Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Author's note: This fic is based on the TNG plot of "Ménage a Troi" in which a Ferengi kidnaps Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi and William Riker. I'm borrowing the lose plot and pieces of the dialogue, but it end is very different ;)

The crew was having fun, Captain Jamie Tiberia Kirk not so much. She hated the reception on Algolia. The diplomatic talks in the past week had been exhausting and she had enough of being harassed by a member of the Ferengi delegation.

Tog, DaiMon of the starship Krayton, hadn't left out one chance of making advances to her. Every time she'd made up some excuse to avoid a interstellar diplomatic incident. But he didn't get the message. Maybe he didn't want to.

Jamie was really looking forward to the Enterprise's departure after the formal function.

She was in a conversation with Lieutenant Nyota Uhura and the Algolian Ambassador when Tog joined them.

"This noise is terrible, isn't it?" the Ferengi interrupted them.

"Noise? Those are Algolian ceremonial rhythms", Uhura replied before the Ambassador could say anything.

He glared at the Ferengi, then looked at Jamie. She saw the same annoyance in his eyes. It was the same she felt.

"Captain Kirk, would you accompany me to the gardens?" Tog asked as if nothing had happened.

Jamie felt the strong urge to roll her eyes, but still tried to stay diplomatic. "No, thank you, DaiMon Tog."

"It is said to be very romantic", he added.

Jamie put on a polite smile. "I already gave you my answer, DaiMon. Now, please excuse me, I have to talk to my first officer." She headed towards Spock and hoped Tog wouldn't follow her. She knew she was about to explode, if the Ferengi should hit on her again. "Spock."

The commander turned to her. Montgomery Scott stood next to him and was enthusing about some drink he'd gotten at the bar.

"Captain, is everything alright?" Spock asked seeing how stressed she was.

"Not really. Tog is after me again. We should leave as soon as possible."

Scotty laughed. "Lassie, why don't you just put him in his place?"

"I feel like punching him in the face, but I'd very much like to avoid starting a war between the Federation and the Ferengi. Personally, I think he's completely nuts. But the Ambassador explained to me that Tog has unfortunately very good connections. So I do what I did the past week - ignore him and smile." Jamie sighed. "Two hours. Tops. Then we're leaving."

Spock nodded. "Understood, Captain. I'll inform the crew."

The captain was about to answer - but suddenly Tog stepped next to her, Spock and Scotty.

"Jamie Tiberia Kirk, I desire you", he declared loudly und directly.

"What?!" Jamie exclaimed automatically before she could restrain herself. The Ferengi obviously changed his strategy and seemed to be over the subtle phase. She knew this wouldn't end well.

And his next words proved her assumption. "You're skills are highly praised. A woman like you would be very useful to me. Also, I find you very attractive. I want to possess you and have you in my bed. I am willing to pay handsomely for you."

Jamie rolled her eyes. "I don't believe this… You must be out of your mind, DaiMon Tog."

"You must be aware that every female has her price", he replied, ignoring her words.

That earned him a shocked glare from her and everyone standing around.

And now Jamie was over her breaking point. Diplomacy was out of the window. "Let's get one thing straight", she started in a strong and very loud voice. "I am a Starfleet Captain. I am not for sale! And if by some chance I were available for a relationship, I would rather eat Orion wing-slugs than deal with a stalking, toad-faced creep like you! So go away and find someone else to become your property."

She stormed out.

Tog looked after her and turned to one of his men. "She is exhilarating, isn't she? Now I want her more than ever."

Outside Jamie Kirk ran into her CMO Leonard McCoy.

"Jamie, what happened?" he asked concerned when he saw how red her face was.

She pushed him into an adjoining hallway, because she heard Tog and his men. When they had passed them, she exhaled relieved and leant with her back against a wall. "Tog happened."

"That little slimy creep stalking you the past days?"

"Yeah... He declared openly that he wants me and asked me how much I would cost."

Jamie was really impressed how fast Leonard McCoy's face could change from worried to completely furious. "What?!" he hissed in outrage. "This is enough now! He can't just walk around wanting to buy women like a piece of jewelry."

Jamie put her hands gently at his arms to calm him down. "Bones, no, please don't get upset. I did that already in there and may have caused a diplomatic incident. Not sure..."

His face didn't change. "I'm not upset, I'm just yelling a little."

Jamie unwillingly chuckled and suddenly felt a lot better. In the spur of the moment she placed a kiss on his cheek.

Leonard looked at her surprised and their eyes locked. "Jamie..."

Her communicator beeped. Hesitating and still looking into his eyes she took it and opened it. "Kirk here."

"This is Uhura", the Lieutenant's voice sounded. "The Enterprise is ready to leave in half an hour. Commander Spock said, you wanted to leave as soon as possible."

She sighed in relief. "Yeah. Is he on board yet?"

"No, he and Scotty are still at the reception. Doctor McCoy is also still on the planet. Everyone else is back."

"Bones is standing next to me. We'll beam up in a few minutes."

"Yes, Captain. Enterprise out."

Jamie closed her communicator and silently signaled Leonard to follow her. She was a little confused about that moment they'd had before Uhura commed.

The reception was slowly breaking up when they entered the hall with the dignitaries to say their goodbyes.

"Spock", Jamie called while walking towards him.

"Ah, there you are, Captain."

"Are we at war with the Ferengi yet?" Jamie tried to joke, although that was exactly was could happen.

"I was informed by the Algolian Ambassador that DaiMon Tog has returned to his vessel and the Ferengi have left orbit."

Jamie sighed in relief. "Good. If he ever comes on to me again, I'll really punch him in the face."

"I'd aim a little lower", Leonard mumbled annoyed and added something she didn't understand.

Jamie smiled at him. She wanted to tell him she could defend herself, but for some reason she didn't. She knew he knew that, of course. And, well, perhaps she liked it a little that he wanted to act on her behalf... wondering a moment later where that thought came from. And also wondering when his tone had become that protective. He got upset fast, but even faster and much more when it came to her as she suddenly realized.

Leonard's eyes softened and he returned her smile. "Jamie..." he started, but trailed off, when she began to vanish before his eyes. He stared in shock at the place where she had standing - and her empty uniform, her boots and communicator were now dropping to the floor. "Jamie!"

Then the doctor noticed a Ferengi in the background. Spock and Scotty also did.

"Where did you take our captain?" Scotty started yelling before Leonard or Spock had a chance to say something. He headed towards the Ferengi. "That was a Ferengi transporter beam!"

Spock tried to hold Scotty back and after the initial shock Leonard started walking after them. But it was too late. The Ferengi touched something at his wrist and started to dematerialize in a transporter beam. Scotty was grabbing him in that moment and vanished with him. Spock as well, for he touched Scotty's arm in the attempt to avoid a violent incident.

Leonard stopped and rolled his eyes. He threw his hands in the air. "Great..."