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Just some quick Shamy one-shot I wrote.

Sadly, I do not own The Big Bang Theory nor its characters otherwise we would have already seen Sheldon not only do the laundry, but also Amy. LOL.

Sheldon was always proud of his routine in doing the laundry. The schedule, the precise measurement of detergent and fabric softener, and always made sure to separate by color. Also, he enjoyed it. It gave him the sense of orderliness in this chaos world. This was his exact words when he proposed to Amy that he would take care of the laundry duty, including Amy's clothes. He did not mind to do Amy's clothes along with his, they had shared more than dirty clothes anyway.

One of the most important rule he always adhered was to not leave the laundry room until all the laundry had been sorted out. A rule which he violated at the moment as he ran down the stairs to the basement.

He had stored the laundry in the dryer before he had to go back to the apartment since Amy texted him of some ideas for centerpieces and he needed to tell her directly that no one would want to see pictures of how miserable frontier life was when they were eating. Apparently, she was joking but still he lost track of time which happened quite often when he talked to Amy.

He entered the laundry room out of breath to find Penny there. She was taking out his laundry from the dryer.

"Hey, Sweetie. What are you running away from?" she greeted cheerily. "Didn't we tell you that the sound you heard from our kitchen sink is not rats just the pipe needs to be tightened?"

"Yes, you did, even though I will still call the exterminator to make sure," he said.

Penny rolled her eyes. "You know that you don't live there anymore, right?"

"That doesn't mean I shouldn't be cautious. What are you doing with my laundry?" Sheldon asked. He did not mind if he had to do other people laundry, as long as he knew them well, but he was not a fan of people touching his.

"Oh, it's yours? No wonder they look familiar. I'm taking them out because I need to use the dryer. All the other machines are being used," Penny said. "What did you do? You never left until you're done before."

"I needed to talk to Amy. Please, stop touching my clothes."

"Sweetie, relax. I'm just going to put them in the basket and then you can fold them. I'm basically doing you a favor," she said.

"I prefer not to."

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" she said pulling out something that looks like a plaid skirt and a matching tie. "Sheldon Cooper, you naughty!"

"Alright, that's enough," he panicked and nudged Penny aside to take over the task, before snatching the pieces of clothes from Penny's hand.

"I believe they're not yours." She chuckled.

"It's Amy's," he replied quickly wishing he could bury his head in the dryer to avoid the topic.

"I didn't know she likes to wear costumes. Didn't you say that she doesn't believe in wearing costume?"

"Well, she changed her mind," Sheldon quickly said before regretting his reply.

"I'm sure she did, Sweetie."

Sheldon blushed. He quickly finished the task. "I'm going to fold them in my apartment."

"Tell Amy I said hi," she teased.

Sheldon only glared at her.

Amy greeted Sheldon with a smile as he closed the apartment's door. She was on her laptop on the kitchen table.

He placed the laundry basket on the coffee table and sat on the couch. "I met Penny in the laundry room."

"Oh?" Amy replied. Sheldon and Penny met in the laundry room many times. "Tea?" she asked from the kitchen.

"No, thank you. Come here," he said patting the seat next to him.

She frowned but did as he told.

"I must warn you that she knows about the uniform," he said.

Amy instantly blushed. "How?" She never talked about this to Bernadette and Penny. She did not share much about what happened behind closed doors. As far as they knew, there were a lot of lectures. They were right, the lectures were just… different.

"She needed to use the dryer and mine was already done but I was still upstairs so she took out my laundry and that was when she saw it," he said calmly. "And I blame you."

"What? You were the one who left the laundry room before it was done," Amy defended herself.

"I would had not leave the laundry room if you didn't text me that crazy ideas for our centerpieces," he argued.

"It was a joke."

"And that joke of yours costs us our private life." Sure, he 'bragged' to the other guys about their coital tally but he did not tell them the real number. He needed to keep up his appearance.

Amy's shoulders plumped down. "I guess there's nothing else we can do now but to face it."

"The truth is going to come up anyway. Here," he said handing her a piece of clothes from the laundry basket. "Since it's your fault, some punishment is in order."

Amy saw the clothes and grinned. "You're right. I've been a very very bad girl," she said in a deep tone that showed no regret at all.

Sheldon nodded. Amy stood to go to the bedroom with the clothes in her hand. Sheldon used the chance to lock and deadbolt the front door before returning to his seat. He did not need any interruption tonight. Penny might had shared her discovery by now and the others might tease them tomorrow, but tonight, all he needed was Amy.

The sound of bedroom door opened brought him back to the present. Amy walked out in the school girl uniform that always weakened his knees. He tried to compose himself. They had plenty of time after all.

"It's time to receive your punishment, Miss Fowler," he said as he patted his lap.

That's all folks.

Consider this as some sort of a petition to bring back the school girl uniform.

Question: Have you ever seen Amy do the laundry on the show? I don't think I have but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Be kind to one another.