Hudson Horstachio murmured as he rubbed his chin, shaking his head as he munched on an apple, hanging out with several others in the garden that the Ice Climbers had crafted. "Something about these two rub me the wrong way..."

"...What makes you say that?" Paulie Pretztail asked as he was keeping a sharp eye on the human Eskimo pair. "I mean, at least they aren't forcing us to go to parties!"

"Ugh... just hearing that makes me want to curl up." Fergy Fudgehog groaned as he placed his stubby hands on his green forehead.

The other Pinata buddies gathered as they were wondering why the known trio of Pinatas were looking at the Ice Climber duo, with the shenanigans involving the two making the situation clear.

"Hey! Come back here, you!" Popo exclaimed as he was trying to freeze a Quackberry using his ice blocks that he formed with his snowy powers.

"Eep! Stop moving about!" Nana squeaked as she was trying to get the various Cinnamonkeys, who laughed at her as she tried slamming them with her wooden mallet, only to fart every time she missed.

"...Yep. I just don't trust them around my fabulous self..." Hudson muttered as he took a good look at himself in the mirror, noticing some generic Pinatas looking at him as he placed on a cheaply made disguse out of hay to disguise himself.