Popo and Nana were looking around the garden ful of pinatas as they looked at each other, both of them surprised that there were plenty of animals that looked like they were full of candy.

"Man, these things are making me hungry." Nana admitted as she felt her stomach rumble.

Popo nodded as he rolled his wooden mallet around. "Uh huh! I think we should smash them... just to see what's in them!"

Nana was going to object, but she was frozen by Popo as the Ice Climber realized that his close partner wasn't going to go along with it. He then approached a Horstachio, raising his hammer when the Horstatio kicked him right in the face, sending the blue robed Ice Climber all the way to the other side of the garden, hitting a Grabbed by the Ghoulies arcade machine as Nana gasped in shocked.