Hazel stepped out of the Impala, stretching to loosen her muscles. Driving was fun, but with how far they had to travel some days it could be a real pain. That was the life of a hunter though, and she knew a decent rest would take care of any lingering aches and pains. It was something their father had always pressed upon them. Even just an hour of sleep could mean the difference between life and death.

Of course, that wasn't the only thing their dad had taught them. Hazel mused, reaching back inside the car she pulled out the bag of greasy diner food and drink tray, making sure they were secure. When she was little she hadn't realized how quickly grease could ruin the bottom and had picked up a bag only to have it spill on the floor. Luke and Gabriel had laughed at her, and Mike had sighed in disappointment. Their father had watched passively then announced that they would be skipping dinner. He explained the importance of making sure you were careful with food and money. It had been a lesson on being careful and always taking care of what you owned, whether that was a lot or a little. One she had never forgotten.

Shaking herself from the memories, Hazel made her way to their room, juggling the bag while she opened the door. "Im back." She called, closing the door and locking it behind her. "Got food."

"My salvation!" Gabriel cried, dashing over from the couch where he had been watching TV. He grabbed the bag and carried it over to the table before setting it down and rummaging through it. "My double bacon chili cheeseburger." He smiled and sat down to unwrap it.

"And your chocolate peanut butter with M&M's and cookie dough pieces shake." Hazel set the drink down in front of him and set down the drink tray.

Gabriel's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas and he paused his inhalation of his burger to take a sip. "Sweet, sweet perfection."

"Sure." Hazel rolled her eyes, taking out her own order as well as Cass'. "Coming Cass?"

Cass looked up from his place on the bed with his laptop and nodded. "I will be over shortly. I just need to finish this email to Carlos. He needed a few more details to help us figure out what we're hunting." He focused his attention back on the screen and began typing once again.

"Cassie's been at it all morning." Gabriel said, mouth full of food. Hazel scowled, but knew if she mentioned it he'd only do it more. Manners were not her brother's strong suit. "He's been all work and no play. Rather dull."

"Wasting time will only lead to more deaths." Castiel said, "We need to figure out what's killing people in this town so we can find it and deal with it."

"Doesn't mean you need to email every hunter contact we have to see if we can find any info. Just post it to one of those secret message boards Balthazar set up and check back in an hour." Gabriel explained, trying to steal a fry off Hazel's plate.

Smacking away her twin's hand, Hazel sipped at her soda. "Your work ethic is admirable Cass, but you should really come eat. We didn't get much of a breakfast thanks to someone 'spilling' hot sauce all over it." She glared at Gabriel who smiled cheekily. She knew the look, she often wore it with him when they pulled pranks together. It was the innocent, "I can't help myself" look that would either endear them to or add an enemy to an ever growing list.

Castiel sighed and nodded, making a few more keystrokes before setting the laptop aside and making his way over to the table. "It was not my attention to skip lunch. The message board is fine for information, which is how I knew Carlos had some information for us about this hunt. I figured emailing him would only help us."

"Makes sense Cass." Hazel smiled, passing him his burger. "Regular burger. Normal fixings. Wheat bun."

"Thank you. I appreciate it." He unwrapped his burger and bit into it with a smile.

Happy both of her brothers were eating Hazel turned back to her own grilled chicken sandwich and continued to eat. She couldn't keep the smile off her face despite trying. It had been years since she had sat down to anything that resembled a family meal and she had missed it. It wasn't fancy and it wasn't everyone, but it was a good change. Gabriel and her never really sat down together to eat unless they were at a diner. Which wasn't the same. The last time she could remember sitting down to any sort of family dinner was the night they had made the decision to leave.

Back at their childhood home (or Casa de Novak as Gabriel had called it) family dinner nights were a common thing. Whoever was home; be it Novak, Shurley, Edlund, Milton, or any other hunter who was visiting, you were expected to gather around the table for dinner. It was their mother's rule. One that was kept up after her death to honor her memory. Their father insisted on it, so much that they continued it even after they started traveling with him for hunts. During that time the house remained cold and empty, but the family dinners continued wherever they went.

