Every night, Ryuk stood in the same corner and watched the sleeping young man. He didn't have anything else to do. It was a routine of his. Light was bothered by it at first but eventually, he got used it. The boy turned his side and was now facing Ryuk. The shinigami never saw Light this peaceful and...innocent. It was interesting.

I wonder what Light-o is dreaming about. Probably about becoming a god, as usual. Or is it about a girl? Nah, Light-o is not that type of guy.

Ryuk gazed the boy's face. His lips were slightly parted as he breathed softly and the brown hair had fallen over his closed eye. Ryuk was tempted to brush it behind his ear. To feel it.

Light-o... It's unfair how beautiful you are. It's dangerous. You make me want to come closer and touch your face. But you would wake up and I don't want that. You look prettier when you sleep. You never let yourself relax. It makes you look tense, you know. Then again... You do look more beautiful when you are smiling. Not in a wicked way, the real smile you give to your family members or those girls in your school. That smile fools everyone. Even me... I wonder if I can make you smile like that.

Ryuk took a step closer. He reached his hand to touch Light's cheek but hesitated. What was he doing? This was a suicide. One touch and he would be hooked. The boy was a forbidden apple. He would lead the shinigami to his doom. No, Ryuk wasn't letting that happen. He took his hand back to his side but stayed close. Light was mumbling gibberish in his sleep and it made Ryuk smirk in amusement.

"Hnh... I won..L..."

Ryuk had to hold his chuckle. This was too funny.

How typical of you, Light-o. Dreaming about winning L and nothing else?

The boy's face suddenly turned and he mumbled out something which Ryuk didn't want to hear.

"Ha...No... Not yet-...Don't kill me...Ryuk..."

The shinigami was still. Was Light seeing a dream about his death? Ryuk was feeling strange and not in a good way.

This is nothing new, the kid knows I'm going to kill him in the future. He must see nightmares of it sometimes, like right now... Then why I'm not okay with it? I'm feeling weird inside... Thinking about killing Light-o, it makes me feel... uncomfortable? Is that the right word? Am I feeling... sad?

Ryuk understood now. His constant wanting to be close to Light, touch him and even hold him. It was too late to turn back. The boy had already poisoned Ryuk.

Oh no... Light-o, you don't have to worry about your death anymore... Because you have already won me...

It was pointless to hold back now. Ryuk reached his hand carefully and brushed Light's hair off his face to take a better look. What a gorgeous human he was. His fingers stroked the boy's cheek and surprisingly, Light wasn't waking up. Ryuk knew the nights were going to be his only chance to touch Light like this. It was fine, he could live with that.

My Light-o...I'm in love with you.