Hi everyone! dEBB987 here with even more plot-bunnies that take away my sleep unless I write them down, the little bastards. However, I don't want to start even more stories until I finish the two I'm currently writing, so I thought one-shots and/or snippets may work to let me sleep and concentrate on the other 2 stories continuation~

These are the ideas I have, so I'll leave the index here and modify the order as needed, since I'll be slowly adding the chapters every now and then.

Well then, wish ya' a happy reading!


01 New World: AU – Where Yggdrasil is another world instead of a videogame, even if it still had elements that made it game-like. MOD!Harry arrived to it the same way he always did when changing worlds, but the restrictions don't apply. For example, Harry can equip his armor without losing his magic, no need to apply [Perfect Warrior].

02 Nazarick Kings: What if— Where Momonga stayed along with Harry until midnight, only to discover it was not the end of the game. Quite the contrary, it seemed to be a new beginning for the both of them, so how was Harry adapting so fast and easily?

03 Point of View: One-shot — "There he goes again, disregarding stupidly his own safety for the sake of some random stranger. He really should just die already— fuck that was close!" Harry's life in Overlord's world as recounted by Death, who really doesn't have much talent to narrate things.

Based on the Prompt "The story's protagonist is the nicest person imaginable. The story's narrator hates him with a seething passion."

04 Dream Eater: AU — So this is what it felt like, for his mind to be invaded by a demon. Harry had to recognize it; the female creature was at least strong enough to bypass his first layer of defense. A formidable foe—

"What is this place? No, wait, I'm the one that directs the dreams... but I didn't do this? Did I do something wrong? Agh, I can't exactly check the manual right now, what should I do?!"

... she had never done this before, had she?

A story about a young Albedo that is beginning to practice her powers, she just chose poorly her first victim.

05: Collector: AU — Albedo and Shalltear have a hobby: collecting human souls as part of a trading card game, dueling with decks made from them. The centuries grow on them, and to better pass the time they begin to take it quite seriously.

Albedo liked to take the corrupted souls, since she enjoyed to watch as they slowly transformed into demons. Shalltear on the other hand liked to take innocent souls, the more pure the better, since she liked to be the one corrupting them.

In the ever-shaping game, it was just Harry's luck that he seemed to just become a very sought-out staple, a perfect neutral that was neither too good nor too evil, but that still managed to catch their interest. There was just something about him...

06 Another End: One-shot — It had come to this again.

Harry was experiencing the heat death of the universe, of the one that had contained the worlds of Yggdrassil. He closed his eyes, expecting the end to arrive for him as well, waiting for the new beginning in a whole new universe that would start immediately after—

Harry jolted instinctively as a sound interrupted his detached musings, it was... terribly similar to one of those things that threw out confetti?

Harry frowned in confusion; had he imagined that?

But then a song started to play, blasting music of someone that had just began to throw a party and wanted all the neighbors to know it, but it didn't last long as it halted with a record scratch.

"Wait... one's still here?" a bewildered voice that sounded just as confused as Harry currently felt resounded around him, coming from everywhere and anywhere at the same time.

Harry inherently felt something, a presence, a life that somehow managed to be both, God-like and awfully normal.

A story of how Harry meets the ones that created Yggdrasil game.