That last night, it had just been Michael, Gabriel, Castiel and herself. Just the Novaks, minus Luke who had run off a couple of months before. The four of them had gathered around the table for dinner and the atmosphere was tense. It had been ever since the fighting began, but that day it had been different.

Hazel had always thought of it like a wound that had scabbed over, beginning to bleed once again. And all that tension bleeding through had set them on edge. Castiel had grown quiet and withdrawn, old enough to understand what was going on but too young to truly comprehend. Gabriel was torn between being broken-hearted at Luke's leaving and anger at his betrayal. He had been confused at how to feel about it and his jokes had taken on a sharp bitter edge. Hazel herself had spent more time sitting around aimlessly or baking away her feelings in over sweetened goodies. Michael's reaction had been the worst and what Hazel identified as the final straw. Gone was the loving but strict brother. In his place there were words laces with suppressed fury. A fury he had turned on them without realizing it.

Michael and Luke had always fought, but they had also always been close. No matter how much they fought, they were still siblings. But something had changed since their father died. The bond between them had broken. Broken and become a twisted, mutated virus that had started to turn them against each other. It'd created a fury burning in each of them that never stopped A fury that had turned them against each other.

Sitting down at the table no one had spoken, the tension hanging in the air. Hazel had laid out their meal, an old casserole recipe of their mother's they had all loved. It was simple to make and had never failed to bring happy smiles to their faces. Her own attempt to try and lighten the atmosphere. It had seemed to work in her favor for a while. Gabriel had been more like his joyful self. Cracking jokes and launching into an animated discussion about the latest episode of his favorite TV show, Dr Sexy M.D.. Castiel had listened entertained, asking questions whenever Gabriel got too carried away in his retelling. Hazel had made sure to throw cautionary glares his way whenever she felt the topic was too old for him. Everything had been going good.

Then Michael had spoken. His voice had been soft but harsh. Barely above the level of talking yet it had felt like he was using a bullhorn. He began with a simple question, one that shifted the mood 180 degrees. It wasn't a hard question, nor was it particularly shocking to come from Michael, but it changed their whole relationship in one moment. No longer was he the slightly uptight, do-good brother. Now he was judge, jury, and executioner condemning them to a death only he saw as right. Condemning them with four harmless words. "What are you doing?" It encompassed everything Michael thought of them and created a rift that Hazel wasn't sure could ever be fixed.

One simple question and he accused them of not taking things seriously. One breath he accused them of being bad hunters and dishonoring the memory of their father. Questioned their loyalty to their family. Named them as dirty of scum as the monsters they hunted. Four simple words that in any other moment; said with any other voice couldn't cause as much damage as they did.

All it took was that one question and since then their relationship had become rocky, all of them dancing on eggshells at its best; apocalyptic at its worst. It had destroyed any chance Hazel could see of them all sitting down for a family dinner again. A thought filled with a finality she didn't want to acknowledge. A thought she would never say allowed to keep from making it a reality.

"Hazel, is something wrong with your sandwich?" Castiel asked, pulling her out of her thoughts. Her sandwich was in her hand, uneaten and starting to cool off.

"No, just got distracted by a thought." She smiled, not wanting to worry him or Gabriel who was also staring at her with slight concern. Turning aside his query through the bond, she went back to eating her food.

"Must've been rather profound to distract you from food." Gabriel said, clearly pouting at being shut out from her thoughts.

"Not really. Just needed the extra brain power to get through it." She took a sip of her soda. "I was trying to figure out who'd win in a fight between a shifter and a ghoul." She lied, watching as Gabriel's eyes lit up with a challenge. Placing the supernatural creatures they hunted in fictional cage matches was one of their more fun past times. They usually reserved it for long drives, but Hazel knew it would distract him from prying any further.

