I updated this since the first epilogue didn't convince me. Enjoy!

"This is not over, Founders. From now until 6,000 years in the future, thunder will rise from the darkest of shadows and your destinies will face the bloodiest storm of them all. The war will be back."



The brunette girl made her way through the stone path in the dark caves. The air was humid around and made her hair all messy, which she hated; well, she hated a lot of stuff, but this one in particular. The light in the caves ahead of her became brighter as she stepped ahead and she smiled maliciously, knowing exactly what that place was.

She stood in front of the huge sculpture in front of her and took a quick look at it for a few moments; the sculpture was missing four of its figures, only the dead animals remained and one black hooded guy in the bottom. Her pendant glowed slightly and she looked down at it, admiring it. It was such an artifact with so much power, it made her feel like the person everyone should've thought she was.

A powerful girl capable of anything.

An electric sound echoed in the caves, and rolling her eyes, she spun around to face the creature she was waiting to bump into. Above her stood a 6 feet tall man with dark ginger skin. A pair of wings shot from his back, his feathers were of a dark blue and pastel yellow. His body, while it was the shape of a human body, was feathery as a bird's except for the lower part, which was covered by dark blue pants.

The brunette girl scoffed. "Don't ruffle your feathers too much, I'm not scared of you."

From his pastel yellow eyes shot lightning and the tips of his finger, which were actually long yellow claws, had small lightning bolts running through them. "Let's see when I actually stop your heart." He said through gritted teeth, which showed his white, sharp fangs.

The girl rolled her eyes and dismissed him. "I wanna see you try." His Marine blue hair, feathers, and feathery tail fluffed and the lightning bolts intensified. The girl didn't even flinch. "Calm down, stupid bird. I freed you, you owe me."

"I don't owe you anything." He snarled.

The violet-eyed girl's lip curled. "God, you're so stubborn." She smiled. "Let's see how stubborn you are when Nahiri shows up."

His threatening changed to a surprised one, he asked. "Goddess Nahiri is here?"

The brunette girl smiled and a hissing sound broke the silence. "Indeed, Thunder Wing." Thunder Wing and the girl turned around and from the dark of the cave, a long, scaly Cobra snake with shining red eyes slithered through the stone path that the girl used to get there. Nahiri stopped and rose above both of them, hissing and looking intensely at Thunder Wing. "I'm everywhere, anywhere and whenever, Thunder Wing. I'm not done with anything yet." She said in a soothing yet dangerous tone.

Thunder Wing kneeled in front of her, his wings and the long bird tail behind opened. "My goddess, I didn't know I was treating with one of your henchmen, forgive me."

Nahiri dipped her head to him and looked at the girl. "Excellent work freeing Thunder Wing, Miss Masquerade." Hiss. "Now we can start our new plan." Miss Masquerade smiled.

Thunder Wing looked confused. "What new plan, my goddess? If I'm allowed to ask."

Miss Masquerade scoffed and answered. "To take over the world and bring Magicster back, idiot, what else?" She looked at Nahiri. "I might have run into a few new victims for Thunder Wing on my little trip, Nahiri."

"Well done." Nahiri looked intrigued though. "Did you managed to catch up with that puppet of yours, Yaotl, Miss Masquerade?"

Miss Masquerade smiled maliciously. "Yes, and I have precious information for you." Nahiri looked expectantly. "He has made three new allies," Nahiri was about to object something until Miss Masquerade stopped her. "These three new allies are kids, and they've been exposed to the Prophet's Stone." She said, pointing at the sculpture.

Thunder Wing stood up and narrowed her eyes. "How?" He looked at Nahiri. "She could easily be lying."

Nahiri hissed and glared at him. "She's accomplished great stuff in the past, she could compete with you, Thunder Wing, you're more alike than you think." She shifted her attention to Miss Masquerade. "Explain."

"I've been watching the PJ Masks and those annoying little kids of theirs, the Petit Masks, for the past two weeks. During one of their stupid training sessions I used my pendant to sink the ground and expose the Crash Caves for them to explore, and as expected," She looked back at the Prophet's Stone. "They did."

Thunder Wing shook his feathers to get rid of the humid feeling and asked. "I've felt the presence of people in here," He looked at Nahiri. "When they were here the soul of my apprentice, Night Seeker, disappeared from the Prophet Stone, a few hours later I was released from this cursed stone."

Nahiri looked at Miss Masquerade. "Which one did Night Seeker choose?"

"The most vulnerable of the peasants, Hope." Miss Masquerade showed her pendant. "I followed them here and put a spell on his soul, Night Seeker took that chance to inhabit it." She looked at Thunder Wing. "You'll be able to conquer him when life fails him, alongside others I run on my way here."

Nahiri looked approval. "Excellent job, Miss Masquerade, you've outdone yourself this time." Nahiri turned around and slithering through the floor, she said. "Work together, I want as many villains on this world as possible." Nahiri stopped and looked at both of them. "We need to get rid of the Animal Totems once and for all, they are not wonderful creatures like people say they are. They need to be gone from this world." She narrowed her eyes. "I need this plan to work so don't fail."

Miss Masquerade and Thunder Wing nodded, and when Nahiri left, Thunder Wing turned to look at her. "You've already done your part of the job, I only need the names to corrupt them."

"Jordan Leopard, Derek and Chelsea Corbeau, Laurel Lance, Shanira Gorrion and the last and best of them all, Hope Cassé." Miss Masquerade looked at Thunder Wing maliciously. "For the last one I want you to wait a few years, I want Catboy, or as you know him, Yaotl," That name seemed to spark hatred in Thunder Wing as he shot momentarily lightning bolts from his eyes and hands."To watch him suffer and not be able to do anything about it. He deserves that, him and all of his stupid friends." She snarled.

Thunder Wing curled his lip in disgust. "Let me guess, Quetzalli and Cuetzpalli followed him to this life."

Miss Masquerade nodded. "Yes, though Quetzalli goes by the name of Owlette now, and Cuetzpalli goes as Gekko." Her pendant glowed ominously. "I will help you take them down, I want them as gone as much as you, they ruined my life, especially Cuetzpalli."

Thunder Wing smiled satisfied. "Nahiri was right, we're more alike than I thought." He extended a hand. "It's time to get rid of The Founders," He said. Miss Masquerade took his hand and shook it, an evil smile decorated her face and her violet eyes glowed maliciously. She nodded.

"It's time to kill the PJ Masks."