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VI - Remembering to Forget

Darkness surrounded me and well… I wasn't sure where I was. Maybe I was in the void again where I met that undead Spyro. Who knows. I found myself soon able to move once more luckily, and when I could move, I started to paddle my way through the emptiness. This all felt so odd and strange yet so familiar to me. Where was I? Am I actually dead? No no, it couldn't be that… It's too soon for that. Through my long dragon paddle through the nothingness I find myself hearing a voice. A familiar voice. It was Flame. I tried calling out but I clearly couldn't talk or make any sound for that matter. But why was he here...in the nothingness of my mind… was it something secret I've been hiding from myself? It must be that! I kept on my journey, legs getting tired, but I was getting closer and closer to my goal, but I was abruptly stopped by a sudden wall. An invisible wall, just sitting there within my mind. I pushed on it with my forepaws and I could feel it start to bend. I wasn't sure what I was doing or how it was working but I kept trying. Pushing and shoving more and more until I felt the invisible wall suddenly vanish from the touch of my paws and I fell through, landing in a brightly lit room. It looked like my room, though it was a bit cleaner and everything seemed neatly packed and placed. I took a scan of the room, taking note of where everything was placed and how I had placed it, that's when I saw him again.

"Flame!" I was finally able to shout out, which caught me off guard a bit.

"Ah… There you are my fine Black dragon… So nice to see you once again." He spoke the same as always, trying to impress me and seduce me for whatever reason he wants. He even strangely had a small hint of an accent that I'm not too familiar with. He seemed to always have some sort of accent when talking right to me and only me. "I'm sorry our last encounter had such an unfortunate turn around. You know I couldn't ever hurt you... "

"Yes, Flame I am very aware of that… But why are you in my head…?"

"You're telling me that you don't understand why? Well… I thought it would be obvious… I am here because this is where you kept your most cherished things." His words made me blush, and I turned my head away as he finished.

"I see… So that would explain why it's my room… But… I never liked you that much! That's what I don't get…"

"Cynder…" The flame red dragon strode up to me and sat down, placing a paw under my chin. I looked away again. "No one else here but you and me… And clearly, Spyro not being here is another sign of who you like more… It's okay to admit it here… No one else will hear…"

"...Flame... " I looked away again and flicked my tail, sighing gently before placing my forehead against his chest, sitting down. "I guess there is no lying to you when no one else has to hear it…" To be honest, he was very much correct about who I deemed more...suitable for me. It was him by far. He just...had everything. The looks, the strength, the voice...the personality...the...ugh I just couldn't stop myself from thinking so much about it. It started to hurt now at how much I started to remember. "I'm sorry things turned out this way Flame…" I tried to hold back the tears. Yeah, I know… Spyro and I have been best mates ever since that day he turned me away from Malefor's grasp. He had to be the one for me right? No… It was in fact Flame that had my heart in honesty. Ever since that day he moved to Warfang I had my eyes on him. We became quick friends. We both had similar likes and tastes in things. He liked my looks, always complimenting me, and I liked his looks. Though I never really said anything to him for fear that he would go to Spyro and say something. I did decide to say it one day though.

Warfang, five years ago

"Oh… Good morning Flame. How are you this fine day?"

"Oh, Cynder… No need to be so formal with me darling…" Flame moved his paw under my chin. Rumbling gently I press my head down into his loving paw.

"I never get this much attention from Spyro… He always says it distracts him… Though I know he does care for me." I looked away a bit, sitting down next to him. Flame and I were in a large grassy field, a few miles from Warfang. Spyro had gone out to some crazy adventure the Guardians sent him on. I was to remain at Warfang, as I haven't really been in touch with my elemental powers and I knew myself would be much help so I opted out anyway.

"Well… He'll be away for a good while so...we can have time to ourselves you know…" He turned his head to me and gave me a small smirk, to which I gently looked to the ground, and he nuzzled my cheek soothingly. "Don't fret Cynder… I'm sure we can have some fun in the meantime…" He placed a paw on my side and stroked it softly. He was getting more and more intimate with me as the days went on, and I didn't push him away. I know Spyro would be upset, but he was away, and no one would know but me...and Flame.

"Hey…" I placed a paw on his chest, pushing him back a bit. "Promise you won't say anything to anyone? I...I don't know how Spyro would react if he found out…"

"Don't worry Cynder… I promise I won't tell anyone…" He smiled softly and ran his paw along my cheek, sighing softly before standing up. He looked over my form before I found him pushing me over onto my side. I gasped and oofed as I fell onto my back, laying there, confused as he stood over my body. "Cynder… I don't care what anyone says… You are the most perfect Black Dragon I've known… I'm going to keep you as mine...forever mine…" He leaned his head down to mine, pressing his nose against mine. I haven't felt like this in a long while… The last time I've felt this excited about laying down was when I first met Spyro as my true self...not the one I was when under Malefor's control.

