Disclaimer: I am not S.J. Maas- I only own the plot and my character Lyana Inyxi

Lyana Inyxi fidgeted nervously with her dress. She knew that right now, Helion was introducing her- as his mate, his equal, his High Lady.

She felt a slight purr through the mating bond. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Idiot. She sent back, before taking a deep breath and opening the doors.

All eyes were upon her as she strode gracefully into the room. Her skin was tanned, her hair a brown so dark it was almost black. Her long-lashed brown eyes were full of wisdom, yet somehow still mischievous. But it was her outfit that had Mor groaning with envy (at this Lyana smirked).

On her lithe frame was a dress of pure white, trimmed with gold. At least, it was pure white- if she stood still. Whenever she moved, a flicker of jewel-bright colour showed as the light reflected off the material. She wore, underneath that flowing skirt, a pair of gold tipped boots- elegant yet lethal. But the high point of the outfit was the crown. It was pure gold, with brightly coloured flashes of light somehow contained in it. It looked infinitely beautiful and delicate- if Helion's was the sun, then hers was a beam of light.

Rhysand gasped. "We thought you were dead," he finally managed to choke out. Smirking at him, Lyana said, "Sorry to disappoint you." And just like that, all formalities were abandoned as the Inner Circle of the Night Court rushed forward to embrace. Even Amren- cruel, merciless, Amren- spared a hug for her.

Feyre looked confused, and Rhysand laughed. "Let me introduce you to Lyana Inyxi, one of Azriel's trainees. She is probably his best." Azriel smiled graciously at that, and she smirked inwardly.

Suddenly, without any warning, Beron spoke up. "Another whore?" he sneered. "Are you sure we need it?" Coward. Acting as if she wasn't there.

Before anyone could say anything else, Lyana winnowed to his side and drew a blade hidden in the folds of her dress- one made of gold. Pressing it to his neck, she purred, "Anything more to say?"

Wisely, Beron chose not to answer. Lyana removed her blade from his neck and smiled sweetly. "Well, let's begin now, shall we?"