quil Ateara V. Her mate. She could feel his mood getting better when she was on her way to school this morning. She felt something different while she was at lunch. It was like he literally touched her heart and it soothed her. When she closed her eyes, she saw his gentle face, smiling. It was all because of the imprinting.

She wanted to see him, but she was afraid she might feel nauseated again if she tried to. Just like a week ago. It was after dinnertime when she decided to see him because her mind and heart was craving for his touch. She was longing to see him and hear his voice. But when she was already in the driver's seat of her truck, her stomach twisted and her vision became blurry. She felt too nauseous to drive so she called for Charlie, and he helped her to her bed. He called Dr. Cullen to ask for help. The kind doctor arrived, and she learned that she was already with child.

She was carrying Jacob's child.

She learned that a week after they defeated Victoria. Eight nights after they became intimate while alone together in the tent and nearly one week after Quil imprinted on her.

She and Quil only experienced the joys of imprinting for five days.

Those five days with Quil (physically) were wonderful. She didn't think of Edward Cullen, of Jacob Black. She wasn't jealous of Hermione Granger. In fact, she didn't feel any bitterness towards her. She even went to the Cullen residence to thank Hermione for defeating Victoria and being the key in freeing Quil from the manipulation of the Youngs. If she hadn't listened to Leah and Jacob, Quil might still be doting over Claire Young, thinking that she was his mate. Bella and Quil might never have found out that they were meant for each other.

And of course, another reason why she visited the Cullens was to see Alice. Hermione was friendly. Alice was distant, ever since the day Victoria's army's attack. Of course, Alice what she and Jacob did. She apologized to her, but Alice treated her with indifference. She was hurt, but when Quil comforted her, she felt a little better.

Quil was like a long lost best friend and missing piece. They could tell each other everything. Anything. She could feel his love even by just sitting beside him and looking into his eyes. He didn't have to say the words. She felt safe with him, too. It was like, she didn't have to worry about the future as long as she was with him.

But their bond was cut off when she learned she was pregnant. At first, she felt too embarrassed to answer his phone calls. She didn't know what to do, so she asked Carlisle if he could call Alice for her. But instead of Alice, it was Hermione Granger who came back with Carlisle.

Carlisle's prescribed medicine didn't seem to be working, so Hermione gave her custom-made potions. They worked. Her morning sickness became tolerable. She could move around. She wasn't bedridden.

But she was still emotionally and physically stressed because of the absence of her mate. She felt incomplete. She felt even more downcast when she learned that Alice left without even saying goodbye. Without even telling her whether she could forgive her or couldn't.

Hermione Granger was there. She took care of her. There was still an invisible wall between them. She couldn't just open up her heart to her, that's why she sometimes talked to the vampire-witch with sarcasm. She's just not that girl who would demonstrate sweet gestures to the person she once hated even if she had no more hard feelings. She opened her heart just to one person: her mate, Quil.

Bella's forehead hit the steering wheel. Gods, I miss him so much. Will it be too much if I ask Hermione to drive me to La Push? Or maybe ask Hermione to collect Quil from La Push and bring him here?

She sighed heavily and felt a slight movement in her stomach. She placed a hand on her still flat stomach. "You're just a week old and you're so strong, huh?" she spoke gently. "Can you give me a rest, please? I want to see him. We have to renew our bond... Please, don't make things hard for me."

It was the first time she spoke to her child, and the movement stopped.

"You're listening, huh? Thanks," she murmured and was ready to start the car, thinking of driving to La Push, when she heard a howl.

She cringed. It's just ten minutes after five o'clock, and a shape-shifter is crying? Really? she complained in her mind. At the same time, she was wondering who that wolf was. The howl was not familiar because it sounded like a cry; like the wolf was in pain. If it was Quil, she would've felt a pang of pain in her heart, too. But she couldn't feel anything. Then, the child she was carrying was moving again as if he or she was distressed.

"Maybe I should just wait for Hermione to show up and see if I can ask her a favour," she decided as she left the school grounds and drove home.


"Hermione, how's Bella?"

Hermione instantly heard Quil's whisper when she arrived at the Treaty Line. They were both in their human forms.

"She's well; went to school and asked about you. I came by to give you Strengthening Potion," she replied, Throwing five vials at once, knowing that Quil would catch them.

"Thanks," muttered Quil with an appreciative smile. "Your potions give me a little strength."

She nodded politely. The imprinted shapeshifter and imprintee should be together and renew their bond. If not, they would both feel weak physically and mentally. It was like magical depletion for witches and wizards.

"It's a full moon tonight," said Quil after taking a vial of the potion. "Is your godson joining us?"

"I'm not sure yet," she replied truthfully. "He's been taking the Wolfsbane Potion, so it would be fine if he'd stay at home with us."

"Let him join us, Hermione. He's welcome in our pack. I'm sure Sam would agree."

"How's he and Leah?"

Quil shrugged. "They are well and very happy. Sam's more tamed ever since he and Leah got back together and the real imprinting happened."

Then, they both heard the now-familiar howl. They gave each other a knowing look.

"Good to know," was all she said knowing that he would have to leave. Let me know if you need more potions."

"Thanks, Hermione," Quil waved and ran in a hurry.