"Oh Flame… You… Look so stunning… and I love that…" I said, and for once, he smiled for something I said inspect of another compliment he gave me. He always complimented my looks, my eyes...even the sharp bits of my body. He even gave me some rather...lewd remarks about how they could be used.

"Heh… And you look so pleasing to the eye… Your scales shiny lovely against both sun and moon." I watched his snout move with the soft words he spoke, my tail twitching and my paws pressing on his chest lightly. "Now… if you don't mind… Let me get a good look at you…"

"What...what do you...O-o-ooohhh…." I gave out a soft release of breath as I felt his tongue against my scales and running down my body. "Mmmh… Bet Spyro never did this with you… bet he was never…" I felt his warm tongue run up my inner thigh and it twitched lightly. "this daring…"

Flame gently nuzzled my inner thigh and I sighed out again. I felt his larger paws grasp my legs and push them open, spreading them wide. I looked down to see what he was up to and my guess was right. He pressed his nose to my slit and sniffed, taking in the scent before licking it softly. I tensed at the first touch, but then calmed down. His tongue soothed the nervousness in my body and he kept me calm with his sentimental licking, or lack thereof a better word. I looked up at the sky and relaxed, letting his tongue delve in and explore a bit. Yes, this was wrong for enjoying it. I mean… Spyro was the one destined to be my mate… by Flame was just more appealing in every way. I let him have his fun down there before finding his tongue suddenly absent from my nethers and I looked up. I saw him standing over me again and when I looked down I saw his rod, dangling there between both our legs, coming right from his own slit. "Jeez Flame… You sure are...packing...aren't you…?" He simply smirked and leaned down.

"Glad you think so… I say we take this up a notch...no?" He wriggled his brows like some sort of perv, but he was a better kind of perv. One that at least cared about space and reason. I gave a simple nod of my head in response. I readied myself and began to push down on his own hips. It looked kinda silly but I was still a bit anxious. It left the tip of his pink tool push down against my nethers and I tensed once more before relaxing. He slowly laid his body on top of mine and I wrapped my paws around him, holding him close. "No one has to know now…"

"Just… Please be gentle...yeah?" Sure...my first was with Flame...but I didn't care… He was at least here for me, ready to care for my needs. I felt his hips grind along mine and his length move through my body, letting it stretch out my vaginal passage and continue to move through it. "Oh, lords Flame… You are massive…" I whine out to him, and all he did was a smirk and nuzzle my neck, soothing me at least.

"Shhh...shhh…. It's okay… Just enjoy yourself yeah..?" He smiled a bit and ran his paw against the back of my head. He kept up with the grinding and gentle thrusts, continuing to keep everything calm on my end. But...unfortunately, our fun was ended by a sudden shout of my name.


Cynder's Mind, Present

I pulled myself away from Flame's chest and sighed, standing up. "I should have just waited...otherwise you wouldn't be dead right now... I'm so sorry Flame… I wish things didn't turn out right this…"

"It's okay Cynder… It's my fault things went like this… Now… I'm gonna have to ask you to wake up… You still have a job to do…" I watched as Flame came closer and he lifted my chin up with his paw, sticking out his tongue. I did the same with my tongue. After a moment we touched and made it last for a small time before pulling away. He sighed and waved me off as I suddenly found myself in the empty void again in the blink of an eye.

"Flame? FLAME?! Oh, lords help me…" I began to paddle through the emptiness again. I had to remember that Flame told me to wake up, and I tried, but I couldn't. I continued to try and try but still couldn't. How was I supposed to wake up when no one was around to shock me or scare me. I sighed and continued to paddle once again, whining lightly before my head perked, and I heard a voice call out… -Wake up Cynder… It's time to wake up… Wake….up….-

"Wake up!"

"Ah, fuck!" On a sudden impulse, I stood up and slashed the closest thing to me, luckily it was a tree that took the wrath of my sharpened claws. "Where am I?!" I turned and looked to see Narzel and Satoshi sitting on the ground where I had been laying. I could tell I was laying there from the pool of blood, but I felt healed. Thank the lords for Narzel and his healing powers.

"Oh, Cynder you are okay… Thank goodness. We were so worried that Narzel may have been too late…" Satoshi sighed, relieved that I was okay.

"Cynder! You're alive!" Narzel came floating up to me and coiled around me like a snake, which was quite new to me. This must be his way of hugging. "I was super duper worried about you!"

"Oh! Heh… I'm glad to see the both of you still alive…"

"Indeed to the both of you as well. Now with that aside, let us figure out where this Crystal Shard is… after all, we have reached Nytogo Forest… Let us hope for a safe travel through this time." Satoshi pulled the map out from my backpack and nodded a small bit, looking at it. Narzel patted my head before uncoiling from my body. Well...action time again. At least I'll have my dragon medic and Samurai wolf with me this time!

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