Reap What You Sow

Disclaimer: I do not own the FarCry series, its characters, or Ubisoft. This is simply a work of fiction for fans of the game. Enjoy! This is mostly a JohnxFemJD story, but might have other pairings. Also, will be slight AU, I will stay true to most part of the story on the game, but some things will change :3

Synopsis: After transferring to Hope County, Junior Deputy Allison Lucas hopes arresting The Father will help her find her brother. But nothing goes as planned. Now she must help the Resistance fight against Eden's Gate as she searches. While doing so, she gets caught up in a dark game of cat and mouse with John Seed, who may have different plans for her than what his brother wants. (Mostly John/FemDep, but will also have some Joseph/FemDep and a tiny bit of Jacob/FemDep)

Rated M for Sex, Violence, Language, and Dark Themes

Chapter 1: Gone is Faith

"Rook, you there?"

Junior Deputy Allison Lucas stopped chewing the pear she was snacking on, looking to her walky-talky on the table. She reached for it, hitting the call-back button. "Yeah?"

Sheriff Earl Whitehorse sounded relieved when he answered. "Haven't heard from ya in a while. How're you doin'?"

She wondered if he meant sickness from coming off the Bliss or the guilt she felt over Marshal Cameron Burke's death. Maybe both.

"I'm doing better. Been over in Holland Valley helping Mary May and Jerome with their Resistance. Haven't got much of anywhere though. How're you guys holding up?"

There was a long pause, and she waited, nerves prickling. Faith Seed was dead, but some of the cult still remained in the Henbane River region, riled up like a kicked hornet's nest. The Father wasn't happy and neither were his two remaining heralds. Things were about to get a whole lot uglier for the Resistance. They could feel it.

"Doin' alright, all things considered. Cougars are pushin' the rest of the peggies out of the region. As soon as I can, I'll get over there and help you."

Allie glanced at the sleeping dog near her feet. "You do what you have to, Sheriff. We got numbers here, and a lot less of that Bliss shit. I don't think John will be half the trouble Faith was."

There was a strange sound on the other end of the walky-talky, and she couldn't tell if Whitehorse had laughed or coughed. "Rook, I'm not sure what you've heard…but don't ever judge a book by its cover. I regret not givin' you a briefing on each of the Seed family. I should kick myself in the ass…thinkin' we were just gonna waltz in there and arrest Joseph Seed and this all be over."

"I've heard stories," she replied, keeping the radio close to her lips.

"Stories are one thing…facts another, kid," Whitehorse said. "John may not look it, but he's an absolute goddamn monster. You'd best be careful."

"Roger that."

"Also…" a hoarse sigh emitted from the radio. "I just wanted to let ya know…it wasn't your fault. Faith killed Burke and Virgil…not you. There was no way you could've stopped it. Don't let it eat at you…I would know."

She closed her eyes, leaning her forehead into the radio. The ache in her chest churned once more. "Thanks, Sheriff."

"Try and get some sleep, Rook. We'll talk more tomorrow. Whitehorse out."

The walky-talky went silent. Allie sat it down on the picnic table. Her eyes rose to the midnight sky, the stars brilliantly lit on a black canvas. Fall's End was quiet out on the streets, only the faint lingering of the bar music traveling from the Spread Eagle. Outside of town within the trees, the katydids sang their summer songs. Most of the shops were closed, houses were boarded up and dark. A few Resistance fighters patrolled the area, watching for any cultists that dared to come into town.

Boomer paid no mind, having fallen asleep on her feet after a long day. She and the Australian Cattle Dog had become fast friends in the aftermath of saving him from the cult. She had found a few friends within the week she almost drowned and awoke in Dutch's bunker. She had some here, she had more in the Henbane River region.

Allie had gone to Henbane River first, after finding out that Whitehorse was alive and Burke was captured and held by Faith. She thought they would be her best bet in getting Hudson and Pratt back, and finishing what they had started. She was wrong, though. She had defeated Faith sure, but she barely made it back from the Bliss herself.

"What the fuck did I get myself into," she whispered to no one.

Allie had transferred to Montana from Colorado. People called her a rookie, and although she was a rookie deputy here, she had grown up in law enforcement. Her father was a police officer, her mother a Game and Fish officer…though they were both dead now, had been for a while.

She was 27, had been in law enforcement for nearly three years, been around it much longer. She thought back on her previous years. She realized exactly how out of her element she really was here. Her career never prepared her for doomsday cultists, drug inducing flowers, or men that believed that God had chosen them to be some sort of twisted Messiah.

