Warnings: Brief M-Preg.

Summary: Harry and Severus look back on the past two decades after the war and welcome the future.

Notes: I have so loved writing this journey, and I hope you liked the story as well. *sniffles* I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to The Final Horcrux, but I sure have enjoyed the ride. Enjoy the end of TFH and thanks for reading!



"Dad! Papa! David! We're here!"

Harry abandoned his spoon beside a saucepan of chocolate ganache, cast a stasis charm on the treat, and rushed to greet his twenty-three year old daughter and the newest member of his family. Severus had arrived first, his hair still mussed from preparing the living room for the party and his robes a bit out of order, but no less handsome for it. At least, not in Harry's eyes. The man hadn't gained any new silver hairs beyond the one white streak Harry loved so much—in fact, after two decades of happiness, Severus looked younger than ever. Peace looked good on him.

Harry kissed his husband's and daughter's cheek in greeting, but the excitement of seeing his tiny granddaughter would not be denied for long. "Where is my newest little princess?"

His daughter laughed and stepped inside the house. "Hello to you too, Dad." Diana, now a tall woman of twenty-three with brilliant green eyes and the thick, silvery-blonde hair of a Veela, nudged a pink bundle in her arms and pulled down a corner of a soft fleece blanket, revealing a sleeping baby with blonde hair and a button nose. She had her mother's beautiful jade green eyes under those pale lashes, but Harry thought her just as sweet in sleep.

Harry fell in love all over again. "Hello, little one." He ran a fingertip down her little cheek. "Oh, Diana. She gets lovelier every time I see her."

Severus moved to stand beside Harry and wrapped an arm around his husband's waist. "She does indeed. Has her hair lightened since the last time we met? It looks paler."

Diana sighed. "It's only going to get paler as she grows. Danica … she's a Veela too. After what I went through, I … I'd hoped she'd come out pure human, but …."

Harry held his daughter's face. "Ssh. You're perfect as you are, Princess, and so is your baby girl."

Tears wobbled in Diana's eyes, but she blinked them away quickly. "Tell that to Jean-Luc. The bastard."

"Oh, Diana." Severus' voice was soft and rife with pain. "Come here, baby."

"It still hurts, Papa. All this time, and it still hurts."

"Ssh. I know, baby. It is not your fault. Grief heals in its own time, and sometimes takes longer than we wish." Severus slipped his arms around the shaking girl. "I am here, Princess. We are both here for you."

Diana sniffled and buried her face in her papa's shoulder, carefully angling the baby away so as not to squish her. Harry stepped aside so Severus could comfort their daughter. The two of them had always had a special bond, one Harry envied at times, but he knew Diana needed her papa at a moment like this. He was content to stand aside and rub his daughter's back, if only Severus' love could help her recover.

Diana had been dating a French wizard of Fleur's acquaintance for two years prior to learning she was expecting. Upon discovering his fiancée's condition, Jean-Luc had broken off the engagement and high-tailed it back to France, leaving Diana alone and three months pregnant. The young Veela, having to deal with both the pain of a human breakup and her creature side's anguish, had been devastated. Her grief had almost caused her to lose Danica, and it was only that scare that had pulled her out of her slump.

Diana was doing better now. Teddy Tonks, the son of Nymphadora and Kingsley, had helped her through the pregnancy and her grief with gentle acceptance and a tenderness Harry recognised as the same deep love he shared with Severus. The young Metamorph had fallen hard for his Veela daughter, and he encouraged the match as much as propriety allowed. Harry hoped they would mate as soon as Diana healed from her previous relationship. Teddy was doing an admirable job of healing her, but for the moment, Diana needed more time.

That was all right with Harry and Severus. Just so long as his daughter was healing, they were content to wait, and so was Teddy. Between the three of them, they would make sure Diana was whole again soon enough. She was already well on her way, and the birth of her daughter had helped her greatly to put the past behind her despite her lingering pain. Her bravery and love for her little girl had done both her fathers proud.

The baby let out a displeased mewl, confined as she was between mother and grandpapa, and Harry carefully extracted her from her mother's arms. "Hush now, little one. Your Granddad is here." Smiling at her baby snuffling, he kissed the little one's hair, inhaling her fresh scent, and cradled her on his shoulder. "Ssh. It's all right now. Your mama is just a little upset, but we'll get her through it, won't we, love?"