"Totally calling a shifter. They would just keep changing and confuse the ghoul easy-peasey."

Hazel shook her head. "If it was a cage match, the shifter wouldn't have anywhere to hide and change. I'm going with ghoul."

"You never said there was an actual physical cage." Gabriel argued back and Hazel noticed Castiel smile as he cleaned up the wrappers from their meal. He seemed amused by their arguing and she counted that as a bonus for her quick distraction as Gabriel continued. "There never was one in any other match."

Hazel shrugged, finishing off her sandwich and balling up the wrapper. Feigning indifference she chucked it into the bin and put her feet up on the table. "Never said there couldn't be one. Would you like to change your choice now? Not that it matters. You'll lose either way."

"No, I don't want to change. I'm sticking with it." Gabriel snapped back, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair. "You're not tricking me into picking the wrong side. I've pulled the same schtick often enough myself."

"If that's what you think, go right ahead. But either way the ghoul would win."

"No, it wouldn't."

"It totally would."





"No. And that's final. The shifter would win. They're smarter." Gabriel snapped, sticking out his tongue."

Frustrated didn't even begin to cover Gabriel's mood as he ran down the hall with his twin. Not only had they not managed to save the victim, they had lost their only weapon to kill the damn thing. Remind me to buy two crossbows next time we go shopping. He shot the thought at Hazel, slipping and sliding around the corner into another hallway. Why did offices have so many damn hallways?

Hazel didn't reply to his remarks, but Gabriel picked up on a faint impression of her eye roll as they made it through the double doors at the end of the hall. Together they slid to a stop and slammed them shut. She threw home the bolt while he grabbed something to brace it against the door. They worked in perfect sync. Something they had perfected from years of hunting together. It helped that they could read each other's intention through the bond, but Gabriel liked to think even without that they would have been fine. Afterall, that's what their father had trained them for. To be the perfect hunters.

"We need a new game plan." Hazel said, catching her breath. "We have to lead it to Cass. He's got the other crossbow." Her fingers were flying across her phone screen, texting Cass even as she explained the plan to him. "We lead Mr. Antoney through the building to the main doors. That hallway was the straightest point in the entire place. Cass lines up the shot and shoots as soon as we duck clear of the doors. There's no way Mr. Antoney could dodge or manage to sneak up on him and break the other crossbow."

"Mr. Antoney? That's not a person Sis. Not anymore. Shredding people to bits and eating their hearts isn't 'people' behavior. It's werewolf." Gabriel snapped back as a slam and howl from down the closed door hallway indicated the werewolf had found their trail. He wasn't actually completely sold on the fault of everything being on Mr. Antoney. He hadn't asked to become a werewolf. That fault could be attributed to the guy's ex-wife. She apparently couldn't handle his trips to the bar every weekend and skipped AA to go straight to the cursing. 'Cause that made sense. So it wasn't the guys fault that he turned into a crazy, man-eating werewolf and managed to somehow get the drop on Gabriel himself and breaking his favorite (and by that he meant newest) crossbow.

"He's a hexenwulf." Hazel corrected on instinct, sighing. "And we don't have choice. We've barely got a lead on him as it is. I'd really rather not become it's dinner." She moved through the rows of cubicles towards the door that would lead to the main doors for the building. Her brisk manner reminded him of their Dad, or Michael, and Gabriel suppressed a shudder. "Let's get moving."

Clearly not allowed an argument. Gabriel half thought/half sent the comment through their bond as he followed behind. It wasn't that he didn't trust her plan or Cass' skills in getting the job done. Afterall, Cass had been trained the same way they had. Most likely his time had been even stricter with Michael at the helm. So it had nothing to with Cass' skills. Just that he was their baby brother. No matter how much he grew or how old he was, Gabriel couldn't deny his family instinct to protect him. Afterall, that was one of the top family rules: "Always protect your family, no matter what."