The worst thing of all, she only transferred here because she had heard of The Project at Eden's Gate before. Allie had hoped arresting Joseph Seed would set things in motion for her to find her younger brother, who had joined Eden's Gate almost three years prior. She hadn't seen him since. The cult had grown way more than she could've ever imagined it. And now she feared she would never find him, that he would be just another brainwashed zealot that would cause harm to innocent people. All for the "Will of the Father."

Allie had demanded answers from Faith, asked her where she could find Aiden. She never got an answer. And now she was tasked with taking out the Seed family, to stop all the madness that engulfed Hope County. A task that would undoubtedly get her killed in the end.

Something dreadful ate at her from within. Allie swallowed hard, remembering the Father's words to her just before she cuffed him at his church.

Sometimes the best thing to do…is to walk away...

Maybe he was right. But she was torn. Allie felt it was her duty to protect these people that were smothered by the crazed cultists, to find her brother. But she knew that not all of the "Peggies" were bad people, and she didn't want to hurt any innocents, no matter what side they stood on.

"Hello, Deputy. What're you doing out here all by yourself?"

The voice startled her from her thoughts. Allison turned to look who had approached the picnic table. Boomer stirred, ear twitching from the approaching steps, but he must've known it was a friend because he closed his eyes once more.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries stood there, looking to her in concern. He wore his usually preacher suit, holding his bible under one arm. Allie couldn't tell if he had come from his church or was on his way there.

"Oh, hi Pastor Jerome. I'm just…thinking."

"May I?"

Allie nodded and Jerome sat down across from her on the table. They were both quiet at first, the only sound was a huff from the cattle dog down below. A mild wind brushed by, bringing the scent of pine and freshly mowed grass.

"Something troubles you. What is it?"

She shook her head. "Too many things to list. But if I had to sum it all up, I guess it would be that I feel way in over my head."

Jerome slowly smiled, nodding. "I think we can all attest to that. But…we're all in this together. I believe we can stop all of this. I believe that…we can win."

Allie smiled at his enthusiasm, although she would call it folly at the moment. "I need to get Hudson back. She's here in Holland Valley…with John Seed. I came here after killing Faith because I figured John would be the easiest of the brothers, but I keep hearing stories. I know I've only been in this region for a couple days, but all my pokin' around and I haven't found any clues to where I can find them. Maybe I should go to the Whitetails for now? See if I can get clues on how to find Pratt?"

She heaved an aggravated, worn-out sigh.

Jerome didn't say anything, having sat his bible down on the table. He smoothed his calloused hands over its cover, thinking.

"John and Jacob are two entirely different demons. We will help you in any way we can to save Miss Hudson. But you will never be able to get to John…you'll have to get his attention first."

"Oh yeah?"

Jerome nodded. "But therein lies the problem. Once you gain his interest, there's no turning back…if he gets his hooks into you…well…it turns into a dangerous game. Mary May can tell you all about that."

Allie weakly shrugged. "Not afraid of him."

The words sounded hollow, and she realized that could've been a lie. She had said the same thing about the Father, but when she faced Joseph Seed in person, something triggered within her. When his eyes landed on hers in that dusty, dim church, she felt a lot of emotions…fear, awe, hate, love, it was all so very haunting. His dark, alluring blue eyes looked at her as if he knew exactly who she was...what she did, and what she would do.

"John is feared for good reason…you'll see."

Allie nodded. "I'm sure I will. It's just that…Jacob seems more intimidating, more dangerous…from what I know anyway. Didn't get any kind of briefing on the Seed family…guess that was my first mistake."

"A common perception," Jerome replied. "It isn't what's on the outside that makes John dangerous, it's what's in here."

The pastor tapped his forehead.

"I'll remember that," she stated.

Jerome sighed. "We should get some rest. There's so much to do. You still staying with Mary May?"

Allie nodded as Jerome stood and collected his bible.

"Meet me at my church in the morning. We can get to work on how we're going to liberate Holland Valley…and find Deputy Hudson."

Allie watched him go, her eyes lowering to the ground. She wondered about her two captured co-workers. She hoped they were okay, and would be, until she could find a way to rescue them. She had only known them for a few weeks since she got transferred. Allie and Joey Hudson got along well right in the beginning. They had a lot in common. Staci Pratt, although quirky with some of his behaviors, was always sweet and friendly with her. Hudson had even popped off about him "flirting" with her too much.