When Harry looked up, Severus was watching him with naked longing and love so raw and pure, it made Harry's breath hitch.


Severus kissed Harry softly. "You are beautiful." His voice was rough with emotion. "Absolutely beautiful."

Harry swallowed hard and gave Severus a shy smile. "Thank you, love."

Severus kissed his forehead and opened his arms. "May I?"

Harry passed the baby to her other grandfather and watched Severus hold her, his heart full of love and longing. Merlin, seeing Severus so enamoured with the tiny, two-week old baby girl was incredible. In most things, Severus was still a bit harsh, still too distrusting to let his defences drop around strangers. But with his family, he transformed. He blossomed. And gods, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Watching Severus hold his tiny granddaughter filled Harry with warm affection and gave him the last piece of courage he needed to face his fears. He had dallied long enough. Severus had longed for a child of his own ever since learning it was possible, had even tried to make a potion to bear them himself, but had failed repeatedly. It had devastated Severus to finally give up on that project years before, but no matter what combination of ingredients, Dragoon magic, and techniques he tried, the tests consistently failed to survive past the eight week mark. Even for wizards, the pure human male simply wasn't built to carry children.

But Harry wasn't human, and he was finally ready to give Severus a baby. The whole idea still made him a little nervous, but seeing Severus hold their granddaughter, seeing the depth of love that filled those lovely dark eyes, gave Harry not just the will but the desire to grant his beloved husband his dearest wish. And after nineteen years of marital bliss, it was about time.

He smiled as Severus rocked the little one back to sleep and cradled her close, adoration and awe written all over his face.

'Soon, love. I promise.'

A door slammed at the back of the house and a boy's voice called out. "Dad! Papa! Is Di here yet? I thought I heard …."

An auburn-haired boy with big brown eyes and silver glasses much like his dad's burst into the room, blushing as little Danica started fussing again.

"Oh. Merlin, I'm sorry, Di. I didn't realise she'd be sleeping."

Diana shook her head and gave her twelve-year-old brother a hug. "Hush, Davey. She's going to be woken up a lot during the party. It's a necessary evil, I'm afraid, though I'll take her up for a nap soon."

David grinned, showing white teeth and emphasising his freckled cheeks. "Can I hold her, Di? I promise I'll be careful."

Diana chuckled. "If you can get her away from her grandpapa!"

Severus shot her a mock-glare. "She is mine now. You cannot have her back."

Diana laughed and kissed his cheek. "Papa, you know I'll bring her to visit as much as you want. Maybe she can stay the night here once she's old enough to sleep through."

Severus smiled and passed the baby to David, watching to make sure that he held her correctly. "Diana, you know that if you are able to express enough milk to feed her for the duration of a night, we would be glad to care for her whether she sleeps through or not."

Harry smiled. "We would."

Diana gave them a hesitant smile. "I … I can't leave her yet. It's the Veela in me. I need to protect her."

"Well, stay with us then. That way we get to spend a night with our granddaughter and you can get a full night of sleep without worrying about whether she's safe or not."

Diana beamed. "That sounds lovely. Next week, maybe?"

"Sure." Harry brought his son into a hug. "Did you have fun on the pitch with Uncle Ron?"

David grinned. "Lots. He says he'll be here in a minute with Aunt 'Mione and crew."

Severus sighed. "Merlin. That means the entire lot of Weasleys. I had best return to preparing the house for the invasion."

Harry snorted. "And I need to get back to your cake, Diana, but David can keep you company for a while, can't you, son?" The look in his eyes told his youngest that he had better not disagree.

David rolled his eyes. "'Course I can. I need to get to know my little niece better." He cooed at the infant and grinned when she rewarded his efforts with a gurgle.

Diana smiled and let her brother lead her into the parlour off the living room, where they could visit with everyone without getting in Severus' way. Harry watched them go, touched at his son's obvious love for his sister and niece, then returned to the kitchen.

As he stirred his ganache, he thought back over the years and how much everything had changed. Diana had been a lovely child, intelligent, honest, and loving, but Merlin, how she had tried her parents' patience with her pranks. Fred and George had nothing on that child.

