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Background – Chandler has his roommate Joey and they're friends with Rachel, who they met in Central Perk as she is a waitress there.

Monica has her brother Ross and is roommates with Phoebe. The two groups do not know each other. Enjoy and please review!:

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Love and White Lies Chapter 1 – Flight to Rome

"Now you call us when you get there, ok?" Ross told Monica, looking at his sister worriedly as she picked up her bags ready to leave for the airport.

Monica rolled her eyes and opened the apartment door. It had always been the same. Whenever Monica tried anything new in her life her slightly older brother would be always there worrying. It had got worst recently since she quit her job as a chef to become a police officer. She had wanted the thrill of trying something unpredictable and dangerous but her brother hadn't quite seen it that way for obvious reasons. She knew Ross' heart was in the right place but Monica really didn't see what was so dangerous about going to Rome all by herself for a week. Her job wasn't exactly the greatest salary in the world so using her entire life savings probably wasn't the smartest thing to do but she needed the break and she had been looking forward to the trip for months.

Monica had dreams of Rome with its romantic links and scenery ever since she was a little girl. It had been her life long ambition to visit the city and nothing, not even her over-bearing brother, was going to stop her.

Phoebe let out a little laugh and nudged Ross. "She'll be fine," she tried to assure him, "Monica's a big girl now."

"Yes," Monica agreed, "I am actually 27 years old now." She smiled at Ross, who was still frowning worriedly, "Don't you trust me?" she asked in mock surprise.

"Of course I trust you!" Ross exclaimed, "Its other people I worry about. You're gonna be in a entirely different country, all by yourself."

Monica sighed. She glanced at her watch and turned to leave. "Look, I'd better get going." She said, "I promise I will call when I get there. Just remember that it's a long flight so I won't be able to speak to you straight away." She glanced at Phoebe and grinned, who smiled back.

"Also," Monica continued, with a more serious attitude, "I want this apartment in the same condition when I get back. No one move the refrigerator magnets, coffee table, couch…"

"Ok ok Mon!" Phoebe interrupted, "I get your point! Now just go!"


Chandler hummed softly to himself as he boarded the plane. He hadn't felt this relaxed in weeks. A busy schedule as a doctor at the hospital was pretty time consuming, not to mention stressful. He had been driving his friends crazy lately with his constant lack of energy. After being accused of being 'no fun anymore' by his roommate Joey and his friend Rachel, Chandler knew it was time for a break. He lived for fun and to suddenly lose that ability to make his friends laugh was worrying. So, he took action by immediately taking some time off work. Taking a trip to Rome had appealed more than anything else. Chandler had read somewhere that the Italians have a good sense of humour. He just hoped they were a little smarter than his Italian friend Joey.

Taking his seat on the plane, he chucked to himself as he tried to think of a good 'knock knock' joke to tell the owners of the hotel he would be staying at.

His seat was directly next to the walkway on the plane and he stood up politely to let by a young, dark haired woman who would be sitting on the next seat but one to him – the window seat. In between the two of them was an elderly lady who kept glancing at the younger woman's seat. Chandler watched as the elderly lady tapped the woman's shoulder. "Um…excuse me?" the elderly woman whispered nervously.

The young woman turned around and smiled questioningly. Peeking around the back of the elderly woman's chair, Chandler's eyebrow arched as he realised that this young woman was very beautiful. Her dark hair was set perfectly around her shoulders and it took all of Chandler's efforts not to stare too long. The woman glanced quickly at him and, blushing furiously at being caught out, Chandler swung his head away and looked ahead.


Smiling a little at the man's apparent embarrassment for being caught staring at her, Monica turned her attention back to the elderly lady sitting between them. "Yes?" she prompted, sneaking another glance at the man who was now studying his magazine with intense concentration.

"Do you mind if we switch seats?" the elderly lady asked nervously, "I do so love the view out of the window."

Monica laughed lightly and nodded. "Of course we can switch seats!" she exclaimed, secretly pleased that she would now be able to sit next to the blue-eyed young man, "It's no trouble at all."

A few minutes later, Monica was sitting in the middle of the three seats in her row. One side of her on the right, there was the elderly lady next to the window, on the other side of her on the left the cute stranger still studying his magazine.

Monica looked closer at the man; he had the brightest blue eyes that she had ever seen. His hair short with the front gelled up slightly in a little wave. Her eyes looked down his body, seeing he looked fit and agile.

"You must really like this magazine," an amused sounding voice said. Monica's head snapped up and she blushed when she realised the voice belonged to the man she was studying so intently. She watched as he smiled knowingly at her, his blue eyes almost sparkling in amusement.

"Um…I was just um…" Monica stuttered, lost for words.