And a little of it was from working with another hunter other than Hazel. Sometimes Balthazar would join them, or they'd bump into other hunters while working; but usually it was just them. Which worked perfect. Afterall no one could read him as well as she did. It was a lot easier to work with someone when they were you.

Following after her, Gabreil picked up the pace, the thud on the door behind them the perfect motivator. Together they took off at the thuds changed and grew to a tremendous crash as the doors burst open. An echo of metal ringing as it smacked the wall followed them Apparently the barricade hadn't been very good. Which gave them less time than planned to get to the ambush point where Cass would hopefully be ready to take the shot.

And not miss. Gabriel thought, feeling a little guilty. Cass didn't deserve his distrust, but he wasn't very keen on becoming the Hexenwulf's next meal.

Castiel wiped his hands off on his pants for the third time, trying to calm himself down. His nerves were unfounded and the situation should not have been affecting him like it was currently doing. He had been trained to this from birth. After all, that's what their family did. Hunted the evil that went bump in the night preying upon innocents. They spent their entire lives training to save people, or as Gabriel called it, "the family business". It was all they knew.

Which is why he shouldn't be nervous. He had been training for this since he was young.

He had been in far more dangerous situations than he currently was. His third solo hunt had been against a couple of ghouls who had managed to sink the floor right underneath his feet into the old mosulem they called home. He hadn't panicked anywhere half as bad as he was now. Rather, covered in dust he had just moved forward. Taking care of the ghouls in the practiced manner of a soldier, as Michael had taught him.

Of course, that had been when he was on his own. There was a difference between your own life being in danger and the lives of those you love. He was all set up for the shot, using a nearby dumpster to rest his arms on with the crossbow. He was particularly accurate with his shots as well, so he shouldn't be worried about missing. Hazel and Gabriel were going to lead the Hexenwulf down the exit hallway which would limit its ability to dodge the shot. All he needed was to aim and shoot. SImple and efficient.

Except for the fact that if he missed, Hazel or Gabriel would pay the consequences. If he shot too early he risked hitting one of them. Shoot too late and the Hexenwulf would be upon them and it did not need much more that couple of seconds. They had been only feet behind Mr. Antoney and his friend when they left the bar. At most it been 10 feet behind the two. More than close enough to have been spotted if either of the men had been in any condition to notice them. They had followed the two towards the parking structure where Mr. Antoney's car was parked and as the two turned the corner there had been a shout. A quick dash around the corner had led them to the body of Mr. Antoney's friend and the shape of the Hexenwulf vanishing into the under-construction office building he now sat just outside of.

The exact office building he was sitting outside to focus and make a very important shot. Castiel reminded himself, focusing back on the task at hand. Only seconds could have passed in his musing, but that was enough to have caused a mistake. Michael had taught him better than that. He realigned his shot the few millimeters he would need, training the crossbow site back into the middle of the dark hallway before him. Deep breath. Focus. Listen. That was what he needed to do now, so that's what he focused his brain on doing. Loosening his finger on the crossbow's trigger he took a breath and settled into the shot, waiting.

It felt like forever before Castiel heard the rustling of movement from the dark hall. Seconds later faded lights bobbed about as Hazel and Gabriel came dashing down the hall. Echoes of their footsteps and breath chased them down the hallway as well as the sound of the Hexenwulf right behind them. Crashes and the skittering of claws indicated it's speed had picked up and Castiel took one more deep breath and sighted down the crossbow. As soon as his siblings were clear, he would shoot. Before the Hexenwulf even made it out of the hallway.

The shadows in the hallway grew more defined and Castiel could make out slight features in the bobbing lights. They were moving fast and approaching the exit quickly. Step by step they moved, the Hexenwulf clearly gaining on them with every step. He was only going to get one shot. He had seconds to pick his moment.

Four seconds.

Three. Hazel and Gabe finally hit the slight patch of moonlight entering from the doorway. Castiel shifted his finger slightly.