She wished the National Guard would get called in, that any help would come stop this nightmare. But that wasn't going to be the case apparently. They were alone here in Hope County, saturated by Eden's Gate and its poisonous beliefs.

Allison got to her feet, whistling for Boomer. He woke up, getting to his paws and shaking dust from his pelt. With a wagging tail, the cattle dog bounded alongside her towards the Spread Eagle. Allie had so many sleepless nights, still plagued by Burke's death, by what she went through fighting Faith Seed. The Bliss nearly consumed her. Faith nearly won, nearly had Allie tangled in her web forever from the power of that drug. Yet, after her talk with Jerome and Whitehorse, she had a chilling feeling she hadn't seen nothing yet.

The convoy of white trucks marked with the insignia of Eden's Gate pulled into the compound, headlights flashing through several white houses and the eyes of onlookers. Brakes hissed on mud as the vehicles came to a stop. There weren't many cultists out at this time of night, most in the comfort of their little white shacks. Dogs barked in the background, a bonfire was burning on the other side of a row of houses, gospel songs echoing within smoke and embers.

John Seed had so much on his mind, and it put a strain on his jaw as he assorted certain thoughts. His driver turned to him when he hadn't moved to get out of the passenger door. The cult lawyer paid no attention to him, his blue eyes going to the lapping flames of the bonfire.

Faith had died only a couple days ago, and yet Joseph still mourned in his church. John had so many things going on at once, he didn't have time to play hide-and-seek with the "Junior Deputy" that had been causing so much mayhem within their regions. He had heard Jacob offered to hunt them for Joseph, to bring them to their knees in front of the Father for punishment, but Joseph wasn't having it. Not yet, anyway.

"Brother John? Everything alright?"

John's eyes left the fire, and he looked upon his driver. The rest of the convoy had exited their vehicles, standing around with guns in hand.

"I'm fine," John said.

The simple statement made the driver nod his head and say nothing more. John took a deep breath, rubbing his eyes with tattooed fingers as he worked himself up to get out of the truck.

Sharp taps scraped on the passenger window. It wasn't fingers. The distinct grind of metal on glass, making John wince. He looked to the window, seeing Jacob there with the blade of his knife on the window. John clenched his jaw, knowing that piercing look all too well. You're taking too long.

John opened the door, and his oldest brother stepped away from the vehicle. He wore his usual attire, old combat boots and a dirtied Army jacket and jeans with a grey shirt. His red hair and beard seemed to glow within the light of the nearby fire. Jacob had many scars, rashes, and burns on his body, hands, and even face. The leftovers of war and survival. He nodded towards Joseph's church and started walking.

John walked at his side. The brothers were silent at first as they walked through the compound. Passing cultists blessed them and greeted them with joyous words, but neither of them paid no mind to them.

"You find her?" John asked simply, tucking his key under his blue shirt.

Jacob dipped his head. "My Hunters gave me a report a few hours ago. Seems she's hiding out in your region."

"Then consider her dead," John said.

Jacob's chuckle was barely audible, but he grabbed John by the arm, turning him to face him. They had reached the church and stood before the entrance. Jacob stared down into John's eyes.

Jacob held a rough, scarred hand up to John's cheek, as if he were still a child. Jacob fiddled with a part of John's shirt collar, fixing it for him.

"It's not the will of the Father," Jacob said. "You're not to kill this one, understand?"

He said it so precisely, as if Jacob was saying a line from a play, one he had rehearsed a thousand times.

"Do what you do best, alright?" Jacob said, keeping his stare. "No more straying."

"I haven't strayed," John growled, and turned to enter the church. He was sure Jacob would grab his arm again, scold him, but he didn't. The taller, ex-veteran walked in behind him into the dim-lit church.

The pews were empty, only candles lighting a path to the pulpit. Joseph was sitting there on the floor of the pulpit, his back against the lectern. He was shirtless, wearing dark grey jeans and boots. His blue eyes were to the floor, and he mumbled to himself. The words were soft, not so much timid, but longing and sad.

As they stepped up closer to the middle brother, they realized he was singing to himself, an old gospel tune that was weak as it came off his lips while he stared into nothingness.

John knelt in front of his brother. Jacob remained standing behind him. The Father felt the touch to his arm, and his eyes came back and he looked into John's eyes. Relief spilled there, and a faint smile came to his lips.

"Oh, John," Joseph said. "You missed it. We had a beautiful reception for Faith this morning. Such a beautiful celebration of life and love. Of devotion and hope."

