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[I'm starting a random Hetalia story book. I'm just going to dump my hetalia oneshots into this book, and we're starting with some England!]

England, America had decided, was a hypocrite. Always treating America like he was a child and just rolling his eyes when America tells him that HE IS A GROWN-ASS MAN! This is the story on four times America witnessed England be called a child.


This meeting was going nowhere… again. Everyone was going crazy, but the center of all of this commotion was - of course - England and France.

"You act like a spoiled brat sometimes, I swear!" France wailed as he waved his hands around dramatically before continuing. "It's probably my fault! I spoilt you rotten when I had control over you! You still act like you're a six year old! Always pouting and throwing tantrums left and right! Let's not forget when you came to your older years! That rebellious stage almost killed me!"

England snarled in rage, "I am NOT a child!"

"You're pouting!" France claimed, pointing at the slightly younger nation.

"AM NOT!" England screeched, stomping his left foot on the ground. His eyes widened when he realised what he had just done. He growled at the smirking frenchman and spun around on his feet, leaving the room.

France laughed turning towards Prussia, "I told you I could get him to act like a child. Pay up!" Prussia groaned under his breath and handed his friend $20.

America kept staring at the door England had just stomped out of in shock, "Wow… and he calls me a child. Not cool dude." America huffed and turned to everyone else, dismissing the idea of England acting like a child.


It was a time for a break and a few nations decided to go out to eat lunch together. This group consisted of England, France, Canada, America, Norway and Iceland.

As they finished up eating, they turned to the direction that a whine came from. There they saw Norway slightly scowling as he rubbed England's face with a napkin. The brit was squirming in his seat, trying to get away from the norwegian.

"Stop~" England whined, trying to tilt his head away but Norway kept it in place.

"I wouldn't have to do this if you weren't such a messy eater! Honestly, sometimes I forget why you call yourself a gentleman if you can't keep your standards up." Norway lightly scolded as if he were England's mother. "Stop squirming!"

"I'm not a child!"

Iceland looked amused at Norway, remembering the times when he was in England's spot when he was younger. It was nice seeing Norway act like a mum again.

America looked at the scene in shock. That's twice, twice someone has treated his former brother as a child. He couldn't believe it.


America looked up as England entered the meeting room, shivering. There was an unexpected snowstorm here in America (the mass of land) and some nation's weren't prepare for it to come while there was a meeting.

Spain quickly went up to the brit with a spare blanket, "You should take better care of yourself, Inglaterra! How many time have I told you to check the weather before you leave!" Spain wrapped the blanket around the smaller nation tightly, leading him over his chair and forcing him to sit down.

England just growled slightly as a blush raised onto his already pink cheeks, "I'm not a child." Just because the world was against him, England let out a high pitched sneeze causing Spain to squeal.

"Are you sure, amigo? Because that sounded quite childish to me!"

America had to laugh at that one.


The red head had shown up in place of Ireland, who was sick* and couldn't make it. America had never seen him before but England supposedly knew him. America thinks this because as soon as England had opened the door and walked past the strange man, he was pulled down to sit in his lap.

England blushed hard and tried to get away from the redhead, "Scot!" he whined, "Let me go~ I'm not a child!"

Scotland raised a large eyebrow, "Ye'll always be a child to me, wee brother." he patted the blondes hair getting a smack on his hand and more squirming, to which he only laughed at.

America had just stared in shock, England definitely was acting like a child…


"IGGY!" America screamed as he tackled England in a hug, sending them onto the ground.

"What do you want?" the brit said in irritation.

America grinned, "I learnt something this year."

England fake gasped, "You did? Well that's surely a first!" OK so he really wasn't helping himself with that statement.

America just smirked, "You're such a hypocrite! You say I act like a child when you do it all the time!"


England growled fiercely at America after punching his stomach, "I'm NOT a child!"

And with that, the representative of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stomped out of the room.

America just smiled, such a child…


*Meaning Ireland was out drinking.