"Checking me out?" the man prompted, grinning.

"No," Monica replied defensively, "You were right, that magazine article you're reading is very interesting."

"Top ten ways to make your friends laugh?" The man asked sceptically, chuckling.

"I need help with that," Monica pointed out, not about to let this man win the argument, "I'm sure that magazine has some great jokes."

"Not really," the man commented, showing her the article. "Some of these jokes are pretty lame."

Monica chuckled, reading the article. "I've heard these ones countless times."

"Right, so if you admit that this magazine is pretty darn crap why are you so interested in it?" the man demanded, smiling mischievously.

"Ok, so, maybe I was staring at you a little." Monica admitted, rolling her eyes. "I'm human. You're not a bad catch." She paused and raised her eyebrows, "Anyway, I don't know why you're judging me. I saw you checking me out a few minutes ago when I was talking to this lady here."

"Who, by the way, has now fallen asleep missing her 'view'." The man commented wryly, gesturing to the woman on Monica's side.

Monica giggled, following the direction of his gaze. She turned back and smiled. "I'm Monica Geller." She said, offering her hand. The man shook it and smiled back.

"Chandler Bing." He replied.


It was a long flight and Chandler and Monica found that they could talk easily to each other about anything to pass the time. Their conversation turned from movies, TV, books and then to careers.

"So…when you're not taking trips to Rome, what are you doing for a living?" Monica asked.

"Well…" Chandler hesitated. He didn't know what to say to this woman. She could be anyone and he didn't particularly want to reveal details about his private life to a complete stranger. Also, remembering his previous experiences with women, as soon as they found out he was a doctor they never saw past the big white coat. They just wanted to date the 'doctor'…not wanting to get to know 'chandler.' "I'm a…a…hospital orderly." He lied. Well, he worked with orderlies anyway.

"An orderly?" Monica asked, smiling a little.

"Yes. I…um…push patients around in their wheelchairs, talk to them, and sometimes give them food. I'm basically around to keep them at ease." Chandler said trying to remember what the orderlies did at the hospital he worked at. "What do you do?"

"I'm a…um…business woman!" Monica replied, smiling brightly.


Monica didn't want to reveal to Chandler that she was currently a police officer in training. Sometimes men didn't like female police officers and besides, it wasn't as if she was going to see this guy again. It was fun pretending to be someone else. It wasn't a complete lie…she did used to be a businesswoman working in her own restaurant. Just not recently.


A few hours passed and it was dark outside. All of the passengers apart from Monica and Chandler were asleep. Chandler turned to Monica in amusement. "You know, I think we're the only ones awake!" he said in a low voice.

Monica giggled softly. "Oh well, its not as if they were remotely interested in either of us anyway!"

"True." Chandler replied, grinning. He bent forward and felt around in his travel bag on the floor. He pulled out a pack of cards. "Gin?" he offered.

Monica smiled, "You are about to get a beating!" she warned as Chandler shuffled the cards and dealt them out.

"Oh please," Chandler scoffed, "I rule Gin. I once beat Rachel six times in a row in a single sitting."

"Who's Rachel?" Monica asked stiffly, looking down at her cards.

Chandler glanced at her. "A friend of mine." He replied. Monica lifted her head and stared at him. "A friend of mine." He added meaningfully. Their eyes caught and they looked at each other, almost lost for a moment. Chandler cleared his throat. "Let's play!" he announced, gesturing to his cards.

Monica nodded slowly and smiled at him, looking down at her cards.


The next day, the plane landed safely in Rome and the passengers left the plane walking into the airport. Monica and Chandler collected their bags and smiled at each other. "Well, I guess this is it." Monica said to him, trying not to sound sad.

"Yeah, I guess so." Chandler replied. "It was nice meeting you Monica."

Monica smiled and shook Chandler's hand. "It was nice meeting you too." She told him.

"Maybe I'll see you on the flight home!" Chandler commented, laughing. During their flight to Rome, the pair had found out they were going home on the same day and flight.

"Yes, and I hope you play a better game of Gin than you did the first time around!" Monica added.

"Hey, I let you win!" Chandler retorted, looking at her mischievously.

"Yeah right." Monica scoffed, laughing.

They fell silent and smiled at each uncomfortably, neither sure what to say next. Chandler gave a nervous laugh and rolled his eyes up to the ceiling slightly.

"I…um…I guess I had better get going then!" Chandler announced. "Enjoy your vacation!" He turned to walk away, darting a friendly smile at Monica as he left.

Monica watched him disappear into the crowds of the busy airport, smiling sadly. Now, she was alone for the next seven days with just the scenery for company. She walked through the crowds making her way to her hotel.


End of chapter one

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