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Chapter Seven

Nagi groaned in pain as his head was assaulted by a horrible headache. He sat up to look at his surroundings. Omi's room. Omi must have already gone to school, he reasoned with a look at the clock. But why wasn't he at school? He wondered.

He stood and walked to his laptop, with one hand on his aching head. Nagi spotted a note on it.

Nagi, we decided to just let you stay home today because of your hangover. I didn't know some people could get drunk from just one can of beer, but Yohji confirmed that it was possible. . .Aya, Ken, and Yohji will be out, delivering flowers for some Amerikan-jin holiday(why, it's the fourth of July, of course!), so you'll be alone. Gomen(sorry), but we'll all be back at about the time school ends, ok?

Great, I have a hangover, and no one bothered to take care of me, Nagi thought resignedly. It's not like I really expect them to, anyway, but maybe Omi could've stayed here with me . . .Nagi shook his head, trying to shake that thought from his mind, but when he did, he sank down to his knees. The headache officially just got worse. Besides that, his mouth was incredibly dry, and he felt the need to throw up. Kami . . .his telekinesis must be affecting the hangover, making it worse than it was supposed to be, for such a low amount of alcohol. No wonder the headache wouldn't go away.

Nagi shakily got to his feet, not using his power. With the headache and the hangover, he couldn't do anything with his power! He walked carefully to the bathroom, seeing as it was the closest place where he could get water. He turned on the faucet once he got there and drank the tap water greedily. He was REALLY thirsty.

I can't imagine how Schuldig can go through this, Nagi though tiredly, sliding to the ground next to the sink. HE has telepathy; I don't see HIM crawling when HE has a hangover, though. In fact, he just whines to Crawford and lazes around all day. Nagi scowled. I NEVER want to drink anything alcoholic again, he decided.

Nagi found, to his surprise, that he was starting to fall asleep again. He sighed softly, and let himself fall asleep. It wasn't like he had the energy to walk back to Omi's room right now, and besides . . .it was comfortable right here . . .Nagi's head drooped, and his breathing slowed; he was asleep.

Outside, as Farfarello watched Nagi leave the room, he stealthily crept in, breaking in through the room's window. Seeing the boy fall asleep in the bathroom, he grinned, his eye widening as he watched the sleeping boy. It was perfect. WeiƟ had left earlier, taking flowers, and leaving no one to watch the boy. He could have taken Nagi earlier, but seeing him in pain, watching as he fell to his knees made up for that. He smiled, licking his lips.

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After gathering the sleeping Nagi in his arms, Farfarello swiftly went to his place, where no one but he knew about. Not even the all- knowing Crawford knew about this place. He gently placed Nagi on a bed, but then he injected liquid into the boy's arm, making Nagi whimper softly and grimace in his sleep. Soon, Farfarello thought, tracing his knife along Nagi's arm, but not hurting him. Soon.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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* * * * * * * * * * *

"Braddie," a voice purred into his ear.

Crawford's eyes snapped open, to find Schuldig lying next to him, IN HIS BED. Although, he was still clothed, thank kami. But HE, unfortunately, was not.

"What are you doing here, Schuldig," Crawford growled, furious that he had dared come uninvited into his room, especially when he, Crawford, was still SLEEPING.

"Why, I thought I heard an invitation, in your thoughts to come in, Braddie," Schuldig purred, moving closer to Crawford.

"GET OUT!!!!!!!"

Schuldig raced out of the room, holding in laughter. It was fun to see Brad lose his temper; after all, he was supposed to be the in-control leader. Schu grinned. Too bad Brad didn't like him like that.or did he? Schu smirked, and crept into the man's mind.

-Oh Brad?-

A snarl, and the door to Crawford's mind slamming shut was all the answer he got. Schuldig shrugged. He'd find out sooner or later, but since Brad was in such a bad mood, it was the perfect time to go out. He walked outside, swinging his car keys around the key ring.

End Chapter Seven

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