Two. They hit the doorway and the Hexenwulf became visible reaching out. Eyes glowing as they reflected the moonlight.

One. He tensed his finger ready to shoot as Hazel and Gabe dove to the sides of the doorway.

Green flashed in his vision and he froze.. Moonlight. The thought snuck up on him and Castiel felt as if time slowed down. Wait till it's in the moonlight.

Unsure of where the thought came from Castiel felt himself pause long enough for Gabriel to shout something his way and catch the Hexenwulf's attention completely. It turned towards him and readied itself to spring, taking that final step out into the complete light. Castiel pulled the trigger. The shot flew true, striking the beast in mid-charge. It collapsed as did Gabriel beneath it.

"Shoot!" Gabriel shouted, cursing mentally as it seemed Castiel had frozen. Not the smartest move seeing as the Hexenwulf turned towards him. It's yellow animal eyes bore into his gaze and he felt his flight response kick into high gear. Too bad he was already tapped out from their frantic dash down the hall. The hexenwulf's muscles bunched and Gabriel closed his eyes as he tried to dive out of the way.

Thwack. Then immense weight was all Gabriel knew until he opened his eyes and heard two voices shout his name. Feeling the weight crushing him start to fade as the Hexenwulf changed back into Mr. Antoney. "Fine." he coughed and she struggled out from under the body. Not the easiest feat, but once Cass arrived to help lift the body off him it went smoother.

"Nice shot Cass. How'd you figure out it had to be in the moonlight for the shot to work?" Hazel asked, clearly having put something together that Gabriel hadn't. Not that he couldn't figure it out from her thoughts, but he was a little more focused on catching his breath.

"Something told me to wait." Castiel looked confused, frowning. "Maybe it was something I had read in the research or something." He didn't look convinced completely but he shrugged it off. "But I'm glad I did. Otherwise it wouldn't have worked."

"And I'd be dead meat." Gabriel finished, smiling jokingly, "Until you explained it I was gonna get on your case and yell like Mikey saying you needed more training. Assuming you had frozen."

Castiel gave him a frosty glare, "I would not freeze. I was nervous about the shot seeing as I was working with people I care about, but I would have still made the shot." Clearly he didn't even like Gabriel joking about any possible lack of skill. Michael may have taught him

Might just be the feeling of the lack of trust. Hazel's voice added and Gabriel knew that sounded much more like Cass. He wasn't Michael, too proud of his skills to ever take any criticism or correction. Nor was he Luke, too arrogant in his assurance of his own skills to ever admit he could be wrong. Cass was just a hard worker striving to do what good he could in the world and for his family.

"Sorry Cassie." Gabriel said, using the nickname to get an eye roll and lighten the mood a bit. "I know you're better than that. Your shooting skills are better than Mikey's for sure."

"But not better than yours." Castiel said honestly, making Gabriel smirk.

Of course none of his siblings could beat him. Any of the weapons they used he had worked harder and longer than anyone else. Plus he had some natural talent like their mom, which worked in his favor.

"Don't feed his ego or his head will be too big to get into the Impala.." Hazel scoffed, checking over Mr. Antoney to make sure he was dead. She pulls out the bolt checking it over to see if it's reusable. "Let's get this cleaned up and get going. Stop at a bar and have a celebratory drink."

"Or two, three, four…" Gabriel added with a smirk as he headed back to the impala parked at the end of the alleyway to grab the tarp they use for bodies. That way they could carry the bodies easier and keep the trunk a lot cleaner.

Cass shook his head at Gabriel as Hazel laughed and wiped the bolt off on Mr. Antoney's clothes. As a group they went about their tasks, the clean up efficient and quick. Gabriel and Cass worked on getting the body onto the tarp while Hazel stowed their weapons and set up the trunk. After that she took a quick look around the hallway and nearby areas of their chase to make sure they hadn't left anything behind. After that they all wrapped up the body and hoisted it into the trunk and closed it up. They then got into the impala and were off.

