The stretch limousine pulled up to Pickens Park. The park had been cordoned off and investigators were picking over the park to investigate the explosion that had taken place last night. The rear door to the limousine opened and a tall red headed young woman of just eighteen stepped out dressed in business attire. She calmly walked out into the middle of the investigation to where two men in a white hazmat-style suits were examining the crater that had been created by the explosion. Neither man noticed the young woman standing on the edge of the crater.

"What, what is this?" one of them said as he held up what look like most of a human skull.

"Give that here," the young woman said.

The two men turned and were shocked to see the young woman there.

"Miss, miss Blossom," second of them stammered.

"Here, here take it," the first said handing the fragment to her.

The woman, Cheryl Blossom, took the fragment from him and examined it. There was a spot on the back and she opened it up to find a futuristic computer chip inside. A smile slowly spread across her face as she slid the chip back into place and closed the skull fragment up.

"Thank you," Cheryl said as she walked back to the limousine and got in.

As she got in Cheryl sat down to a young man with red hair who looked to be the same age as her.

"What is that?" the young man asked.

"This, Jason my dear brother, is what will allow you to join father and I," Cheryl replied.

"You're not my sister and Dad is in a coma that doctors say he's never coming out of," Jason retorted. "And I will never…"

Jason was cut off as Cheryl grabbed him with one hand and tossed him towards the front of the limousine like he was a rag doll. Her eyes glowed an eerie red.

"I assure you Jason, that I am still very much your sister," Cheryl said. "And I have told you what has happened with father. But if you insist on resisting…"

The skin on Cheryl's left arm turned to a silvery liquid and then pulled back revealing a metal arm underneath. The arm then transformed into a buzz saw that whirred to life.

"No, no don't kill me!" Jason begged.

Cheryl moved towards him but suddenly stopped. She cocked her head as if she was listening to something. Her facial expression changed to one of disappointment.

"You are lucky," Cheryl said to Jason. "Father says he still has a use for you."

"What? A use for me?" Jason whimpered. "What use?"

Cheryl ignored his question and transformed the saw back into her hand before she pushed the button for the intercom to the driver.

"Driver, please take us back to the mansion," Cheryl requested.

The limousine then slowly pulled away from Pickens Park.

The End…?

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