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Anyway this is rated M for Some what explicit content and very dark themes, cursing and many other things.

( Dick is de-aged a bit and is 19 while jason is newly revived at 17, Tim is 13 and Damien isnt here yet)


I do not own any DC characters used, i only own original character (which are only used for character development and plot development).




It was a dark night in Blüdhaven, car horns, streetlights and the sound of yelling.

A man clad in a black and blue Kelver body suit could be just barely seen jumping roof from roof, only stoping when he heard the commotion below.

"well now, didnt your mothers ever teach you to respect your elders?"

Another night on the job, another group of muggers attacking a defenceless old woman.

The group of men that could easily be twice his size if not more, all muscle mass and rage as they turned to face the vigilante that interrupted their fun.

The former Robin only smirked as the woman took that chance to run, the group of men however seemed unfazed by her escape, all focus was on him.

Something was off, the 19 year old vigilante flowed into a defensive stance the parinoia of working with Batman having taken its effect.

The group seemed to smirk, the men slowly surrounding, not moving close enough for him to deliver any solid blows lest he get into their attack zone.

He was somewhat trapped, though he could easily come up with an escape plan.

One of the men behind him moved in going to reach for his arm, Nightwing reacted quickly jumping into a backflip just as the mans fingers ghosted over his elbow.

Nightwing managed to backflip over the brute landing in an offensive position and jumping once again as another frustrated man jumped in to hold him down.

Similar attacks and dodges continued for a short while before Nightwing realized something.

They weren't trying to hurt him, not badly at least, it was more like they were trying to catch him.

But who would want to catch him? especially someone from Blüdhaven, Nightwing had only been working the city for a little over a year and no well known phycos have yet to show themselves.

Just as he was about to roundhouse kick another brute a gunshot fired awfully close to their location.

The men seemed to smirk and regain a formation similar to the one before but weaker seeing as some sported bruises and injured bodies.

"now now boys no rough housing with the product"

A man holding a Glock still raised in the air walked into the ally, his face covered by a dark red medical mask, maybe mid 20-30's black hair tied into a ponytail and silver blue eyes.

Odd to say the least, but Dick had seen a man stop trains and a 16 year old now 20 something year old run faster then a bullet train, so not that odd.

The man lowered the glock and made his way through the brutes who seemed to watch in anticipation, Nightwing had plenty of questions, he had never heard of anyone with his description, and why had he called him a product?

"Nightwing, is that what your calling yourself these days? wow from boy wonder to this? hahaha quite pathetic if you ask me, shoulda kept the gig"

The man laughed holding back up the gun, "however im glad you didnt, you made things much easier for us."

Before Nightwing could react the gunshot went off, he had a moment to move managing to dodge the bullet so it only went through his shoulder and not his collarbone where the man seemed to be aiming.

He made a move to escape, he was clearly out matched and knew nothing about these thugs, the grunts seemed to well trained and their troop leader was unpredictible.


So much pain.

He'd been shot many times before this and he's never felt this much pain.

He felt it Stem from his injured shoulder to his chest down to his abdomen and legs, then up turning into a spliting headache.

Oh God.

It hurt so much.

He opened his eyes, when had he closed them? and glared at the man as the former member of the dynamic duo fell to his knees gripping his shoulder in pain.

Then it all went dark.


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