Hazel was behind the wheel and directed the car out of the warehouse alley and back onto the road. Moments later she merged into traffic on the highway towards the outskirts of town. Gabriel would have prefered to head directly to the bar and ignore the body until tomorrow, but he could tell his twin was set on burning the body right away.

"I'm not leaving a body in the trunk again. Not after last time. It took weeks to get all the blood out." Hazel threw a glare at him, throwing in her thoughts just for him. Not to mention the time you and Balthazar helped Alexander clean up that multi-zombie hunt.

"I know, I know." Gabriel sighed, glancing back at Cass who was starting out the window. He almost seemed to be pouting like he had when he was a kid. He is. Hazel's comment reminded him of his earlier slight to Castiel's abilities when he was high in fear and adrenaline. Knowing he had to fix this or the trip to the bar would suck. Turning in his seat Gabriel looked at Castiel until he caught his attention. "Did I ever tell you about the time Balto and I almost got caught by the cops?"

"No." Castiel answered, frowning. "But I do remember Michael shouting at Balthazar when he stopped by a couple of years ago. When he dropped off the extended collection of my Mythic Beats of the Celtic Region birthday gift from you guys. Something about letting him rot in prison to teach him a lesson or something."

Gabriel chuckled, "Yah, that would have been what it was about. But the story itself is way better. You see, we had run into a fellow hunter, Alexander. Michael's not a fan of him, he's sort of a wildman. All rugged, no class. And he had some trouble with a zombie hunt which turned out to be three undead baddies, not one." He launched into the story, embellishing just a little to keep it even more entertaining than the story was on it's own. Hazel laughed along at the funny parts and threw in her two cents every now and then. Castiel's pouting atmosphere faded away quickly as he listened and Gabriel mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

Nice save. Hazel's voice offered. She turned the Impala down a particularly dark side highway towards a collection of trees. She slowed her speed and maneuvered off the road onto a service road, flipping the lights off once they had rounded a bend and were hidden from the road. Parking, she turned off the Impala and glanced back at Castiel and then back to him. "Alright guys, ready? We'll take turns on who's digging and who's keeping an eye out on the room."

"Sounds good. I'll start on the first digging shift. Cassie can join me." Gabriel offered, seeing a smile and eye roll from his twin at his comment. He climbed out of the car and went to the trunk. He grabbed the shovels and passed one to Castiel who joined him. "Here you are little brother. Now let's get this brotherly-bonding out of the way so we can get to the more fun version."

Castiel took the shovel and raised an eyebrow, "I'm not sure I want to experience this 'more fun' version after all the stories you've been sharing about what you get up to anytime alcohol is involved."

"Come on Cassie, that's just the extravagant times. Normally nothing that adventurous happens." Gabriel exclaimed, raising his hands and in turn the shovel in a defensive shrug. He led the way over to a good spot and started to dig. "I promise. We're just gonna go have a drink…or two. And maybe grab some extra cash if there's a pool table. And we could always get lucky and find a 'date' for the evening."

"Less talking, more working if you want any chance to get a 'date'." Hazel chided with an eyeroll. She was leaning against the tailgate of the Impala, eyes on the road through the trees. "And you may have better luck at that biker bar on the opposite end of town."

"You mean you'd have better luck." Gabriel snickered, glancing over at her then back at Castiel. "Hazel has a thing for the rough and tough type. She'll always push for a biker bar if there's one in town."

"I do not." Hazel scowled, moving over to take the shovel from Gabriel. "I'll admit biker bars have bigger takes and I spend a lot less money on drinks since I get mine bought for me. Which is nice when it balances out all the money you and Balthazar drop on the bar bimbos you pick up."

"I"m not sure how much either of these conversation points have any validity." Castiel spoke up, looking between them with an eyebrow raised as he paused in his shoveling. "Yesterday Gabriel was saying Hazel has a 'thing' for nerds and Hazel was saying something about having to clear the word librarian from the computer search history multiple types a week. Which, by the way, I truly didn't want to know about my brother."