Ten years later, Draco—now the main caretaker at Andromeda Orphanage along with his wife, Astoria—had called Harry about an orphan boy that no one could seem to get through to. They were at their wits end and Hermione had suggested Harry, after recalling how good he had been with Diana. Little David was two at the time, and he had gone functionally mute, refusing to talk to anyone but his mummy. As his mother had recently succumbed to a particularly severe case of dragon pox, the little man was stuck in his own world. Harry had simply sat beside the child for hours and rubbed his hair and back, saying nothing, just keeping him company.

Over several days, Harry had come to the orphanage and sat with little David as long as he would allow, and at the end of the week, the boy had finally talked.

"Mummy went bye-bye."

That phrase had hit Harry like an arrow through the heart, but he had done his best to help the little boy understand that his mother loved him, but she couldn't come back anymore. Little David had cried and wailed, and at the end of many more days, had attached himself to Harry's neck and asked, "C'n I stay wif you?"

Harry hadn't been able to tell him no, and so David—given a middle name of Severus as he hadn't one to start with—became a full-fledged member of the Prince family. Once he had recovered from his mother's death, the boy had proven to be studious, loyal, and brave. He reminded Harry so much of Severus that the boy had claimed a special place in his heart. Much like Diana had bonded to her papa, David had bonded with his Dad, and Harry wouldn't have it any other way.

The floo chimed and whooshed, and Lily's voice rang through the house. "Harry, Sev? We're here!"

Harry called out, "In the kitchen, Mum!" At the same time, Severus announced his location.

Lily popped her head into the kitchen and smiled. "It smells heavenly in here, love. What are you working on?"

Harry turned off the stove and began beating his sauce. "Ganache for Di's cake. If you want to help, there are some strawberries in the cold box that could use slicing."

Lily grinned. "Sure thing." She levitated two boxes of ripe, red berries to the table and rummaged in Harry's utensil drawer for a knife. "You sure outdid your mum in cooking skills. Did you do this all the Muggle way?" She waved her knife over the table, indicating the huge spread Harry had laid out.

Harry blushed. "What I cooked of it, yes. Molly did plenty, and Daphne and Neville sent over quite a bit too."

Lily grinned wider. "Daphne cooked for us? Ooh, which ones? I claim first bite."

Harry snickered. "I'm not telling! I'd like a bite for myself, thanks."

Lily gave a mock sigh. "Shame the Reaper sight only works when it wants to."

Harry laughed, but it faded quickly. "You haven't had more visions since then, have you?"

Lily smiled and shook her head. "Not a one. I don't miss it either."

"No, I can't say I blame you." Harry set the pan on the range for a moment and shook the aches out of his tired arm. "Where is everyone?"

"Remus is helping Sev with the living room and Nora, James, and Sarah ran outside to play in the treehouse. I swear, they love that thing more than they love us."

Harry chuckled and resumed beating the sauce. "Couldn't even hold them down long enough to say hello to their big brother."

Lily chuckled. "They regard you as more of an uncle, to be honest."

"They feel more like nieces and nephews than siblings. There's too much of an age gap, and since we didn't grow up together or go through the same things …." Harry shrugged. "I do love them though."

Lily nodded. "They love you too. How is Di?"

Harry shook his head. "Recovering, slowly." He growled and stirred his ganache hard enough to bend the spoon. "If I ever find that shite Jean-Luc, I'll break his arse over my knee, I swear it."

Lily snorted. "You couldn't even spank Diana when she hexed the Burrow into a Vegas-style hotel and covered the interior with feathers. I doubt you could break anyone over your knee."

Harry gave her a dark look. "He hurt my baby. You bet your arse I could."

Severus' voice answered him. "Then perhaps it is a good thing he escaped to France, as you have vows to keep and I would much prefer to stay out of Azkaban." He swept to Harry's side—who moved the hot saucepan out of the way—and gave his husband a light kiss. "The living room is ready. Do you need my help here?"

Harry gave him a bright smile. "I think we're mostly done. If you want to help me levitate stuff to the tables in the garden, that would be great. Just leave the cake—I've yet to put this on it." He shook the saucepan for emphasis.

Severus nodded and began floating dishes outside. Lily watched him go with a smile.

"You've been really good for him, love. He's a different person these days."

"Amazing what being loved and free can do for a person." Harry checked his ganache and nodded. "This is ready." He began pouring the warm, sticky sauce over a chocolate cake, drizzling carefully so it coated every surface.

