As far as hunters go, the Novak family are best and brightest. In fact, they're the oldest of all the ancient hunting families. For longer than some of the things they hunt, their family has been protecting the world from all that goes bump in the night. Now it's Gabriel, Castiel, and Hazel's (OC) turn. With their father gone and siblings fighting they're forced to take up the mantel themselves to the best of their abilities. Of course, that's easier said than done. Ill forces are circling them, drawing them into something they don't understand. Something that could end the world and everything good. With this huge risk on their shoulders all they can turn to is two angels hell bent on helping them stop it, and hope they can manage.

Reverse! Verse. Angel Dean, Angel Sam. Human Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Michael. And some others.

Always and forever.

Whispers flitted across the consciousness like a soft breeze as the babe cried.

Always and forever.

A mantra filling the air with a chilly finality even as his family celebrated.

Always and forever.

A promise. A curse. One that should never have been thrust upon so one so innocent. So young.

"Destiny cannot be changed." A voice echoed his thoughts, dark wings flashing in the starlight. "But it doesn't always end as bad as we think."

"You may be right sister, but it would take a miracle to fix this. Too many forces work againt him." White wings ruffled in agitation. "How can we save him…..any of them from this?"

"We stop them then." Her voice whispered, "We work against those that who work against them."

"They're know if we do. They'll stop us."

"Then we stay hidden. Working from the shadows just like they are. But deeper. Deep enough that we become nothing more than a memory."

He nodded, white wings taking him closer to peer into the little house before them. Piercing blue eyes met his own, cooing softly. This was their hope. Or ruin. Wrapped amongst blankets, nestled in his mother's arms. Obvlious to the trials that would one day be on his shoulders.

"He's so little." Hazel softly said as she looked down at her new little brother in thier mother's arms. Hesitantly she reached out, letting him grab her finder. "Hi Castiel."

"No fair," Luke's voice whined from the doorway, "why does she get to go first?"

"Gabe and Hazel first." Their father called from the hall as he moved to join them, setting down down Gabriel so he could run to his twin's side. "Both you and Michael have had a chance to meet a new sibbling before."

"Of course father." Michael said, smirking at Luke.

"You wanted in first too." Luke snapped back, "You're the one who pushed Gabriel down."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Enough." Their father didn't raise his voice, but it filled the room and made them bother freeze. He placed a hand on each of their shoulders and squeezed slightly in warning. "Stop fighting or you won't be allowed in at all."

"Yes sir." They both chimed, throwing each other dirty looks, but neither said another word.

"Hiya Cassie." Gabriel said with a smile as he moved next to his twin, "I'm Gabriel. THe best of all your brothers. When you grow up we'll have a lot of fun eating candy and pranking everyone."

"Gabriel." Their mother warned, but he just gave her and innocent smile and reached out to let Catiel take his finger as well.

Smiling at the image of the twins on either side of her little boy, their mother leaned forward and whispered to them. "You'll always protect him won't you two? That's what big siblings do. Right?"
Hazel nodded solemnly, her eyes never leaving Castiel's. Gabriel nodded, beaming proudly and puffing out his chest like only a three year-old could. "Of course. We'll be the be the best big siblings ever!"