John swallowed hard but didn't look away. "Forgive me, Joseph."

The Father rose to his feet and stepped off the pulpit. John rose with him, not looking away. Joseph grabbed John's shoulders, his touch cool. He brought their foreheads together for a moment, and then Joseph pulled back and looked into John as if searching.

"There is nothing to be forgiven for, dear brother. The Lord knoweth of your hard work and devotion. He knows that you wanted to be here, and you were," Joseph put his hand on John's chest, just over his heart. "Through here."

Joseph let his hand linger there before he pulled back.

The Father's eyes fell, tears lingering at the edges. "Our sweet Faith. I hope you realize how much you meant to her."

John tensed, his eyes flashing momentarily to Jacob who stood like a statue to the side, arms crossed. "I know…and she to me."

Joseph's smile seemed to grow at John's words, but soon it fell away, and the scowl that formed across his face was dark.

"I must fight my anger…the Lord taketh. The woman who killed our dear Faith, who is uprooting what we have so diligently planted…she must be atoned. She must confess, John. She must be cleansed so she can see! See the wickedness she unknowingly burdens so she may cast it away. Can you do that for me, brother?"

John dipped his head. "Anything for you."

Joseph looked relieved. "She mustn't be killed. Make her atone…bring her to me afterwards. I see a fire within her, one we can breathe anew."

"We'll find her," John said.

The Father breathed out slowly, as if releasing all the tension from his body. He walked back over to the pulpit, sitting back down.

"Good. Now go. I must finish my grieving. The Voice will speak to me tonight...and I must listen."

Joseph bent over, his head going to his chest and looking as though he collapsed. He became quiet to them. John turned, walking past Jacob for the doors of the church. He got a few strides past his oldest brother before he heard the connection of his heavy boots on the wooden floor behind him.

Once back outside, a cold wind swept through the compound. John smelled rain in the air, but nothing came down as darkening clouds swallowed the stars. Jacob whistled at him, and he stopped just before he could reach the truck. He faced his oldest brother.

Jacob closed the gap between them.

"Why didn't you really come?" he asked.

John knew what he was talking about and clicked his tongue. "She wasn't blood. And she was the third one who took that name. We'll get another."

Jacob shook his head, as though he was disappointed but John caught the slight smirk on his chapped lips before it disappeared. They were dangerous words to say, but John and Jacob often told each other things that the Father wouldn't approve of. Their confiding in one another were sometimes the only thing that kept them sane for the day.

"I suppose you're right," Jacob drawled. "But your brother needed you here."

John shook his head. "No. Not me. He's fine as long as you're around. Now if you'll excuse me, brother, I have a Deputy to catch."

John turned, opened up the truck door and got in. The convoy loaded up, having been waiting on him. His driver had remained in his seat beside the cult lawyer. He barely had shut the door before the tapping of a blade on the glass came once more.

John clenched his jaw, rolling the window down and glaring at Jacob, not caring how close the blade of that knife was to his cheek.

"Yes?" John purred.

"Don't take it too far…not like the last time," Jacob warned just loud enough for John to hear. He slipped him a folder from inside his jacket.

Without another word Jacob stepped away. John rolled the window up and nodded at his driver. Just as droplets of rain started to cast down from the black sky, the convoy rolled out just as quietly as it had come in.

Always the black sheep of his flock. Always the one to struggle the most with his sins. Always the one to stray. Always the one who had to be led back.

He let out his frustration on the dashboard of the truck, his tattooed hands making hard contact several times to where they almost bled. The driver tensed but remained silent, his eyes staying on the road. For good reason. John was more feared than loved. And deep down, John preferred it that way.

He opened the folder that Jacob had handed him through the window of the truck. It was the profile on the Junior Deputy he would be looking for…hunting for. She had been the one to escape that night when the deputies, Sheriff, and Marshal came to arrest the Father. She had been the one to tear through the Henbane River region with the Resistance, and she had been the one to kill Faith.

He knew exactly who she would go to if she had plans to start yet another conquest through his region. He took in her picture. She was a beautiful woman, thin, athletic built. She had green eyes and light brown hair that fell just past her shoulders.

Allison Lucas

John grinned wickedly.

A/N: Had some ideas for a FarCry 5 fanfiction so figured I better roll with it. This is going to be a JohnxFemJD story over all, but hey I might throw other pairings and elements in there. :P Also note that this story will have some really dark, controversial moments. I will be sure to warn you when the chapters contain such content. So viewer (err reader) discretion is advised! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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