"Merlin, that looks delicious," Lily said with a grin. "Don't suppose I could do a taste test?"

Harry shot her a dark glare and Lily burst into laughter.

"I was teasing, Harry. Silly boy."

Harry chuckled and went on pouring. "I made this to cheer up Di. I miss her laugh."

Lily nodded. "I think Teddy is helping her more than anyone could dream of."

"I hope so. Teddy is a good boy and he loved her before she matured."

"So you know it's not just the Veela allure talking, then."

Harry smiled. "Exactly." With the first layer frosted, he levitated strawberries onto the ganache in layers, pressing them neatly side to side. Two more layers of cake and ganache and a ring of strawberry slices completed his masterpiece.

"Lovely," said Lily with a nod. "She'll like that."

"That's the hope." Harry moved to his mother's side and Summoned a knife for himself. "We're using the rest of these in a fruit salad." He grabbed a berry and started slicing it.

"Mm." Lily popped a slice in her mouth and grinned unrepentantly. "I approve." She took another, but on her third attempt, Harry whacked her on the hand.

"Mum! Save some for the guests."

She chuckled. "I was wondering when you were going to stop me."

"Ugh. Remus and Di have rubbed off on you."

She snorted. "Damn straight." Lily returned to slicing quietly beside Harry. "Love, I couldn't help but notice how longingly Sev was looking at little Danica when we passed through. Are you sure you don't want to give him a baby? He wants it so very much."

Harry gasped and went crimson. "Ssh! Sev will be back through in a minute."

Lily gave him a bemused look and returned to slicing her strawberries.

Severus felt a bit like a professor again as he rounded up hordes of children—above half with red hair—and guided them to the tables he and Harry had set up for the naming party. Merlin, he could barely keep them all straight, there were so many. Hermione and Ron had little Rose and Hugo, both with red hair, brown eyes, and a penchant for mischief—only Rose was smarter about it. Severus would bet his potions business that girl would be sorted into Slytherin next fall.

Beyond Ron's and Hermione's family, Neville and Daphne had Erin and Samantha, twin girls with Daphne's sleek black hair and Neville's steel-blue eyes. Luna and Dean had become close during their shared imprisonment in Malfoy Manor, and now had a dark-skinned, silver-eyed daughter named Camelia. She, much to her parents' surprise, was dating Erin. Severus couldn't have been more proud of the dreamy little Metamophagus for being true to herself despite Dean's initial opposition to the match. He wanted grandchildren, and worried he wouldn't have any if his daughter married another woman. Once Severus had reminded him that the girls could adopt or use artificial insemination if they did decide to marry, Dean had given Severus a sheepish smile and embraced the match wholeheartedly.

After Britain had legalised gay marriage and adoption, Cináed and Brian had wed and gone straight to one of Harry's orphanages. A little dark-haired Seer named Vivian Marie had completed their family, and Severus and Harry couldn't have been happier for them. They had been good friends all these years, and Cináed's advice had steered Harry and Severus away from trouble more often than not. The Princes loved them all dearly and visited as often as they could.

Ferin and Sirenia had come with their youngest, a precocious five-year old named Yvette. They had been accepted as kin in the Prince 'clan', and no one feared them these days. Even better, thanks to Severus' painstaking work on a sun-blocking potion, the vampires could go around in daylight without burning or losing their vision. Ferin thanked him for the opportunity to see the sun every time he had the chance.

Just as Severus went to seat the Grey Clan where he had placed dishes suitable to a vampiric palate, David and fourteen-year-old Hugo tackled the clan leader and caught him into a playful game of 'tickle-the-vampire.' Ten years ago, Severus would have been petrified for his son. Now he simply laughed and helped Ferin to his feet.

"I hope my son did not hurt you with his rough games," he said, shooting David a look.

David gulped. "S-sorry, Dad. We just haven't seen Mister Ferin for a long time."

Hugo nodded hard, making his red curls jiggle. "We missed him and got too excited."

Ferin chuckled and brushed off his robes. "No harm done." He held out his hand for his wife. "I must ask you not to tackle Sirenia, however, as she is carrying our newest son."

"Merlin!" Severus gave him a friendly pat on the back. "Congratulations, Ferin, Sirenia. How many is this so far? Twenty? Thirty?"

