ann gora: "this is ann gora from kats eye news, about an hour ago everyone were shocked of seeing the new female swat kats in the honor of the original swat kats. And now megakat city finally had a new savior to fight the villains who knows what the new swat kats will stop the next the one

so then callie turn off the tv

felina: "wow, I gotta say, you're idea is the best idea"

callie: "well of course it's a great idea"

felina: "at this point, now I love being a swat kats"

callie: "well that meant we have to keep our identities a secret"

felina: "that will be easy, or maybe not I dunno"

callie: "i just hope no will ever find out"

felina: "oh yeah I remember something, you once call the swat kats and now we're the swat kats"

callie: "oh I see you're point"

felina: "oh boy"

callie: "alright let me see what I can do"

felina: "so anyway how's your son"

callie: "oh he's fine, and yours?"

felina: "same as always"

callie: "do you hear about me running for mayor?"

felina: "of course I did"

callie: "i've been waited to become a mayor, now I can finally leave my deputy mayor job for the full time mayor job"

felina: "i know right, i'm happy for you"

callie: "thank you"

so then callie poor some wine on both glass

callie: "to us being the swat kats"

and they cheers

1 day later callie was sleeping and then her alarm clock ring and she hit the button and got up from bad

callie: "good morning megakat city"

then came to jack's room and pick him up

callie: "c'mon, it's breakfast time"

as she feeds jack some breakfast she gets a knock on her door and she open it it was ann gora

ann gora: "hello miss briggs"

callie: "oh hey ann"

ann gora: "i'm sorry to interrupt, but i'm here for the interview with you if you're fine with that"

callie: "oh it's okay, I can take it"

ann gora: "great, can you allow us to come inside?"

callie: "sure"

so ann and johnny the camera guy get inside and start interview with callie

ann gora: "so you're ready?"

callie: "ready"

ann gora: "first thing, is it true you had a son?"

callie: "of course I do"

then she leaves and grab jack and came back

callie: "thing right here it's my son, jack clawson"

ann gora: "awww, is he cute"

callie: "of course he is"

ann gora: "who's the father?"

callie: "well we all knew jake clawson aka razor, well this is his son as well"

ann gora: "really, do you love me?"

callie: "yeah I do, and I miss"

ann gora: "alright next thing, if you win as mayor. What does it felt like?"

callie: "well it's my first time being the mayor, for a while I was a deputy mayor through out my time I always want to become mayor of megakat city, and right now I am"

ann gora: "'like I said viewers better vote her"

callie: "i dare you viewers"

ann gora: "one big question of the day is, do you know of the new swat kats?"

callie: "well, I do see them but I never talk with them"

ann gora: "maybe something you will"

callie: "i guess if you say so"

ann gora: "anyway i'm done for the day, take care"

callie: "alright, bye ann"

so then they leave the apartment

callie: "that was a fun interview"

so after that both callie and felina were walking down the city just talking to each other

callie: "are you proud to be a mother?"

felina: "of course I do"

callie: "i sure am as well"

felina: "how are you gonna keep the secret? like seeing the swat kats even though you are stardust" she whispered

callie: "that i'm working on"

so then they see a big shadow then they look up and it's a big ship with green skull on it

felina: "can you guess who is it?"

callie: "dark kat"

then a giant monitor came down and turning on reveling dark kat on the screen

callie: "yep I was right"

dark kat: "megakat city, I'm here to destroy the entire city and you will kneel before me"

felina: "let's hit it"

so they rushed to the hanger at the salvage yard putting on their suits and fly off to the air to stop dark kat

storm blast: "you know I was wondering where has he been after one year"

stardust: "i agreed, my guess is he was bored when the swat kats wasn't around anymore"

storm blast: "it's a good thing he didn't takeover the city after they died"

stardust: "alright, let me see if I can call dark kat"

dark kat: "ring ring"

stardust: "oh that was fast"

dark kat: "just imagine i'm gonna be defeated by girls"

stardust: "hey darky, ever heard of girl power"

dark kat: "i don't care about that"

storm blast: "just you wait dark kat we're coming to get you"

dark kat: "good luck swat kats"

then he ends the call and the two continued to fly to dark kat ship the ship open the hatch from behind and the two enter the hatch

stardust: "this is gonna be awesome"

storm blast: "you and me both"

so they equipped their glovatrix and get outside of the turbo kat they have a feeling that it's gonna be a trap so they are prepare for the trap

stardust: "too quiet"

storm blast: "when you said that it means it's gonna be a trap"

all of the sudden a big tube came down trapping them inside

storm blast: "told you"

stardust: "oops"

dark kat: *laugh* "not so easy swat kats"

stardust: "dark kat"

dark kat: "you're gonna escape this force field, like paul adler I will kill you starting right now"

stardust: "not good"

so dark kat cuffs them and headed to their doom they enter to a room and the room has a pit of lava

stardust: "where did he get it?"

dark kat: "i bet you'll be like the old swat kats trying to escape the worst thing I ever done"

stardust: "we could"

dark kat: *laugh* "as if"

stardust: "who's going first?"

dark kat: "i guess i'll start with you"

then he grab stardust and prepare to her death and he push her down

storm blast: "STARDUST!"

but she come up with something that dark kat didn't know she pull the leg part from her pants and grab a grappling hook and shoot and pull herself up like real fast

dark kat: "what?!"

stardust: "think again dark kat"

she swing and kick dark kat right at the face

storm blast: "alright!"

stardust: "just you and me"

dark kat: "later"

dark kat throw a smoke bomb at her and he ran away then he send out his creeplings after her

stardust: "who knew dark kat is scare of me"

then she fights all the creepling there's one creepling holding a gun but it's has a hard time hold the gun (cause their hands are tiny of course) so she kicked the little guy

stardust: "the world's greatest shooter"

she grab the gun and shoot the handcuff and free storm blast

storm blast: "now let's get that purple jerk"

they start running looking for dark kat storm blast managed to find a door to the cockpit (please don't think that word is a different meaning) but when she open the door it was empty

storm blast: "great"

stardust: "keep looking for him"

they keep looking and looking until stardust look at a monitor showing a clock ticking down to 1 minutes

stardust: "oh crap, run!"

they rush to the turbo before it explode when they get there storm blast shoot both missile at the hatch and takeoff after that the clock start tickin and explodes

storm blast: "whoa"

then the ship crash down to the ocean going underwater

stardust: "at least it it didn't hit the city"

storm blast: "i agreed"

so they land on the ground everyone group around and cheers because they save the day for the second time

ann gora: "this is ann gora from kats eye news, right behind me the swat kats stop dark kat from his evil plan now that is girl power"

storm blast: "we're so awesome"

stardust: "always say awesome"

to be continued for chapter 3