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Chapter 6:Diagon Alley.

Pairings:Harry Potter/OC,Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger,James Potter/Lilly Evans,Sirius Black/Marlene Mckinnon,OC/OC.

Disclaimer:Harry Potter doesn't belong to me,It belongs to the great author J.K.Rowling but the OCs does.

Diagon Alley

The sun rose shinning on a hot August day,morning had came and the weather is just perfect to go out to Diagon Alley and buy the school supplies,Andormeda woke up early to wake them and let them have breakfast and bath before they go to Diagon Alley,saying it will be too crowded if they go at noon,the children ate their food while talking excitedly,eager to go to Diagon Alley and have their school supplies to go to Hogwarts at the 1st of September.

"I heard that the Nimbus two thousand is in the Quidditch Supplies store!,can you believe that?!,we can finally see it!!",Lionel said happily,Cindy squealed in delight,she and her brother loved Quidditch dearly,after all,who doesn't love Quidditch?,Of course if that person is an idiot then yes,he doesn't love Quidditch.

"And I can't wait to get my wand!!!,I had wanted one ever since you had went and bought one!,I am very excited!",Cindy said excitedly,Andormeda chuckled.

"Well,if you had finished eating,go and bath,We will be going soon",Andormeda said and the Black siblings left their empty plates and hurried upstairs,racing to be the first to bath and get ready.

It ended up with Lionel bathing first,he didn't take long though,he finished in five minutes,Cindy had even took lesser time than him,she was very ecxited that she is going to go to Hogwarts very much that she is doing everything super fast.

"Okay Lionel,you are the first to go",Andormeda said as she handed Lionel the floo powder,Lionel took a fistful of it and went to the fireplace.

"Diagon Alley!",He said in a firm and loud voice,flames lit up and he disspared,Cindy was next,and then Andormeda,as the three of them were finally in Diagon Alley,Andormeda guided them to Madam Malkines.

The old lady was very happy to see them,and greeted them with open arms,she told Cindy to stand on a footstool next to a short and black haired girl.

"Hello",The girl said as she adjusted her arms as Madam Malkines started to pin her black robe to the right size.

"Hi",Cindy said as she smiled at the girl,the girl smiled back,she had a beautiful face with brown eyes,her skin is light brown.

"My name is Letasha Kayamboo,I am Indian,Are you a first year too?",The girl asked smiling at Cindy,Cindy nodded as another woman came and slipped a black robe over her head and started to pin it to the right size.

"Yes,this is my first year at Hogwarts,My name is Cinderella Black,my brother calls me Cindy,he is the one who made that nickname,My Aunt and Uncle along with their daughter followed",Cindy said as she stood still as the woman pinned the robe.

"You can call me Tasha for short,I have two brothers,Shaben and Denarsh,Shaben is two years younger than me and Denarsh is four years younger than me",Tasha told Cindy,trying to look at Cindy without bothering Madam Malkines.

"That is nice,having more than one sibling,but I still love my brother though,Lionel is very kind and sweet,I can never wish to have a better brother",Cindy said smiling at the thought of her brother.

"What house do you want to be in?",Cindy asked and lifted her head up as the woman started to pin the robe around her chest.

"I hope Gryffindor,How about you?",Tasha answered.

"I hope Gryffindor too,my brother is in that house,he said he has a lot of friends there and it is the best house",Cindy replied.

"You are not a muggle-born,right?,not that I have anything agaisnt them,my uncle is a muggle-born,but you know very much about Hogwarts",Cindy asked,Tasha shook her head.

"No,my father is a pure-blood,my mother is a muggle,I am a half-blood",Tasha answered,"How about you?"

"I was told that I am a pure-blood,my mother was from a very wealthy and rich pure-blood family and married my father who also came from a pure-blood family who is very rich and wealthy,my mom died when I was one year old,my brother was two,we never got the chance to see her,my father is in Azkaban,we never get the chance to meet our parents",Cindy said quitly swallowing a huge lump in her throat.

"I am sorry to hear",Tasha said as he eyes softened and her brown eyes showed pity.

"It is okay,it isn't your fault",Cindy said as she held back tears.

"Well dear,You are ready!",Madam Malkines told Tasha,Tasha jumped from the stool and smiled at Cindy.

"It was nice to meet you Cindy,see you on the Hogwarts express",Tasha said as she held her hand out.

"It was nice to meet you too,I hope to see you there too",Cindy said as she shook her hand and smiled at her.

"Goodbye",Tasha said and went to her parents who were paying for the robes.

Cindy smiled at the brown eyed girl,she seemed to make friends from now,the woman told Cindy that she finished,Cindy thanked her and gave her the money before leaving with Lionel who had met with some boy.

"Cindy this is John Jacob Smith,My best friend,a half-blood and a bit of an idiot",Lionel introduced,John had light brown eyes with white skin and black hair,he was handsome,He kicked Lionel.

"My grades are higher than yours",John said as he kicked Lionel,"Hi I am John Smith",he held his hand out for Cindy.

"Cindy Black",Cindy said as she smiled at him and shook his hand,he smiled back.

a brunette girl with sapphire blue eyes and a pale skin came over to them,she looked around Lionel's age,"Lionel and John,I had been looking for you everywhere!",She exclaimed.

"Well,we were at Madam Malkines,And this is Cindy my little sister,Cindy this is Diana Williams,my other best friend",Lionel introduced again.

"Nice to meet you",Cindy said as she shook Diana's hand smiling,Diana smiled back.

"Nice to meet you too",Diana said smiling.

The four of them walked in Diagon Alley,when Andormeda met them,she was holding a surprise for Cindy,she bought her an owl,a barny and beautiful one,Cindy hugged her Aunt tightly thanking her repeatedly,Andormeda was smiling as she entered with Cindy to Ollivander's,while the children were with their friends,Andormeda bought their books and cauldrons.

"Mr.Ollivander",Cindy called,an old man with white hair came,he smiled at Cindy.

"Miss.Black,I was waiting for you,I knew that you will get your wand for Hogwarts",Ollivander said as he moved to the shelves.

"Try this one",Ollivander said,Cindy did and it broke a vase,Ollivander gave her another one and the light shattered,a few other wands until it finally stopped at one.

"Birch wand with Phoenix core,11 inches",Ollivander said,Cindy took it and gave it a wave,a few sparks came out of it,Andormeda sighed in relief and gave Ollivander seven gallons,thanking him,Cindy got out of the store happily.

They found Lionel and John drooling at the Nimbus two thousand with Diana rolling her eyes at them,They had to drag Lionel home,on the same night,Cindy slept knowing that the only thing left is going to Hogwarts,nor having any idea about the adventures that await for her.