Sirenia laughed and mock-slapped Severus' shoulder. "Hush, you. He is only my tenth."

Severus choked. "Only! You say that as if it is a small number."

Sirenia chuckled. "Somehow, my friend, I imagine you will have as many yourself. Remember, we live long without growing old. Is it so surprising that after so many years, I long to hold a baby in my arms?"

Severus' heart panged and he turned to look at his husband. The raw longing for a child of his own had never abated, but Harry still seemed reluctant to carry.

"No. Not at all." Severus' voice was rough again, but he knew the vampires would not comment on his moment of weakness.

"In time, Severus," Ferin murmured. "In time."

Severus swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded.

Ferin patted his arm. "Children, return to your seats so we might start the party. Danica is too small to stay in the sun for long, even with the benefit of magic."

"Yes, sire!"

The boys waved and ran to their seats, Yvette in tow, and Severus escorted the vampires to their place at the head of their own table.

"Here you are, Clan Grey. I do hope the food is appropriate. Harry assured me it would be, but I never truly know. If it is unacceptable, we do have some blood punch for you."

Ferin grinned. "Harry cooked for us? I am looking forward to the meal, then. He is an excellent chef."

Severus nodded. "Practise makes perfect, I suppose."

"Indeed. Thank you, Severus. I am quite sure we will enjoy it." He smiled into the light and settled his wife, then himself at the table. "I do so enjoy seeing the world in light, Severus. Thank you again for your gift."

Severus smiled and patted the vampire's back. Ferin would never tire of thanking him, and he had long since given up on convincing him to desist. "I am glad you are able to enjoy it with us as well. Ours must be the first human and vampiric children to grow up side-by-side."

Ferin nodded, his expression serious. "They are indeed, and it is my hope that this will usher in a new age of peace and acceptance for all of us."

Severus bowed. "Harry and I will do everything we can to help it along."

Sirenia kissed Severus' cheek. "May the moon bless you and yours, friend of Clan Grey, for all you have done for us."

Severus returned her kiss, knowing it was a formal blessing and a rare gift she had offered. "And you as well, milady." He gave her a warm smile. "Thank you for your blessing. Please, have a seat and help yourself to some punch. Harry says he used his own blood for it because he thought it might be sweeter for you. I made an offering for it as well. I do hope it is acceptable."

Ferin grinned. "I am looking forward to it."

Once the vampires had been taken care of, Severus returned to his husband's side.

Harry kissed Severus' cheek and held him close. "What did Sirenia say to you that upset you so much, love?"

Severus shook his head. "I was not upset. Only … a bit sorrowful."

Harry gave him a sad smile. "She's pregnant again, isn't she? Cináed and Luna were discussing their visions and they mentioned a new child of blood to join the clan soon, one they think will bring about peace between our races."

Severus nodded. "She is. She did not say how many months, but she is carrying a son. And Ferin will be pleased to hear of their prophecies concerning him."

Harry rubbed a hand over his own stomach and gave Severus a secret kind of smile. "A son. I must remember to congratulate them before the day is out. Now, are we all ready to begin?"

"I think so." Severus looked around, noting the way Teddy had an arm around Diana's shoulders and how he looked at little Danica with awe and love. A smile crossed his features as he scanned the tables for a quick headcount. "Yes, everyone is present and seated."

"Good. Then I believe it's time to eat and welcome our new grandbaby to Clan Prince."

Severus smiled and led Harry to the head of the table.

"Thank you for coming, everyone," Harry said with a grin. "Now, I know we're all famished and little Danica needs to go inside soon, so let's eat!"

Never had a roar of approval sounded so loud. Severus rubbed his ringing ears and sat with a chuckle.

Diana was currently curled up on the living room sofa. Most of the other guests had gone, but Harry's and Severus' closest family had remained to help clean up and visit. They had gone to the kitchen to let Danica and her mother rest, but every now and then a laugh or a hoot would rise above the level of their silencing charms and remind Harry he still had guests. He would see to them later. For the moment, he was enjoying watching Severus hold their granddaughter.

The stoic man had retired to the parlour with Danica and sat ensconced in the rocking chair by the fireplace, cradling his little granddaughter in his arms. Love and wonder completely transformed the man's face as he rocked the baby, singing an old Scottish lullaby, one he had sung to David and Diana, and even to Harry on nights when the man had nightmares and needed the extra comfort. Severus held the baby as if she were the most precious gift on the earth, and the expression in his eyes melted Harry's heart.

