Parents as People

A Star Wars: Rebels one shot by Andrew Joshua Talon

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fan based work of prose. Star Wars is owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. Please support the official release.

Note: Set around Season 1…

Dinner with all the members of the Spectres had become a tradition, and as far as traditions went Ezra liked this one. It was kind of… Nice. Not that he'd say that outloud. The food was warm and decent, and the company made it even better.

"Well, that's it for me," Hera said with a wide smile at everyone. "Goodnight, everyone." She rose and stopped behind Kanan's chair. The Jedi Padawan nodded, still focused on his food.

"Goodnight, Hera," Kanan said back. The rest of the crew responded in much the same way, as Hera's gaze rested significantly on Kana's back.

"Good night, Kanan," she said, with special emphasis and a bite to her lower lip. Kanan jerked up and looked at her. His eyes widened in understanding.

"Oh…" He nodded slowly, and gave her a small smile. A smile she returned. "Goodnight, Hera."

Hera headed off with a sway in her hips, and vanished into the crew cabin corridor. Kanan soon got up, and followed in the same direction. Ezra blinked a few times, confused.

"What was that all about?" Ezra asked. Zeb glanced at Ezra in disbelief. Sabine's jaw dropped.

"Huh?" Sabine asked. Ezra shrugged.

"You know. How they acted like going to bed was such a big deal...?" He trailed off as Zeb choked back some laughter. At Sabine's glare, the big Lasat coughed and got himself under control. He looked at Ezra in all seriousness.

"It's better you don't know about it. Or think about it. Ever," Zeb said. Ezra rolled his eyes.

"Pfft. I can handle it," Ezra snorted.

"All right," said Sabine uneasily. "Just don't say we didn't warn you."

"Whatever," Ezra laughed. "I can handle it."

Approximately five minutes later, Ezra was in his bunk with a pillow over his ears. Squeaking noises were echoing through the bulkhead. And moaning noises. And other noises.

He is not sleeping. He will never sleep again.

One minute after that, Sabine got a knock on her hatch. She groaned and rose from her bunk, shuffling over to the hatch. She opened it, and winced as she saw Ezra standing there. The young Jedi Padawan looked up at her, his gaze a thousand yards long.

"You were right," he managed. "You were... Totally right."

Sabine sighed and took pity on him.

"Come on. You can sleep in my room. You can't hear them here," she said reassuringly, guiding him into her cabin. He nodded happily.

"Thank you... Thank you so much…"

Back in Zeb's bunk, squeaking noises can be heard through both bulkheads. Zeb might have been able to deal with that… If not for Chopper's state of the art surround sound functionality.

"I am going to dismantle you one day, you little tin can," Zeb growled at the droid. Chopper warbled back, and Zeb seethed.

"You watch your language!"

Well, Jacen had to come from somewhere...