089. Ink



She hasn't played with a paintball gun in ages. Even if it has to be an augmented reality one.

Tiggs screeches, running behind one of the facility's desks, groaning when Jenny's neon-pink paint splatters over her dark, soft tee-shirt.

"I surrender!" she yells, a smile curving her mouth as Jenny bounces on her toes excitedly, cheering quietly to herself, her own form-fitting, pajamas pants flecked with Tiggs's lime-green paint.

A.R.I.E.L doesn't pay them any mind within the sphere of The Posterior Project, probably scolding Dancy again for something he wasn't supposed to do, or helping out the candidates.

"You continue to amaze and astound, Jenny," Tiggs says, nudging their shoulders. "What else can you do with those fancy hands of yours?"

There's a wickedly mischievous look in Tiggs's eyes, and Jenny offers a cutesy, innocent smile.

"Not really anything but drawing, I guess..."

"Maybe you can help me with that," Tiggs insists, yanking on Jenny's hand, chuckling giddily. She leads them back to the separated, spacious living quarters, not saying anything else to Jenny or bothering with a marker, eyeing her so solemnly.



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