Harry moved to his husband and ran a hand through Severus' hair. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" He kept his voice low so as not to wake the sleeping infant.

Severus smiled at his husband. "Lovely. I am … I have never …."

"It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Having a grandbaby."

Severus blinked hard and nodded. "I can hardly stop smiling."

"Don't stop. You're gorgeous. And, gods, the way you love her is simply beautiful to behold."

"She is my first grandchild," Severus said, a touch of haughtiness in his tone. "I am supposed to spoil her, am I not?"

Harry covered a laugh. "We both are." He smiled and caressed Severus' cheek. "Love, I've been thinking today. Seeing her with you—I think … I mean …."

Severus frowned. "Harry? Are you all right?"

"Yes, yes of course." Harry took a deep breath and tried to gather his wits. "It's only that seeing you with a baby … it's so lovely. And I was thinking—how would you like to have one of our own?"

Severus gave him a wistful smile tinged with secret sorrow. "We can see if there is a baby available at the orphanages tomorrow, if you wish."

Harry shook his head. "That's not what I meant." He covered his belly with trembling hands. "I mean … one of our own. Not adopted. Born to us."

Severus gasped and his eyes went wide. "A-are you certain?"

Harry smiled and nodded. "Completely. I'm ready to give you that gift, love. And I must admit to being excited to experience making a new life for myself."

Tears slipped down Severus' cheeks. "Oh gods, Harry!" He carefully set the baby in her cot and, once she was settled, threw his arms around his husband. "Oh, I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

Severus kissed Harry all over his face and held his cheeks, joy and hope rendering his dark eyes radiant. "You're sure?"

Harry grinned. "Absolutely. Tonight, I come off the contraceptive. I want to give you this joy. I want it for myself, too, beloved."

Severus sighed and buried his face in Harry's hair. "Yes. I have longed for that for many, many years now."

"I know. And I'm ready to give it to you now. You'll stay by me through the pregnancy? Help me through it?"

"Of course, Harry. I am looking forward to that part, too. Rubbing your feet when you are tired, going out for gherkins and ice cream at three in the morning—perhaps I am mad, but the idea of tending to my pregnant husband thrills me." Tears running down his face, Severus ran a hand over Harry's belly. "I cannot wait to see you heavy with our child."

A happy laugh sounded from the living room entrance. "Congratulations, Dad, Papa. I wish you the best of luck."

Severus smiled and wiped tears away. "Thank you, little one. You will not be upset?"

Diana kissed his cheeks and hugged him. "Of course not! Then Danica will have a little playmate."

Harry hugged his daughter and kissed her cheek as well. "We won't love you any less, I hope you know."

She nodded and tapped Harry on the head. "Of course I know that, silly. You two have been the best parents anyone could ask for."

Harry wrapped Severus into his arms. "I'm glad you think so. And if you'll excuse me, Severus and I had best be getting along before the baby is ready for her next bottle."

Diana covered a snort. "Merlin. I did not need to know that." She patted Severus' shoulder. "Go on though. Oh, wait. Before you go, I wanted to show you this. I know you didn't have time to check the paper today what with all the party preparations and I forgot to mention it earlier, but I brought it over to show you. You two made the Prophet headlines again today."

Severus groaned. "Lovely. What tripe have they published about us now?"

"It's nothing bad this time. I'm in it too!" She held out the paper and grinned.

Harry read the headline and chuckled softly. "Man-Who-Conquered and General Severus Prince Welcome Beautiful New Granddaughter." He shook his head. "Not sure why that's front page news, but I'm glad it's good. Nothing like when Rita Skeeter made our lives hell."

"She will defame no one else," Severus said with a smirk. "The Ministry couldn't hold her, but that curse I designed to prevent her from ever writing another story again was rather brilliant, hmm?"

Diana grinned. "Way to rub it in, Papa."

Severus chuckled. "I do wish they would desist calling me a general. I have not seen war for nearly twenty years." He shook his head. "Well, for once, it appears the Daily Prophet has their facts straight other than our titles. Danica is lovely."

The warm smile that crossed over Diana's face at the mention of her daughter made Harry love her all the more.

