The First Turnabout/Turnabout Wakame

Wednesday 8th September, 7:18pm

"Come on. First, a word from our new lawyer," Fuji-nee said, and slapped me on the shoulder.

We were sitting around the table in the living room. Plates that were once full of carefully crafted food now lay messily deconstructed. Four pairs of eyes were fixed on me, anticipating my words.

Even if I was getting accustomed to speaking in front of lots of people lately, it was still fazing to make a speech on the fly. I cleared my throat a few times in attempt to buy time.

"Well, uh huh, um, thank you everyone for being with me today," I said and hoped it didn't sound too cheesy. "Thank you all for the support and encouragement throughout the years." Uhh, what else do people usually say in times like these? "I guess, I look forward to whatever the future holds."

"O-kay!" Fuji-nee smacked her hand on the table and stood, raising her glass. We all joined her with our own glass of liquor. Well, Illya had juice; Fuji-nee wasn't that irresponsible an adult.


"Congratulations, Shirou! Kiritsugu is sure to be smiling in heaven right now."

"Great work. I wish you all the best for your career, Shirou."

"Congratulations, Senpai! Yes, all the best for your career!"

"You know, you don't need to keep calling me Senpai, Sakura. I mean, we're no longer-"

"Congratulations, Onii-chan! You're amazing!"

Illya pounced on me and wrapped herself around my waist. I barely managed to set my glass down before being forcibly dragged to the ground. The others giggled at my predicament.

Oof. Illya's enthusiasm, while appreciated, could be too much at times. Well, it was still nice that this part of her hadn't changed at all.


Now that dinner was over, we just sat around chatting. (Except Saber, who seemed to be desperate not to leave any leftovers.) The conversation was rather focused on one person, however.

"Fujimura-san, isn't it time you thought about marriage?" Sakura said. "This year you turned-"

"RAAHH! Of course I've thought about marriage. It's not easy, though. Not easy, I tell you! I swear I've been putting effort into my image, not that it's helped."

It was true. Fuji-nee now used makeup and wore her hair in a bob. It...felt kind of strange, honestly. I couldn't get used to it.

"Even so, if you don't work on your personality, I think any potential guys are going to be scared off," I laughed. "Or you will need to find someone who suits your personality."

"Yeah." Illya gave a devilish grin. "The Taiga needs to find a proper tiger to get married to."

Fuji-nee looked about ready to cry. "Tch. All you ganging up on poor me. Just because I'm not that young anymore…Hey! What about Saber? I may still be teaching but she's still leech-"

A stern gaze from Saber quickly shut her up.

"Uh, how about Sakura? ...Um, um, why, won't you be the next to graduate?"

"Y-yes. I'll be finishing nursing next year…"

"Come on, tell me about what your plans are after that." Fuji-nee's expression was rather triumphant, having successfully put the spotlight on someone else.

"Well, I'll probably be a registered nurse." Sakura scratched her cheek, deep in thought. "I guess I'll be offered a place, I mean, there's a shortage at the moment. Maybe at a school?"

"Let's get you a place at Homurahara! I'll convince the staff to finally fire that old-"

"No! Fujimura-san! You can't-"

I took a sip of my drink. Sakura had really matured in the time I was gone. She had become more confident and outspoken, and her household skills had also improved. She definitely outdid herself tonight with dinner. Now that she was almost finished with her nursing degree, she'll also know how to take care of all kinds of people.

I let my thoughts slip out. "Man, whoever Sakura's future family is will surely be glad to have her."

"Wha-what? Senpai?"

Sakura turned her face away suddenly. Fuji-nee stared at me with a funny grin. Was what I said really that weird?


It had been five years since I went to study at Osaka University. After high school, I decided to pursue my goal of becoming a lawyer. It was a lot of hard work, but I finally completed my law degree and earned my attorney's badge. That means I was now qualified to act as a defense lawyer. It wasn't the superhero I had envisioned when I was a kid, but this was a definite step toward being able to help people in need.

Now that I'm back, it's nice that we could still eat and talk and laugh together like the old times. I must sound like an old man for thinking this sort of thing, but it was a kind of familiarity I missed.


We tidied up the table and Saber volunteered to wash the dishes. I eyed Fuji-nee as she hovered her hand over the bottle she'd brought, but she thought better of it. A teacher shouldn't be drinking too much on a weeknight anyway. Sakura gathered her things and prepared to leave.

"Hey Sakura," I called to her. "Allow me to walk you home."

"Senpai? No, there's no need." She smiled demurely. "I'll be fine by myself."

"No, I insist. Think of it as thanks for the excellent meal tonight."

"Alright." She giggled. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."


The warm evenings were slowly but surely getting cooler. We walked along the dark suburban streets, chatting about our week at first but in the end we were just strolling in the comfortable silence of each other's presence.

It's been quite a while since I've walked these streets. The layout of the town was coming back to me. Here, we used to turn to walk to school, and over there was the road toward Tohsaka's house...come to think of it, I haven't heard from her since she left to study in London. Oh well, there was only so much catching up I could do at once.


Suddenly, Sakura stopped. She tilted her head.

"Hm? What's going on?" she said.

I perked up. Was there something she noticed?


Sure enough, when we turned the corner, there was a commotion on the street. A police car was parked outside the Matou residence, lights flashing but siren turned off as to not disturb the neighbourhood. There was a familiar face at the gate.

"Oi, it's Emiya-kun! I haven't seen you around in forever." Lancer was busy scribbling in a notebook. He was wearing a trench coat and looked pretty good in it. "Sorry kids, but I'm rather busy right now. This area is off limits."

Sakura was frantic. "Excuse me, but I live here," she said. "Can you please explain what happened? Is everyone okay?"

"Oh, right. You're that kid's sister." Lancer made a worried expression and poked his pen into his chin. "I hate to be the one to break this to you," he said, lowering his voice.

Sakura gripped my arm tightly.

"There's been a murder."

Hi there, this is my first attempt at writing fanfic like ever. Well, rather, not writing solely in my head. I think I'm surprised there isn't more fan content with Shirou as a lawyer since that was his original career path (though it was only mentioned once in HA so). There's going to be a differences from canon for the sake of the setting, but more on that later. Please tell me I didn't accidentally plagiarise the description of this story. What does this website have against having double spacing after paragraphs.