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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from episode 7 season 2 "The Taxicab Wars. Also alludes to Season 2 Episodes 1-6: "Diamonds and Dust" "Recipe for Heavy Bread" "Only Church in Town" "Bad Time on the Border" and "When You Comin' Back Range Rider?" Dr. A.M Richter appears in Season 4 Episode 11 "The Doctor is Out"

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Author's Notes: in "Taxicab Wars" Face is extremely down on Murdock's antics and creation of Captain Cab. I always found this characteristically incongruous which made me wonder what motivated Face to behave that way. This piece is my attempt to quell my own questions.

Summary: Hannibal seeks out answers.

Always Their Captain: by LAGC

Chapter Two: Seeking Insights

"Face, we will figure this out. I promise." Hannibal vowed.

Before Face could vocalize the doubt flooding his eyes BA and Murdock joined them in the garage. The Big Guy cast a suspicious glance between his rigidly standing Colonel and his uncharacteristically deflated Lieutenant, but he said nothing. Murdock bounded over to the van and leapt in whistling for Billy to join him.

All traces that anything was amiss were gone by time all four men took their usual seats and belted in. BA set his van into gear and headed back to LA.

"I hope Amy got back to her paper in time to file her story for the afternoon edition." stated Murdock.

"I'm confident she did, Captain."replied Hannibal.

"Hey Faceman, do you think she'll mention Captain Cab in her article?" Murdock asked his earnest eyes searching his buddy's reaction.

"Ah, Murdock ..." Face hesitantly began only to be interrupted by BA reprimanding,

"No! Fool of course not! Captain Cab ain't real. He's just you acting like a fool. Amy is a real journalist she only writes about real people and real events!"

"But... but... BA? Captain Cab was real. Even you saw him." pleaded Murdock.

"No Sucker. All I saw was you running around wearing a chopped up tablecloth."

"Alright alright. I'm sure Amy will write a brilliant and accurate article which will include all the news fit to print." soothed Hannibal. "How about we just have some quiet for our ride back to LA. I think Face has a headache. Right Lieutenant?"

After a barely there eyebrow arching, Face nodded confirmation to Hannibal's lie and dramatically leaned his head back against the seat.

"Oh Face, if you're not feeling well who's gonna take me back to the VA?" chirped Murdock.

"I will Captain. I will." assured Hannibal lighting up his cigar.

One hour later Hannibal and Murdock pulled up to the VA. Both men walked from the 'vette toward the entrance.

"You coming too, Hannibal? Face got me out on a seemingly legit free pass this time. I can just report back no questions asked, no scam needed." Murdock explained.

Hannibal took a moment then sheepishly explained, "Actually I've got to use a restroom, Murdock."

The Captan didn't question this. The men parted ways in the lobby of the hospital. Murdock went off to report back to his ward and Hannibal made off to the public restroom. That was until he watched Murdock successfully leave via the elevator. Once the reflective doors shut Hannibal approached the directory board and sort out Richter's office number. Hannibal was relieved to learn that the office was one floor above Murdock's ward. He really didn't want his Pilot to catch him with the doctor.

Along the way to Richter's office Hannibal commandeered a doctors lab coat and a clipboard. He also donned a pair of dark framed reading glasses hidden in his dress shirt. Colonel Smith was now donning his role as Doctor Max Morgan.

# # # # #

"So! Are you gonna tell me why Hannibal is driving the Fool back to the VA instead of you?" BA challenged Face while handing him a drink.

Startled Face replied, "Like Hannibal said I have a headache." For good measure Face gingerly rubbed his temples.

"You ain't got no headache, Faceman. Your eyes give that lie away. They aren't grey enough."

Face stared wide eyed at his Sergeant, knowing he was caught, and scheming his next move.

"You and Hannibal were having some sort of huddle in that garage and now he's taking Murdock back to the VA. and lying to me and the Fool about you. What's going on Sucker?"

Face decided his only option was to come clean. So he confessed to BA, "I think he's gonna go see Dr. Richter."


"I liberated the doctors latest evaluation of Murdock. I didn't like what was in it and neither did Hannibal. He's...I'm, ...we're worried about Murdock ...that maybe our cases are too much for him. Maybe they're making him worse." Face released a deep sigh and leaned back into the sofa.

BA quietly plopped into an overstuffed armchair and pondered Face's disclosure. After a few minutes of contemplation BA quietly stated, "I don't think he's any nuttier than he was a year ago."

"BA? You're always on his back about his antics and foolishness." protested Face.

"Ah. He'd get worried if I didn't. Besides he'd get out of control if one of us didn't reign him in. But he's not any crazier now than he was."

"I wish I was as confident in that as you are Big Guy." Face replied sadly.

# # ## please read ADDITIONAL AUTHOR's NOTES:

Max Morgan was the name given to the character George Peppard played on the tv show Matlock. Created by Dean Hargrove. Starring Andy Griffith Originally Aired: 1986-1995

Since the anniversary of the day George Peppard passed away is May 8th I thought this would be a nice and timely nod to Mr. Peppard.

"George Peppard made his last TV-appearance on this show. He appeared as Max Morgan in the 8th season, in the episode "The P.I.", first broadcasted on 3 March 1994. Peppard died on 8 May 1994.

"This was a pilot for a proposed spin-off, which would have followed the further adventures of Max and Jesse. Unfortunately, George Peppard died before the planned series was filmed."

Above Quoted information taken from IMDb ( title/tt0644060/trivia)