"She is, isn't she?"

"Just like her mother," said Harry with a smile. Diana's eyes lit up, and Harry's heart filled with joy.

Gods, they were so lucky. He didn't know how he had found everything he had ever wanted, but somehow, he had. He rubbed his belly and smiled. And soon Severus would have all he ever wanted too.

"Hey everyone," Ron's voice called from the kitchen—softly, so as not to wake the baby. "Potterwatch is on. I think they're going to announce the baby in a minute."

"Go on then," said Diana with a smile. "I'll stay with Danica and kip a bit in the rocking chair."

"Good rest, little one." Severus kissed her cheek and followed Harry into the kitchen.

"—Just welcomed a new grandchild to the family," came Lee Jordan's excited voice. "Little Danica Nichole has her mother's hair and her grandfather's eyes. She's pretty as a picture, folks, and I'm proud as punch to be the funny uncle."

George guffawed. "Oi! I'm the funny uncle, River!"

"You're the holey uncle, Rapscallion," said Fred with a snort. "I'm the funny one."

Angelina's voice overrode them. "You're all funny—funny in the head that is. Get on with the announcement, you dolts."

Three voices chimed, "Yes, Mum."

A thwacking sound had everyone in the kitchen laughing.

"Ow," George muttered. "No need to be so violent."

Angelina snorted. "Oh please. If I wanted to be violent, you'd know. Now, can we please return to the announcement?"

"Of course, milady," Fred said.

Lee gave a fake cough that sounded strangely like the word "whipped." Another thwack made Harry snort.

"You're going to give me a concussion, Raven! Merlin."

Angelina laughed. "Come on, then."

"Moving on—before we get brain damage," said George with a laugh, "in honour of the newest member of the Prince family, we've added a new product to our store lines."

Harry groaned. "Oh no. What have they done now?" Severus snorted and rubbed Harry's back.

"That's right, folks," said a gleeful Fred. "Potter-Poo. Harry Prince's own brand of shampoo made and packaged just for you."

"It's grandy, it's dandy—"

"It's every fan's dream come true!"

"Because with just one use—"

"You'll be sporting the perfect Potter-do!"

Harry dissolved into helpless laughter. "I told you, Sev. Didn't I tell you? Word for bloody word."

Severus just laughed along with him.


The sound of Harry's cries and the feel of his pleasure pushed Severus over the edge, and with a stuttered cry of his husband's name, Severus' world collapsed to a whited-out roar of ecstasy.

"Oh gods," Harry panted. "That was … it was …."

"Wonderful." Severus kissed Harry and flopped down beside him, tracing circles on the younger man's belly. "It is different when we are making love in hopes to conceive, isn't it?"

Harry turned into Severus and stroked the man's cheek. "Mm-hmm. It's … sweeter somehow. More … real."

"Yes. Even if we are not successful yet, I feel … complete."

Harry yawned and scooted close. "How many days has it been since I stopped taking the contraceptive?"

"Mm, it has been five. It should be completely out of your system now."

"So we should conceive soon?"

"If fate allows, yes."

Harry rubbed Severus' stubble-lined jaw. "Even if it doesn't work, Severus, I'm glad to give you the chance. I hope it does work though. I want to be a dad again. And I want to car—"

Harry jumped, eyes wide, and laid his hands on his belly.

"Harry? Love, what is it? Are you all right?"

Harry nodded and looked down. Severus followed his gaze just in time to see a soft pink light fade from his husband's abdomen.

"Sev …." Harry's voice was breathless with emotion.

Severus' heart skipped, and wonder and love filled him. "Oh, Harry!"

"Severus, was that … our baby?"

Happy tears blurring his vision, Severus looked up and gave Harry a slow nod. "I believe so. I will need to make up a test potion to be certain, but … congratulations, my love. I think it is safe to say we shall be parents again in nine months."

Harry grinned and kissed Severus breathless. "I can't wait, Papa."

Severus' breath hitched and he caught his husband close to him. Merlin, how beautiful his life is now. A happy husband, a lovely home, two beautiful, healthy children, and his first biological child on the way. This moment, this life was everything he had ever dreamed of and more.

He held Harry close and sighed into his hair, joy and peace washing away all vestiges of grief. His life was beautiful, the world was at peace, and at last, all was well.

~… Fin …~