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Chapter 1:Not Everything Happy Lasts Forever.

Pairings:Harry/OC,Ron/Hermione,Lilly Evans Potter/James Potter,Sirius Black/Marlene Micknnon Black,OC/OC,and others.

Disclaimer:Harry Potter doesn't belong to me,it belongs to the great author J. ,but the OC's does.

Not Everything Happy Lasts Forever

In a cold September night,hidden in Godric's Hollow,was a small house,the house was simple and warm,welcoming,

there lived the Blacks,a very pureblood family,they followed the say: 'Tonjours Pur',It means,always pure,until Sirius Black III,had broke the tradition and became a Gryffindor and friends with the Potter heir,James Potter,his parents didn't have any problem with the Potters,they were from one of the most purest families in all of Britain,but they were as Walburga and Orion Black said, 'blood traitors',because they were friends with the Weaslys and Prewets and Longbottoms,He didn't stop there,he befriended Remus Lupin,a werewolf,and Peter Petigrew,a scrawny small boy.

Not much to say,Sirius was disowned at the age of sixteen,and ran away to James's house to live with him,James's had welcomed him with open arms,he got married at the age of eighteen to Marlene Micknnon,Now Black,a double wedding with James,who married Lilly Evans,a muggle-born,witch means that their children will be half-bloods,but they didn't care.

Sirius and Marlene had Lionel Sirius Balck at age nineteen,Sirius was so freaked out,and when his infant son had been placed in his arms for the first time,he swore to protect him and keep him safe,James was the godfather,and Lilly was the godmother,a year later and Marlene was pregnant again,and so was Lilly,and the war that was going on didn't stop,only it grew larger,and Voldemort was getting stronger,people were dying,Muggles and Wizards,no place was safe,and you couldn't trust anybody.

Halfway through their pregnancy,Lilly and Marlene found out that there is a prophecy,taking about the one who will defeat Voldemort,the choosen one will be born in the end of July,and they both feared for themselves and their babies,and warned Alice Longbottom,who was also pregnant.

Lilly's and Marlene's relief had washed them up when Neville Longbottom was born on the end of July,not excacly the end,but enough to say in the end of the month,but Lilly had gave birth to Harry James Potter,on 31st of July,witch meant he was the choosen one,Dumbledore warned the Longbottoms and Potters to go into hiding from Voldemort,Marlene on the other hand,gave birth to a baby girl,Cinderella Marlene Black,on the 2nd of August,this time,Remus was made the godfather and Lilly,again,the godmother.

Now,the small house that the Blacks lived in was cozy,Marlene was watching her one year old daughter play with her two years old son,she smiled as she heard their laughter,Sirius wasn't here,he was on a mission for the Order Of Pheonix,The Order was a group that Albus Dumbledore had created,and they entered to fight against the death eaters,but halfway through the year,Dumbledore had discovered a traitor between them,witch got problems between everyone,some of them,including Sirius and James,thought that it was Remus,Lilly and Marlene had yelled at them,just because Remus was a werewolf doesn't mean he will betray them.

Marlene sighed and leaned against the sofa she was sitting on,suddnely there were footsteps outside,Marlene got up quickly and looked outside the window,she covered her mouth as she saw four people wearing black hoodies, walking over the house,when they were a few feet away,one of them took of the hoodie only to Bellatrix Lestrange,smirking evilly,she raised her wand and shouted 'Riductto',the gate and the front door was destroyed.

Marlene hurried and took both Cindy and Lionel and ran up the stairs,trying not to make a sound as she panted,she entered hers and Sirius's room and putted her children in the closet,holding her wand tightly and moved away from the closet so it will not look suspicious,she waited and prayed silently for her children to be quite,the door was blasted open and Marlene covered her face as smoke and ash surrounded the room,she coughed and Belllatrix along with her husband,Rudolph Lestrange and his brother Rabistan and Lucious Malfoy came into the room.

"Well Well Well",Bellatrix chanted as she moved her wand from hand to another,"Isn't the filthy blood-traitor my cousin married",she shot a curse at the blond and Marlene dodged it.

"Where are the children scum?!",Malfoy demanded,Marlene glared trying not to look at the closet.

"Never!",Marlene swore and Bellatrix grinned,she raised her wand and pointed it at Marlene.

"Well,have to do it the hard way",The female death eater said lowly and dangersouly," Crucio",She shouted as she pointed her wand at Marlene.

Marlene screamed in pain and fell to the floor,the curse was left off her and once again putted on,she screamed louder,and after a couple of curses,she felt something like water come down her head,she realised it was her own blood.

"Are you ready to talk now?",Bella asked in a false sweet tone,Marlene shook her head and this time it wasn't Bella who spoke.

"Let's kill her!,now!,she will never tell us anything!",Lucious growled and raised his wand at her.

"Fine Lucious,you do it",Bella said and moved away,Malfoy smirked.

"Avada Kedavra",He shouted and a bright green light came out of his wand.

The last thing that Marlene Balck saw was a green light,before she took her last breath and her soul left her body forever.

"Let's burn the house",Rabistan suggested,"If the children are here they will burn along with her corpse".

Rudolph nodded in agreement and Bella stared at them before she nodded,she ordered them to start a fire along with her,not even five minutes later,the once beautiful and welcoming house is now on fire and almost destroyed.

The death eaters left with the Dark Mark in ths sky right above the burning house,when Sirius Black came,he was frozen in shock when he saw his house on fire with the Dark Mark above it,he came to his conscious and ran in the house,up the stairs.

"MARLENE!,IT IS ME SIRIUS!,MARLENE WHERE ARE YOU?!",Sirius shouted searching every room in the house,"MAR-"

He stopped once he saw his wife's body on the ground,her bright blue eyes wide open and body cold as ice,Sirius ran gathering her in his arms,crying into her hair.

"No No No No,come on Mar!,WAKE UP MARLENE COME ON",When she didn't move he cried harder,"I am sorry I should of never went to that stupid mission,I am sorry Mar,I promise I will never do it again,but please come back!".

A baby's cries woke him up from his grief,he remembered their children and ran over to the sound in the closet,he took his crying children and held them tightly.

"Hush,Dada is here",Sirius soothed nit minding to wipe his tears,"Dada is here",he kept chanting that until he heard a male voice calling him.

"SIRIUS!,IT IS ME JAMES!,SIRIUS WHERE ARE YOU-",James came running into the room,once he saw Marlene's body he cried,she was his cousin,almost his sister,he took her as his sister,he ran over Sirius,"Sirius,we have to get you out of here!,carry L and Cindy and I will get Marlene okay?!",Sirius nodded numbly and hurried to carry the body in his arms.

They both apperated to James's house,Sirius still holding his children tightly,they were both asleep,Lilly hurried over.

"James!,Are they ok?",She asked running over to Sirius,Sirius nodded and allowed his children to be taken away and put in a crib,Sirius walked over to James and took Marlene from him,James wiped his tears.

"I am sorry Padfoot,I can't imagine life without Lilly..",James whispered sadly,Sirius broke down and held the body of his wife in his arms.

James hugged him tightly,Sirius sobbed roughly,"It is my fault!,if I had been in the house,Mar wouldn't be..",He couldn't even say the word dead.

"No it isn't Pads,you know that",James comforted hugging his best friend tightly.

"I should of known this would of happened!",Sirius argued.

"No one would of excpeted that to happen",James argued back.

"I should of knwon not everything happy lasts forever..",Sirius whispered.

James didn't respond,instead he hugged Sirius tighter.