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Love and White Lies


10 years later

Chandler walked through the door of his home, whistling cheerfully. He took off his coat, hung it up on one of the little hooks on the wall and waited for the inevitable cries of…

"Daaaaaad!" a high pitched scream coming from upstairs made Chandler roll his eyes and grin. He looked up and saw his seven year old daughter, Caitlyn, hanging her head over the banister smiling cheerfully. A moment later, Monica walked up behind the little girl, grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up.

"You young lady should be asleep!" she told her, trying to sound stern but smiling nonetheless.

Chandler walked calmly up the stairs and exchanged a smile with his wife before taking Caitlyn away from her clutches.

"Honey, you know your mom is right, you can't stay up every night just so you can wait for me to get back from the hospital!" Chandler told her, stroking her dark hair. He groaned a little, letting Caitlyn drop back down on the floor, "Wow, you are getting heavy," he muttered, rubbing his back.

"Or maybe you're getting old!" Caitlyn teased, grinning cheekily at her dad. Her youthful blue eyes twinkling mischievously, she ran back inside her bedroom.

"It's disturbing that at just seven years old, Caitlyn is inheriting her father's sarcasm," Monica murmured, wrapping her arms around Chandler's shoulders.

"Hey!" Chandler protested, smiling down at her. He kissed her softly on the lips and rested his forehead on hers. "You don't think I'm getting old do you?"

"Honey, you still look like the same guy I met in the sky ten years ago," Monica told him fondly with a reminiscent smile.

" 'met in the sky' sounds so weird to anybody who doesn't know the full facts," Chandler murmured. He stepped back a little and smiled cheekily at Monica, "You know, I think age is catching up on me now," he hinted, rubbing his back again, "I could sure use a good massage." He added, looking meaningfully at Monica.

Monica giggled, "Maybe when Caitlyn is asleep I can do something about that," she whispered, stroking his cheek.

"Well for an ex-cop, you're surprisingly gentle." Chandler told her.

"Mooom…Daaaad!" A voice yelled from the little bedroom down the hall, "Come in here!"

Chandler smiled and took his wife's hand. They walked into Caitlyn's bedroom and saw her tucked up in her bed, her pyjama shirt buttons done up all wrong.

"Come here," Monica said, tapping the edge of the bed. Caitlyn crawled across and let her mother redo her buttons.

"I know what I'm going to be when I grow up!" Caitlyn announced, squirming around as Monica fiddled around with her shirt.

"And what's that then?" Chandler asked, humouring her.

"I'm gonna be a doctor!" Caitlyn shrieked, bobbing up and down on the bed with her knees.

"Really?" Chandler asked, exchanging a smile with Monica before sitting down on the edge of the bed. "And why's that?"

"Because I want one of those stethscopy things to play with," Caitlyn frowned at Chandler, "You don't let me play with yours."

"It's a stethoscope," Monica corrected her, smiling, "And your dad can't let you play with it because he needs it for work."

"Maybe I could be a cop instead," Caitlyn said thoughtfully, crawling back under the covers.

Chandler and Monica avoided each others eyes as they tried hard not to laugh. "Why's that then?" they asked together.

"So I can be captured by bad guys and have a doctor come to rescue me!" Caitlyn yelled, clapping her hands together with enthusiasm. "It'll be so much fun!"

"Caitlyn, I think you missed the point of that story we told you," Monica told her, rolling her eyes at Chandler, "That was not fun and what your daddy did was very dangerous."

"Oh I don't know," Chandler interrupted playfully, "You seemed to be pretty grateful for me being there at the time."

"Well, maybe," Monica said, blushing, "But that's not the point, we shouldn't be putting ideas into our daughter's head." She added meaningfully.

Chandler rolled his eyes and smiled at Caitlyn who was now yawning sleepily. He tucked the little girl tighter in the covers and, motioning to Monica to follow him, he tiptoed out of the room.

"It seems giving up your career shortly after Caitlyn was born made no difference whatsoever to our daughter's future ambitions." Chandler commented wryly to Monica as they entered their bedroom.

"She'll grow out of it," Monica said hopefully, getting into bed. Chandler got in beside her and propped himself on his elbows.

"Could you imagine Caitlyn stopping courting couples in Central Park?" Chandler asked with a snort of laughter, referring to his and Monica's own misadventures while they had dated all those years ago.

"When we got caught the third time I seriously thought Paul was going to have a heart attack," Monica said, giggling, "I mean, what were the odds of him being on duty on each night that we were in the area?"

"That's what love did to us," Chandler murmured, smiling fondly at the memories. He caught eyes with Monica and they smiled.

"…and a few little white lies along the way," Monica added, kissing Chandler softly on the lips. Their kiss grew more passionate and they remained like that for a few minutes before breaking apart.

"When's the last time we took a walk through the park at night?" Monica whispered.

Chandler looked at his wife in shock, checking their alarm clock on the bedside table. "You can't be serious, it's 11 at night!" he searched Monica's face for sincerity and widened his eyes at the mischievous grin on her face. He grinned back and sat up.

"We never did achieve it did we?" Monica asked, getting dressed.

"Yeah…" Chandler stopped and frowned, "wait a minute, what about Caitlyn?" he asked suddenly.

"Oh no…" Monica groaned, "We can't leave her on her own."

Chandler flopped back down on the bed. "Do you think Phoebe and Joey would mind if we called them to do some very last minute babysitting?" he asked doubtfully.

"I think they would mind very much," Monica said, smiling, "They're still in their 'honeymoon' stage."

"What?" Chandler asked, amazed, "They've been married for three months!"

"I seem to recall that during the first whole year of our marriage we were a bit crazy as well," Monica pointed out, giggling.

"We still are a little," Chandler added, grinning, "the arrival of Caitlyn just tamed us slightly…"

"I so want to go to that park right now," Monica groaned, collapsing on the bed.

"Ahh who needs the park?" Chandler said dismissively. He rolled himself on top of Monica and began to kiss her tenderly.

"Yeah, actually, I like it where I am right now," Monica agreed, smiling lovingly at him. She switched off the light, "Come to me doctor," she whispered, "I need some special attention."

"Ok, but then I want that massage," Chandler replied in the darkness.

The End

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