Gabriel sputtered, laughing at Castiel's frank way of saying it and the way the grimace on his face made him look so scared for life. "Sorry Cassie, but we're just teasing each other. Good natured ribbing between siblings. Completely normal."

"I am pretty sure normal siblings do not banter while they're burying a dead body." Castiel added. "In fact I'm pretty sure it's not normal for siblings to be burying bodies together."

Gabriel shrugged, "Normal is overrated anyways. Now let's get back to digging so we can get to that bar and away from the dead bodies."

Castiel muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "I never stopped" but Gabriel chose to ignore it. Afterall, he was almost done with his own shift so he could pass it off to Hazel shortly. A couple minutes of shoveling wouldn't be so bad.

Castiel sipped his beer and watched as Hazel and Gabriel went about the bar as if they belonged there. Which wasn't that far from the truth. Hunters had a tendency to visit bars for many reasons. Sometimes it was to blow off some steam by finding companionship or something to do. They could find info at bars for many types of hunts. You could find some release from a difficult hunt or celebrate a successful one. There were many things about a bar that made it a useful place to be.

Of course one of those reasons was the one Gabriel was currently working on: living expenses. Being a hunter wasn't a paying job. To help cushion the money they could get from credit card scams; which Michael refused to do and substituted investing instead; most hunters were skilled at sharking. Pool sharking, card sharking, whatever games could be betted on at the bar they excelled in. Castiel himself was a fair shake at it even. Michael had drilled the skills into him as part of training despite his own dislike of the act. But watching Gabriel work Castiel realized his own skills were lacking in comparison.

For once Gabriel wasn't playing the drunk con game at the pool table, rather he was being the aggressor, calling challengers to try and best him. Which was working well since he was playing against a bunch of hot-headed college kids. All it took was one perfect round against Hazel and then he had everyone's attention and the money started flowing. Dares and challenges started coming from everywhere and Castiel knew they were going to add a nice amount to their traveling funds.

"Don't worry. He'll behave tonight." Hazel said, sitting down next to him and sliding her empty glass to the bartender who immediately poured another. She had laid down a large tip for him as soon as they had walked in and so far, hadn't had to wait even a minute to get her next drink.

"I would not be worried normally. However, after the very…colorful story he shared on the ride here I have found myself having second thoughts." Castiel answered as he sipped his own beer. "Michael always praised his ability to…charm a room."

Hazel laughed at his words and accepted her next drink with a flirty smile for the bartender as she set the money down. "That's a nice way of putting it. He's pretty suave when it comes to charm. Always has been. Mikey never liked it. Gabriel was always the better bluffer. Dad used to take Gabriel to the bar over Michael when we needed extra cash. Really pissed him off." She sipped at her drink. "Though he'll tell you something that it's about it being a stain on the family name to get money that way."

"He did often say that." Castiel agreed and nodded. "He explained that's why he had started trading stocks. That way we had enough money for everything.'

Hazel swirled the drink in her glass, smile fading and Castiel felt a twinge of guilt. He hadn't meant to sour her good mood. Especially since it was the first time they were all going out and enjoying the evening.

"Sorry, I did not mean to bring up bad memories." Castiel sighed, "I was only sharing some things he had done since you had left."

"It's not you Cass." Hazel answered and smiled. She placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed briefly. "It's a sucky situation we couldn't find a better solution for. Don't ever think we don't want to hear anything that happened while we were gone."

Castiel nodded and turned his attention out the window, listening as Hazel flirted more with the bartender. There was a streetlight directly across the road, but only the one and everything outside of it and the glow from the neon signs was covered in darkness. It cast everything outside of that one spot in darkness. Except for a solitary flash of green.

Pure green.
Castiel was out of his chair with a muttered "I need some air" to Hazel before he made his way efficiently through the crowd to the door. He'd only ever seen that green once before and he knew it was important.

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