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I Never Wanted To Be Your Enemy

Nagi sighed wearily. Staying up all night reading, getting info, and basically playing around on his computer was apparently not good for your health, at least if you wanted to stay awake for classes, that is.

He rubbed his eyes, jerking himself forcefully away from dreamland. I can't fall asleep now, he berated himself. I'm already two grades ahead of what I'm supposed to be in. Can't fall asleep; I'm not getting kicked outta this class! I'm smart enough for this, dammit!

"Naoe-san, would you like to do this?" his teacher asked him.

"Eh?! Ah, hai, sensei," Nagi mumbled, jerked out of his thoughts, and not really paying attention to what the teacher said.

"Here you go, then," the Sensei said, handing him a slip of paper. "Five minutes before class ends, tell me, and you may go; down to the office and get the new student. Be sure to show him around; he has the same schedule as yours."

Nani?! What new student?! Nagi's eye's widened. Then, as he glanced at the paper, his eye's widened further. Tsukiyono Omi?! He's the new student?! But he's Weiss!! Kami-sama, how could I get myself into this? Nagi thought despairingly as he stared at the paper, at a loss for words.


". . .Naoe-san, daijoubu desu ka(are you all right)?" Sensei asked, concerned for the boy who had seemingly pounded his head on his desk very forcefully.

"Hai, sensei," came the reply.

Nagi, nervous and anxious, waited for the clock to tick to the five minutes before his doomed fate. He tapped his pencil. Drummed his fingers. Tried not to use telekinesis to relieve his nervous energy.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Beepbeep! Beepbeep! Beepbeep!

Nagi yelped as he jumped in his seat. He turned to glare at the girl whose watch had gone off.

"Gomen ne(sorry)," she apologized, blushing.

Nagi checked the time. Time to go! He raised his hand with dread. "Sensei, may I leave now?"

"Hn? Un, go, go, Naoe-san," the Sensei said.

Nagi grabbed his schoolbag and quickly walked out of the classroom. As soon as he was out, he leaned his back on the wall and slid down. What did I do to deserve this? He mourned.

-Something bothering you, chibi?-

-Urusai(shut up), Schuldich,- Nagi snapped.

-Fine, then,- Schuldich sniffed and went away.

I might as well get this over with, then, Nagi sighed and stood. He walked slowly to the office, which was actually pretty close to the office and silently handed the secretary the paper Sensei had given him.

"Oh, good, you're the person who'll show little Omi-chan around!" the secretary gushed.

Is it humanly possible for someone to be THAT mushy and HAPPY? Nagi wondered, nodding. "Hai."

"Well, just wait outside for a moment and he'll be out," the idiotic woman giggled.

Nagi walked outside, eying the secretary as he did, until he was safely out the door. After a few moments of waiting, the new student was pushed out of the office.

"Ohayou! Boku no namae wa. . .(Good morning! My name is)" Bombay trailed off as he noticed whom he was speaking to. "Prodigy?!"

"Hai," Nagi shifted uncomfortably. "I.I'm supposed to show you around and everything, and we have all the same classes. . .and I go to this school. . ."

"Ano. . .Boku no namae wa Naoe Nagi desu(My name is Nagi Naoe). Namae wa(How about your name)?" Nagi asked.

". . .Tsukiyono Omi."

"Hai, ano,.Tsukiyono-san, you can just follow me. . ." Nagi said, nervously leading the way to their next class. Why am I so nervous? He's an enemy, I should be could and unemotional.


"H-hai, Tsukiyono-san?"

"Why do you have the same schedule as I do when you are younger?" Omi was looking at him curiously, but still coldly.

"I-I, the teachers decided that I could skip a couple of grades," Nagi stuttered. Okay, this was definitely not normal. I do NOT stutter. Why an I like this around him?

"Ah," Omi said. They continued walking.

Omi suddenly stopped. "Maybe we should agree to not bring work to school. What do you think, Nagi-kun?"

"It's a good idea," Nagi agreed in relief. I thought that I would have to fight him later. Demo, why is he so cold to me? I've seen him friendlier.

All through the long day, that question bothered him. He HAD to ask now; school was over.


"Hai, Tsukiyono-san?"

"Aaa, arigatou. Jaa ne(see you)." Omi said hesitantly, then brushed past Nagi to exit the school.

"Chotto matte(Wait a minute)!" Nagi faltered as Omi turned to look at him questioningly. "D-do you hate me?"

"?" Omi frowned cutely, then shook his head. "Shirimasen (I don't know). It's just that you're my enemy. I can't be friendly to you. And besides, I don't want to. You're just my classmate."

"Un. Eeto..jaa." Nagi mumbled, head down.

He heard Omi's footsteps as he walked out, leaving Nagi alone.

"Do I even want to be your enemy?" Nagi whispered to himself. Slowly, he walked home, to Schwarz.

"Hey, chibi!" Schuldich greeted him when he arrived. Nagi didn't hear him, his head was down and he was mumbling to himself. Nagi dragged himself to his room and telekinetically shut the door, and locking it.

Well, what's with him? Schuldich wondered. Oh, I know, he grinned evilly. It could only be one thing! Love problems!!!

To be continued.

Review, since you obviously read up to here, you might as well! And everyone should know what arigatou, eeto, ano, and sensei means, right?. . .they mean, thanks(arigatou), Eeto and ano mean something like: let me see or well or um, and sensei means teacher. . .